Lucy & Sasha Versus Satan’s Kitty

…mostly, Satan’s Kitty just sat on the fence and yawned while they barked


The Doclopedia #881

Random Stuff!: El Wimpo

The masked wrestler known as El Wimpo was, at first glance, not anybody that you would bet on to win a wrestling match. Standing 5’4” tall and weighing just 110 pounds, most other wrestlers dwarfed him. His squeaky voice and baggy homemade costume brought howls of laughter from everybody at his first event. This laughter lasted right up until he tossed El Toro Negro clean out of the ring in the first 15 seconds. Then, he tossed him back into the ring and pinned him. Total match time: 52 seconds. Since then, nobody has laughed at El Wimpo. With 168 wins and no losses, he is now the most popular luchador in all of Mexico.



The Doclopedia #882

Random Stuff!: Diminsh Genitals Spell

This is the most hated spell in all of wizardom. It reduces the size of male genitals by 75% and lasts for up to a year. Just the threat of it has caused entire armies to turn tail and run. As such, it is now banned in 65 countries and 7 planes of existence. Even studying it can earn a wizard the death penalty in some places. Sadly, there is no Enlarge Genitals spell, although Murgolf the Magnificent once made millions selling a fake Enlarge Genitals potion.



The Doclopedia #883

How I Got The Nickname “Doc”: The War Story


(NOTE: None of these stories are true. In this case, I was 14 years old in 1968.)


I got the nickname when I was a medic in the army in Viet Nam, back in 1968. I was there for a year and it was pretty terrible, so I don’t like talking about it.”


The Doclopedia #884

How I Got The Nickname “Doc”: The Baby Story

(NOTE: None of these stories are true. In this case, all of my english teachers were past their child bearing years.)

“When I was a sophomore in high school, my english teacher, Mrs. Johnson, went into labor just as class was starting. Her water broke and she was having hella contractions. The paramedics were on the way, but that baby wasn’t going to wait. Nobody else knew what to do, but I was a farm boy and had seen plenty of other mammals give birth, so I was pretty much just able to catch the baby when it came out. It was a little girl and Mrs. Johnson named her Roberta. The paramedics arrived two minutes later.”



The Doclopedia #885

How I Got The Nickname “Doc”: The Doctor Story #1


(NOTE: None of these stories are true. In this case, I am not an actual Doctor of any sort.)


I used to be a Doctor of Experimental Surgery, but I quit when those fools at the Institute condemned my experiments. Is is my fault that giving a human being wings won’t actually let them fly?”



The Doclopedia #886

How I Got The Nickname “Doc”: The Doctor Story #2


(NOTE: None of these stories are true. In this case, besides not being a Doctor, if I was, I wouldn’t be a friggin’ economist.)


Yes, I have a Doctorate in Economics, but I’m able to earn much more money working in a restaurant. Besides, people don’t blame me when the economy goes in the shitter.”



The Doclopedia #887

How I Got The Nickname “Doc”: The Doctor Story #3


(NOTE: None of these stories are true, although in this case…)


Oh, well, I’m a freelance gynocologist. Yeah, no office means low overhead and a less intimidating setting for exams. Also, I keep all of my instruments at body temperature.”



The Rare And Beautiful Blue Furred Monkeybats Of Potawango Island

…they fling poo, but it smells like lavender


The Doclopedia #877

Random Stuff!: How To Survive A Zombie Rising

When the zombies started raising hell on May 7th, 2009, Max Lanofsky was the first person in his neighborhood to know about it, because his cousin Adam called him from the Air Force base and had enough time to say “Shit’s on, Max! Zombies!” before he had to run off and fly his helicopter.


Now, Max had chosen his home site well. His neighbors all had gardens and plenty of useful stuff. Better yet, most of them were yuppies who spent a lot of their time at work or out of town. Better than that, his neighbor two doors down was Jimbo Richards, a survivalist. Jimbo lived in a fortress of a home with his wife (also a survivalist/conspiracy nut) and his sweet old mother, who often referred to her son & daughter in law as “a couple of goddamn nuts”.


So on that fateful day, he walked over to Jimbo’s house and casually asked the gun nut if he had heard about that big truckload of automatic weapons that turned over out on the interstate. Mr. & Mrs. Jimbo were out of the house so fast they nearly knocked Max over. Jimbo’s mom, Polly, was laughing up a storm. It seems she had heard about the zombies from her friend Mrs. Figgins about an hour earlier. She knew there was no truck spill on the interstate, but if it got “Jimbo & the Bimbo” out of the house, that was ok with her.


