Like A Spider Making Love To A Fly

…intense, but ending badly

I made a stab at being all domesticy and shit today. Grace was out doing stuff so I washed a ton of clothes, washed dishes, watered the garden and tidied up a bit. I was gonna bathe The Girls, but decided to put it off until tomorrow. Then Grace came home, we went out for Chinese, then came home and watched “Coraline” (which we both liked).

Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Guinness

…in which the Gryffendor’s get drunk and rowdy and kick Slytherin ass

Doc’s Day

1: Huge brekky at Hometown Buffet with My Sweet Little Golden Spider Monkey Of Sweetness

2: Put in about 2 hours on map updates for the Kingdom Building Game

3: Grace and I went to see “V for Vendetta” and quite enjoyed it. If I were in my 20’s again (in these trying political times), I would find this movie to be hugely…inspiring.

4: Started about 60 carrot seeds (variety: Nantes Orange)

5: Planted a Geranium and 2 Asters

6: Did Laundry

7: Ate a delicious dinner prepared by my Sweet Angel

8: Websurfed and watched “SS Doomtrooper” on the Sci Fi Channel. It had the virtue of not being one of their many movies that feature either prehistoric animals or creatures of legend.

And that’s it so far. Tomorrow, it’s character creation time for the games I’m running at Conquest Sac next weekend. BTW, the Game Discussion will resume soon, as will the Top Ten Lists.

As Rare As a Pellucidarian Sunset

…and that’s pretty darned rare

Doc’s Day

Due to crappy weather and a low $$ situation, today was spent inside doing various domestic things. Laundering was done, dishes were washed, garbage was taken out and…

…I finally finished straightening up and organizing the Game Room/Library. It took me about three hours due to stopping every few minutes to read stuff and look at neat things. things like…

17 spiral notebooks containing everything from gaming ideas to GenCon/DunDraCon trip plans to naughty notes about my old days on various computer BBS’s. Damn, I met a bunch of ladies on those BBS’s…including Grace.

Many little plastic dudes, cardstock miniatures, game tokens and cool toys.

Lots of magazines, ranging from “Bird Talk” to “Organic Gardening” to “PC Gamer” to “Playboy”.

A whole pile of games that I forgot I even owned.

So anyway, right now Grace is putting a few boxes of her books into the 8 plastic milk crates I set up as bookshelves in the center of the room. Once they are full, I figure we might be able to squeeze 5 more books or 12 Cheapass Games products into the room before it explodes.

Next reorganizing project: Either the living room or the Room Of Doom.

We Only Like The Nice Monkeys

…not the evil monkeys

I know what yer thinkin’: “Gee, I wonder how the weekend goeth for Doc & Grace?”

Well, it goeth like this: Saturday was pretty lazy except for Spring Curryfest 2006 (which went very well indeed, tho I was forced to use beef instead of lamb) and my 2 hours of sitting in the driveway drilling holes in #10 cans and them wiring them together so as to make circular planters consisting of 7 cans each. Made 3 of them, so I’ve got cheap planters for 21 herbs/strawberry plants/bunches of carrots. Grace spent Saturday washing dishes, doing computer stuff and watching the Olympics. speaking of which, I drank Molson lager in honor of the Canadian men’s curling team taking home the gold. Man, those fellas were a deadeyed accurate bunch, eh?

So far, Sunday has seen Grace doing more computer stuff (including getting an appraisal on my dad’s 1946 Martin guitar, which my mom wants to sell. If our preliminary research is right, it should fetch a few thousand dollars from a collector.

Mostly, I’ve been straightening up and consolidating some of the many MANY boxes of stuff we have. Sweet Chocolate Coated Jesus, we have a bunch of stuff. As in: 3 boxes of maps, tour guides and stuff from our vacations…at least 5 boxes (so far) of gaming related stuff from various cons…2 boxes of assorted magazines…a box full of old bills…a box full of assorted cardstock minis and printed out dungeon tiles…and so many boxes of paperback books that I’m thinking I should just say “fuck it” and open a used book store.

No gardening today, as it has been getting cloudier and cooler and more likely to rain by the hour. With luck, next weekend will be better.

And now, it’s time for a game of Dungeoneer with My Sweet Little Chicken Enchilada Of Passion…and then some writing…and more box sorting!

The fun never stops.

Dinosaur Meatballs

…one brachiosaur will make about 250,000 of them. Serve with spaghetti.

