The Chowder Gnomes Make Gumbo

…and it is dee-lay-cious, I garontee

Jumbled Up Stuff What Fell Outta Me Head This Mornin’

1: LJ entries not as frequent as I’d like, mostly due to the May Mystery Shopping death March.

2: Worked on my garden this past weekend. Planted 4 seedlings each of Sweet Basil and Thai Basil, 7 tomato seedlings (5 varieties), 3 chile pepper seedlings (3 verieties), 4 cantaloupe seedlings (1 variety, Ambrosia, my favorite) and 2 cucumbers (1 variety). Later this week, I’ll start me corn seeds, more beans and possibly my watermelon seeds. After that comes okra, more herbs, more veggies, flowers, etc, etc, etc.

3: Had a dream last night that I was waterboarding Dick Cheney, George Bush and several right wing talk show hosts. They were screaming and crying like little girls. Unfortunately, I woke up before we brought out the cattle prods.

4: We were supposed to see Star Trek on Monday, but the above mentioned Mystery Shopping Death March left us way too tired, so we shall try for this Friday night.

5: Our search for a new sister for Winker continues. There are some sweet looking young ladies on the Golden Gate Basset Rescue website and we will be inquiring about them soon.

6: I recently read a statement that the disease formerly known as swine flu, might possibly kill 8 million people, assuming it is really as bad as we have been lead to believe, which I think is assuming alot. Anyway, 8 million dead just won’t do. We need a flu that takes out a minimum of half a billion people worldwide in the first year. Twice that number would be better, especially if the death rate drops by half in the second year. Two billion dead in say, 3-4 years would be a great weight lifted from the shoulders of our planet, the ecosystem and homo sapiens in general. Unfortunately, I don’t see us getting that lucky from a mere disease.

7: Grace and I have gotten back into playing Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates and it is still great fun, only now there are even more puzzles and other neat stuff. Yarr!

8: I’m still searching for a better job, but so far I’ve found nothing. It’s tough out there, folks.

Gotta go wash dishes now. More blog-o-rama later.