So, while Max’s wife called up certain friends & relatives to come on over for the duration, his kids brought over stuff from their house and Polly baked cookies, Max set about looting the yuppie homes for food and other useful stuff, including one guy’s extensive collection of swords and other weapons.


When the realatives & friends arrived, they helped get more houses zombieproofed. By the time the first walking dead appeared, everybody was armed and they had lots of fun shooting zombies in the head. Indoors, the kids played video games and the older folks watched the news.


Meanwhile, Jimbo & his wife had a hell of a time dodging zombies and ended up spending the next 18 months in an old prison down near Lompoc. Maybe they shouldn’t have left home in such a hurry that the forgot to take any weapons.


Anyway, Max & his gang did really well, what with all the food Jimbo had stored up and the gardens in every yard and the fact that the zombies were slow and stupid and the military coming in with truckloads of brains and leading the zombies to the desert where they could be napalmed. Once all the zombies were gone, Max moved out of Jimbo’s house and everything was back to nearly normal.


Except that none of the yuppies ever came home. Seems that zombies really like yuppie brains.


The Doclopedia #878

Random Stuff!: Boris Zemlesmikov


In 1863, 25 year old Boris was working as a chemist in St. Petersburg when he stumbled onto a formula that seemed to heal wounds with remarkable speed. After several experiments, he noticed that it would cure most diseases, too. Seeing a very prosperous future for himself, Boris began mixing up a large batch of the stuff, intent on using it to become a doctor to the wealthy & powerful.


As often happens, things went a bit differently when the vat full of formula got too hot and exploded, soaking Boris with boiling liquid. Mad from pain, he ran screaming into the Russian winter night. The formula had given him superior endurance, so he ran a very long way before stopping. When he did, he was way out in the forest, alone and nearly naked. His body was no longer in pain and he was very hungry. He started walking, but fell off a cliff and into a river.


When Boris woke up, he was 100 miles downstream, nearly frozen and had lost much of his memory of the past few years. He was miles along on his walk back to the city, having stolen some clothes in a village, when he heard that much of St. Peterburg was engulfed in flames that had gotten their start at his lab. Now a wanted man, Boris changed his course and headed for Europe. Eventually, he got to Paris and started life anew as a baker.


As time passed, Boris realized that besides having an incredible healing rate, he also wasn’t aging at the normal rate. In 1893, he left Paris for London and started another new life. He would repeat this every 20-30 years, each time moving to a new country or city. By 2003, Boris was 165 years old and looked 70. He had settled down on a small farm near Adelaide, Australia. At some point in 2008, he was bitten on the same day by a tiger snake and a funnel web spider, which made him quite sick and feverish for a couple of days. As before, Boris recovered fully, but this time he found that he felt a bit off. By 2012, he knew that he was aging at the normal rate, even though his healing factor was still way above normal. Boris died at his farm in November of 2033 at the age of 195.



The Doclopedia #879

Random Stuff!: Farty The Chipmunk


This animated series ran on the Kidz! Channel for 7 years. It followed the antics of Farty the Chipmunk, his pal Hortense Hare and the other screwy denizens of Creekside Woods. Much of the humor came from tiny little Farty ripping off humongously loud farts of hurricane force. Kids and adult men loved the show, but mothers around the world hated it. It was finally cancelled after many kids (and adult men) tried to replicate the “Farty’s Fiery Farts” episode.



The Doclopedia #880

Random Stuff!: The Dungeon Of The Dwarven King

This is a very large four level dungeon with miles of twisty mazelike passages and plenty of secret rooms. While the possibility of great loot is surely there, so are a wide variety of deadly monsters, including stone spirits, green rats, slime spewers and wind dragons. There are also many traps, most of which are designed to humiliate rather than kill or injury.


The dungeon lies under the Demonspine Mountains and is accessible from at least five different caves.

This Blog Is Not Really Here

…if you can see it, maybe you aren’t here either


The Doclopedia #873

Random Stuff!: Umik The Odd


Umik was always a bit strange, but that was not too big a deal in the Clan of the Red Bear. Life in the far northern forests was enough to make anybody, even a mighty warrior, go a bit funny in the head. So as long as he stayed up north with his people, he was good to go.