Doc’s Day Update

Worked about 4 hours total in the garden. Started digging up the stray and very invasive California Roses. Man, was that a mofo of a job. Gave my 5 huge lemongrass clumps a haircut, which was pretty easy and smelled great, but then I had a huge pile of cuttings to deal with. Did some transplanting, pruning and raking, then took a 1 mile walk.

Washed my half of the dishes, washed some laundry, worked on the Kingdom Building Game (more on that below) and now I’m probably too pooped to start the Art Project. Maybe I’ll just watch the Olympics with My Sweet Little Three Wattled Bellbird Of Cuteness.

Gaming Stuff

About the Kingdom Building Game: It’s starting to get complicated. Not the turn/turn reply aspect. THAT I streamlined and it works well. No, what’s taking more and more time is the maps (plotting/drawing) and the amount of thinking I have to do about both the Player Cultures turns and the Non-Player Cultures turns. Things are getting very interesting and complex as cultures are finally meeting each other (or coming close to it). I’m not exactly sure what I can do…I’m at about 1 1/2 turns per month now. I suppose I’ll keep forging ahead, but I expect that at some point (like, if war breaks out) I’ll be down to 1 turn a month. I shall have to think on this.


It’s that time of year when game cons are starting to pop up, leading to GenCon in August. Now, I won’t be at GenCon this year, but I’m thinking about GenCon 2007, which I sure as hell WILL be attending. What I’m mostly thinking about is what I do and don’t do at Gencon…

What I do: Visit with friends, cruise the Dealer’s Room, hang out in bars with other game designers/writers, eat at various ethnic places, play in and GM room games, watch some anime and maybe catch a seminar.

What I don’t do: Play in official games or run official games.

So what I’m thinking about…and in fact I’ve thought about it for years…is organizing a sort of “shadow con”…a bunch of games run by myself and various friends. While most of these games would be by/for my friends who usually run in room games, I was thinking it might be kinda nice to set up a few late night games for my gaming industry buddies, too, since they are so busy during the day.

I’m talking about 2-4 games a day (to allow for doing other stuff), plus maybe a board/card game session or two. Hell, I even have an idea for a LARP. I can think of at least 3 or 4 other GMs who might be up for this idea. We’d have a printed out con schedule and everything.

I shall think on this idea, too.

Sweet Tasting Evil

…and the first taste is free

Doc’s Day

Despite having the day off, I’ve been surprisingly busy. To whit…

Woke up at 8:30, ate, drank tea, read email, watched Sarah Moulton on Food Network

Started a load of laundry, straightened up living room

Worked on maps for the Kingdom Building Game

Did more laundry, washed dishes

Played Diablo II, ate Hell In Your Mouth Chili, drank a Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. porter. Very tasty.

Straightened up the bedroom (on Herself’s side o’ the bed), moved some boxes of Stuff

Started on replies to Turn 11 of the Kingdom building Game

Vacuumed bedroom and hallway, drank another porter. Alas, no brewskis left.

Now goofing off , soon to be doing more vacuuming, more laundry, more dishes and starting dinner.


Oops…break will be longer than I thought…latest issue of Mother Earth News just arrived in the mail.

With Me, You Get Beauty And The Beast All In One Package, Baby!

…said the Doctor to his Wife:)

Doc’s Day

After dealing with idiots all day yesterday, today I got nice intelligent customers today. Plus, they tipped pretty well, which is always a plus.

Both Grace and I got off work early today, which was pretty nice.

Turner Classic Movies is showing anime films by Hayao Miyazaki every Thursday night this month. Tonight’s offerings were “My Neighbor Totoro” and “Porco Rosso”, both of which I liked very much.

I FINALLY completed Act I of Diablo II the other night. Now I’m in Act II and getting bitchslapped and/or killed on a nightly basis.

Did a teensy bit of writing this morning on one of my projects. Hopefully I’ll get more done this weekend.

I’ve also started getting things together for the annual TOON game at DunDraCon. Part of the game involves the characters building their race cars, so I’m rejiggering the CarToon rules from Tooniversal Tour Guide.

I’ll soon (like, this weekend) have to start thinking about what I want to do/get for my birthday next weekend. Of course, there’ll be the everpresent chocolate cake…and some sort of yummy ethnic dinner and lunch…and a present from my Sweet Angel…but beyond that, I’m not sure.

And now, I’m outta here.