The Rare And Beautiful Nervous Bison Of Potawango Island

…they’re a neurotic mess


The Doclopedia #1,386

Potion Ingredients: Death Flower Petals

Collecting the petals of Death Flowers is a thing done only by the very strong of will and stomach, since they only take root and bloom in the blood drenched soil of a very large and recent battle.

The seeds of Death Flowers are transported from one battlefield to the next by carrion birds. Once dropped on the bloody soil, the seed germinates within 12 hours. About 48 hours later, the first flowers appear and are pollinated by flies that land on them. By the end of a week, the rotting corpses have feed the flowers well and they will release seeds. For the next few weeks, this cycle repeats.

For those who can stand to do it, collecting Death Flower petals is simple, easy and sure to make money. Both necromancers and druids will pay up to five silvers per ounce for the petals. No special storage is needed, but be sure to not let them dry out.