Naturally, Umik did not stay up north or this piece would have ended with that first paragraph. No, at the tender age of 30, Umik decided to head south to find fortune and glory as a sword for hire. By the time he reached the first civilized city on the southern edge of the Yellow Plains, Umik had seen enough strange things (including the Floating Heads of Gu’Har, the Great Black Spider and the Sideways Forest) to have moved him from “a bit strange” to “not right in the head” in most people’s opinion. He often talked to himself and sometimes crooned lullabyes to his sword. Despite this, he found ready work as a swordsmen, a job which often took him to exotic locales where he sometimes encountered even more strange things which made him even more odd.


Nobody really knows what eventually became of Umik. Around about age 60, he rode off with some friends to go fight in a distant war, but he never arrived. His friends say that one night he walked out of camp saying, “I must go find the birds”, which they all took as a euphimism for taking a dump. He never returned and has not been seen since.



The Doclopedia #874

Random Stuff!: Planet Of The Pigs


This was another of those wretched Sye Fye Channel movies and was, as you might expect, a ripoff of Planet Of The Apes. The CGI effects were terrible, the fourth string actors looked bored and the dialogue was laughable. Naturally, the channel made two sequels, the final one featuring a Giant Sharkosnaketopus.



The Doclopedia #875

Random Stuff!: Hoovozark Soup


On the planet Breel, Hoovozark soup is darned near everyone’s favorite soup, especially during the incredibly cold 16 winter months. It warms a being up and sticks to your ribs. Well, if they had proper ribs, it would stick to them.


Like most Terran soups, this one stars with water and vegetables and herbs. What really makes it great is the addition of plenty of skwirf meat and a big dollop of yeezil butter. Cook that mess up for a few hours and you’ve got some good eating! It is always served with a big slice of fungus bread and a mug of caglat extract. Yum yum!



The Doclopedia #876

Random Stuff!: The Dance Of The Wienerdogs


In 1994, at 6 pm GMT, every dachshund in the world began doing exactly the same little dance. Three steps to the left…bark once…turn 90 degrees right…three steps to the right…bark once…repeat this all twice…stop…bark three times…spin around clockwise four times…stop…bark…fall over and go to sleep.


At first, most people with just one or two dachshunds just thought it was cute, but breeders with several thought it was damned strange. When news reports started coming in and the extent of the behavior was know, EVERYBODY thought it was damned strange and a few folks started to freak out.


At least three new religions popped up, many scientific studies began and a bunch of governments got a bit more paranoid, but nobody ever found out exactly what the hell happened. All the wienerdogs tested were perfectly normal and no dog anywhere has ever repeated the dance. Of course, conspiracy theories abound, mostly believed by nutcases.

The Sad Ballad Of Jim The Jackalope

…coyotes sing four part harmony


The Doclopedia #870

Random Stuff!: Ratburger


After a terrible screw up with GMO grains in 2014, most of the cattle, goats, sheep, poultry & pigs on the planet died out. You might think this would be terrible news for the nutrition of the human populace, but at the same time the livestock were dying, the common brown rat was mutating into a 1,000 pound giant that people eventually found was good eatin’.


Most of the big fast food chains either closed down or switched to soy or veggie burgers, but all of them were trying to figure out how they might use rat meat without the public getting wise to it. After all, ratburgers would be a PR nightmare, right?


Nope. One small midwestern chain, Bill’s Burgers, decided to just say screw it and start selling ratburgers right out in the open rather than close their 24 stores. The owner, Bill Huggins, figured people would either eat the burgers or not, so what the hell.


His bet paid off big time. It seems people were hungry for real meat burgers and after seeing the ads about how these giant rats were raised in sanitary & disease free conditions, they gave it a try. Besides, veggie burgers just plain sucked. Within a year, Bill had stores on both coasts and after two years, he had 200 stores total. The third year, he bought the Burger Duke & Windee’s chains. In year four, he bought Taco Bull and opened 300 new stores. By 2020, Ratburgers (the chain’s new name) had 9,000 stores worldwide. The money was just rolling in like a ratburger tsunami.


Rumor has it that the company is looking to diversify by buying the Kentucky Fried Pheasant chain.



