The Mystical, Yet Rather Screwball Comedic, Story Of Mostly Purple Patty And The Portuguese Prince

…co-starring her new boyfriend, Swanky McDuff

Ok, it’s official: Facebook is devouring the time I used to spend here. February saw only 6 posts by me. My shame is great.

Anyway, in Doc news, we have…

1: I’m about to start up a Pirate series for my regular RPG group. Still undecided as to what rules we’ll use, although Basic Roleplaying is the front runner just now. It’s pretty much a sandbox game, since despite the HUGE ocean area being full of islands and continents, almost nothing is detailed. I was gonna start the game up in the middle of March, but am now looking at mid to late April because…

2:…two of my players are getting MARRIED! Congratulations to Samantha & Paul! This has never happened in a gaming group of mine before, although I have had two already married players have a baby (not during a game session) and a couple of players hook up for sex.

3: Grace & I are still neck deep in our Adventure In Poverty and now we have no working car! Said auto, which we have had for 9 years and have put nearly 160,000 miles on, stopped working and demanded a valve job. So now, our beloved Honda CRV has a motor in pieces in our garage until my brother finishes the repairs.

4: Work on the e-zine has slowed way down since I am working nights and fighting off bill collectors all day.

Hopefully, more bloggage later.