The Doclopedia #871

Random Stuff!: The Mental Empowerment Machine


From the “London Science! News”, July 12th, 1887

This amazing machine, powered by steam and exemplifying all that is great about Science!, uses electricity and chemistry to alter the mind of the subject in such a way as to cause even the most dull witted of men to become geniuses! After only 6 hours of treatment, a common laborer from the countryside was able to read and understand great literature as well as grasp higher mathematics. Think of it: an end to dullwittedness among Englishmen, thus leading to the greater glory of the Empire! Come and see and sign up to be treated by this great device in action tonight at the Grand Hall of Science! at 7:30.


Please note: Treatments given to men of good British lineage only. No Europeans, Americans, people of color or women will be treated. Men of superior intellect need not apply.


(Sadly, the device was stolen mere hours before it could be shown off. Rather amazing, really, since it was roughly the size of a modern deluxe motorhome and weighed 9 tons. Even worse, it was stolen by women, who used it to make vast numbers of their sex into geniuses who eventually took control of the world. Her Majesty, Queen Victoria, was most amused and pleased by this.)



The Doclopedia #872

Random Stuff!: Dungeons R Us


This company builds dungeons for use with Live Action Roleplaying Games (LARPs). These dungeons are almost always set up in a large warehouse and can be up to three levels deep. Since the entire dungeon is made of reuseable and reconfigurable sections, setup is fast & easy. Rental for a three level dungeon with up to 90 rooms is $9,000.00 for 24 hours. LARPers are expected to provide their own monsters, treasures and any dungeon accessories not provided with the dungeon. Installation of webcams to vidcast the entire adventure are available for an extra fee.


Soybean Stew

…healthy and fartilicious!


The Doclopedia #867

Random Stuff!: Zebra Fever


On Earth 22A, in the year 1966, a strange plague ravaged the planet, causing all humans to develop streaky skin colors that included skin tones from all the various ethnic groups. In addition, everyone developed curly red hair, green eyes and full lips. By the time it was all over, everybody looked the same. These changes were genetic, so their children had the same look. Many people heralded this as a wonderful thing, since humans could no longer hate each other based upon what color their skin was. Yes, people would live in peace and everyone was equal.


Except for tall people…and short people…and fat people…and women…and the various political ideologies…and religious beliefs…and females…and males…skinny people…left handers…nerds…jocks…old folks…teenagers…hockey fans…wine snobs…cat lovers….bikers…the French…



The Doclopedia #868

Random Stuff!: Space Trek Meets Space Wars


This movie was proposed in 2000 by the studios behind the Space Trek and Space Wars franchises. Many high profile directors were announced as being in the running as director. The budget would be 200 million dollars. The story & script were to be written by fan favorite writers, It would be incredible!


Unfortunately, the project had to be shelved after 25,946 fanboys died of heart attacks from just reading the first press release.



The Doclopedia #869

Random Stuff!: Canine Duplication Syndrome


This disease, which is uncommon, but not rare, affects dogs of all ages, sizes, breeds and sexes. In short, it causes the dog to spontaeneously create up to three duplicates of itself. While the duplicates are in all ways just like the original dog, that only means that there is X times the chances of the dogs doing whatever naughty/destructive/disgusting things the original might be prone to do. Entire houses have been ravaged by these duplicates and their originals. No shoes or garbage cans are safe. Taking your dog for a walk can be an ordeal. Cleaning up poop in your yard can take hours. Your cat? Expect him/her to leave town.


There is no known cure for CDS, but scientists are working on it.



The Bear Liberation Front

…they’re coming for you, Steven Colbert


The Doclopedia #865

Random Stuff!: Britwan (AKA The Britwish Isles)


Britwan is made up of three main islands (Britwan, Dorland & Litria) and 47 smaller islands, the largest of which is Woygon and the smallest of which is North Rock. All of the islands were “conquered” by the ancient Britwish monarch, King Borton the Bold, about 1,000 years ago. This conquest was pretty bloodless and, in fact, was welcomed by the Dorlish faeries and the Litrian tribesmen, since Borton pretty much killed off all of the large & dangerous predators in each land and also brought much desired trade between the three lands. Everybody prospered and didn’t have to watch out fot dragonsnakes or tentacle bears, which is why there are statues of King Borton all over the place.


Dorland and Britwan have a pretty mild climate, while Litria is a good deal colder and wetter much of the year. Dorland has few mountains, but many rolling forest covered hills. Britwan has a few mountains, five broad river valleys, a chain of medium sized lakes and light forests everywhere but on the mountains. Litria is half rolling plains and half rough mountains covered in huge ancient forests. Litria also has the most mineral wealth of all the islands.


Magic is strongest in Dorland, fairly weak in Britwan and wild & dangerous in Litria. Magical creatures tend to be much like the magic on each island.



The Doclopedia #866

Random Stuff!: A Very Useful Walking Cane For Gentlemen


As you can see, Sir Peter, this cane is hand carved from the finest mahogany, then hand polished. As one might expect, it holds a sword of the finest steel, but there are some other additions of note. The crystal globe that serves as the cane’s head is, in fact, the magnifier for one of the new electric torches that is hidden in the handle of the sword. It is quite bright and the batteries will give up to four hours of continuous light. Very handy, to be sure.”


Now, let us examin the other end of the cane. This last three inches are lead filled steal with very fine engraving. The lead allows quite a blow to be administered to ruffians, vicious dogs or wild beasts. If one goes a bit further up the cane to this carving of a dragon, we find that it slides back to reveal six waterproof matches. The carving of a griffon slides open to allow one to store a small item or two. Finally, back up below the handle, we see a compass imbedded into the cane and a carving of a lion that will nicely hold several pound notes.”


Oh, of course we can, deliver it along with your other items. Now, please allow me to show you a most remarkable pair of shoes.”

Mr. Porkwaffle Attempts To Barbecue A Pig

…this will not end well


The Doclopedia #862

Random Stuff!: The Lost City Of Gorlumek


Saying that the Great Forest of Yurr is dangerous is like saying that water is wet. This huge forest covers nearly two million acres and is home to creatures like noctomorphs, fangbears, kreeloks and greater death apes. Even the plants found there are dangerous, especially the soul fungus and the daggerweed. The weather in the forest ranges from foggy & wet to icy cold with plenty of snow. In all, the Great Forest of Yurr is a place best avoided by sane folk.


And yet, dozens of adventurers willingly enter the forest every year in a possibly suicidal attempt to find the Lost City of Gorlumek.


The city, which we know existed a thousand years ago, before it was destroyed by Dark Magic, once housed over a quarter million people. A high percentage of them were mages & wizards, since Gorlumek was the center for magic for the ancient Fwaan Empire. The production of magical weapons, armor and devices was a booming industry. But, as mentioned above, something went wrong and the city was destroyed and all of the people in it were killed. With Gormulek gone, the Fwaan Empire fell soon after.


Legend says that the city sits in the exact center of the forest, near a river and a lake. Legend does not say what might inhabit the city now, but you can be pretty sure it won’t be very nice.



The Doclopedia #863

Random Stuff!: Luck Muffins


Chef Otto Deedrikson loves to bake muffins and he’s very good at it. His bakery, Muffinopolis, sells 39 kinds of muffins and you’d better get there early, because they sell out fast.


Now, if you know the proper code phrase, Otto will sell you one of his 40th variety of muffin, the Luck Muffin. These taste deliciously different for each person, but you don’t buy them for the taste, you buy them for the good luck you get.


Yes, for 6 hours after you eat one, you will have great luck. Going to the dentist for a check up? Eat a Luck Muffin and you won’t have a single cavity. Got to drive somewhere? No speeding tickets or accidents for you! Going on a date? Prepare for a very good time. Buying a lottery ticket? Well, you know how that will go.


Otto only bakes a dozen Luck Muffins at a time and only does it on Tuesdays & Thursdays. The muffins will stay fresh and full of Luck for up to 24 hours after you buy one.



The Doclopedia #864

Random Stuff!: The Awesome Spider-Bat #100


Dude! That was the issue with art by Jack Ditko and story by Lee Stanz! It not only retold Spider-Bat’s origin in more detail, it was the first time he fought Garbage Man and the Villains Inc. There were guest appearences by Captain Africa, the Incredible What and the Girl Gladiators. Oh, yeah, it also featured the return of Spider-Dog, who is pretty awesome all by himself.


Dude, that comic is worth like, $75,000.00! Man, if we could find one of those, we could buy an entire run of “Fantastic Guy” comics and still buy like, a hundred pizzas!