The Rare And Beautiful Yellow Crested Horny Moose Of Potawango Island

…under no circumstances must you bend over if horny moose are about (not applicable to Canadians)

I just posted this on RPGnet…

Originally Posted by Lazarus: That said… the Savage World of Alton Brown.

Hmmm…that one could work…

Alton roams the country on his big bad motorcycle…accompanied by the American Iron Chefs…backed up by various food scientists back at Good Eats HQ…armed with a dizzying array of multitasking devices…fighting the Forces of Food Snobbery with good equipment, solid science, careful preperation and some serious asskicking.

Yeah, I’d play that game.

Curse me for a fool, because now I really want to run this game for some Alton Brown fans.
Aside for muskrat_john: If you think the above premise would make for a good cartoon or two, by all means, run with it.

A Very Strange Dream

I dreamed last night that I went to a strange high tech tattoo parlor and got my johnson tattooed with a really cool tie dye pattern. Enforcing the fact that it was a dream was Grace (who is pretty anti-tattoo where I’m concerned) saying how nice it looked. When I woke up, my first thought was “Man, I need to tell Spike about that place”. (and now, all of you who know Spike Y Jones are laughing:)

More bloggage later.


Chocolate Dogs, Ice Cream Cats, Cheescake Mice

…all just waiting for hungry humans

I had a dream last night, the subject being one of the 4-5 recurring dream plots I’ve had for most of my life: going somewhere in a motor vehicle.

The vehicle in question was a huge tour bus sized RV that had the TARDISlike quality of being much larger inside than out. Better still, I was traveling with not only Grace and The Girls, but with several of my gaming friends. I most vividly recall spikeyj and his sweetie of a wife (the latter was acting as my navigator, while Spike was engaged in using a computer terminal), iamnikchick (who was making a salad), freeport_pirate, robin_d_laws, smalley_smoot (who were giving a pretty hilarious commentary on some political speech on CNN) and the latter’s lovely wife, Holly, who was giving Winker a bellyrub.

There were a bunch of other folks there, too. I’m pretty sure I recall seeing Steve Jackson and doc_mystery in the crowd. The music in the background was a mix of everything from honky tonk to punk to J-pop.

And our ultimate destination? as almost always is the case in these sort of dreams, I have no idea. We were driving through some very scenic country tho. I’m thinking Montana, but hell, it could have been Germany or Middle Earth.

And then, I woke up at 2:45 AM to pee. When I fell back to sleep, I had a dream that I was milking a cow.

The Adventure Of The Grubby Gardener

…as reported by John H. Watson, MD

Yesterday’s excursion in the garden was satisfying…if, by “satisfying” we mean exhausting, filthy, hot, sweaty and punctuated by neighbors taking their children indoors when I would cry out “Die, weeds! Die die die! Hahahahahahaha!”

All of which helps explain why we had breakfast sandwiches for dinner, rather than the roast I had planned. I was too tired for complex cookery. Said roast will get cooked today, after Grace and I return from seeing Hellboy II.

In other news, it is looking more and more like I will use some variation of either the Basic Role-Playing system or True20 for the Fall Fantasy game. I shall take a look at both over the next few days, altho, not being in a position to buy the new BRP book, I shall make due with the 1980’s version, along with CoC and Runequest.

Tomorrow, I’ll dive once again into the job search maelstrom. This time out, I’ll lower my standards and hopefully find some work to pay the bills until I find a better job or win the lottery, whichever comes first.

I had two very odd dreams last night. One was terribly frustrating and one was lots of fun.

The frustrating dream had myself and several other gamers getting ready to go to DunDraCon. We were going there in a large U-Haul truck being driven by a former gaming friend of mine who is a total asshole now. The truck was parked outside a large hotel and a block of rather rundown apartments. Everyone was in a hurry to leave, since the con was starting in an hour or so. Just before getting in the truck< I realized I had no extra clothes packed, so I ran into the hotel, which was strangely deserted.

After running around the hotel looking for a way out, I finally got to my apartment only to find that my clothes were all filthy, torn up or missing. Getting more panicked by the minute, I finally grabbed up a bunch of dirty clothes and ran back out to the street, only to find that my friends had left without me.

The much more pleasant dream featured me, Clint Eastwood and a couple of reporters doing an interview. We all chatted about a myriad of things while drinking beer and playing golf. (Note: I have never played golf in my life, but in the dream I was doing pretty well, especially in my short game) At one point, Clint and I got on a roll about how great California is, as befits two Native Sons. This seemed to piss off one of the reporters, who was from New York. Oh well, it serves him right for being from the wrong coast.

And now, I must drink my tea so as to jumpstart most of my internal organs. More blog-o-rama later.

Desperately Seeking Sauron

…not starring Madonna

More Stuff

1: I have tiny little squashes on all of my squash vines!

2: I have my first teeny little tomatoes!

3: Just saw the newest trailer for “The Dark Knight”. My inner fanboy wet himself.

4: Although I know it is a financial impossibility this year, I REALLY want to take a long driving trip with Grace and The Girls. Next year for sure!

5: I’m giving thought to running a one off game for my #1 gaming group. This game would be different in that I’d let my various gaming buddies from around the world call in(or IM or email) during the game to do Guest Spots as NPC’s…suggest plot twists…offer helpful advice…etc.

6: I had a dream last night that I was flying a WWII bombing raid with Alton Brown as my co-pilot and George Clooney as my radio operator. Believe it or not, it was my first ever WWII dream.

And now, I’m outta here.

Sneaking Up On The Queen Of Clowns

…so you can beep her nose

Dreamtime Doc

Holy crap, did I ever have a goofy dream last night. It started out with me riding across Monument Valley, Utah, with a group of cowboys/outlaws. We were riding hard and there was gunfire. One of the cowboys was Gary Cooper and another was my Uncle Robert (who died in 2001 and was who I was named after).

Anyway, we eventually rode into a town in this, our present year, and I was suddenly alone. My clothes had changed to some sort of Japanese kimono thing. I walked into a house and sat down to tea with several very hot young babes.

At some point, the house turned into a television studio and I was helping bake cookies with Rachel Ray and some flamingly gay guy. The cookies smelled incredibly good, but looked like big insects.

Suddenly, I was out on the open highway, walking. It was cloudy as hell, but hot and dry. There was tons of traffic, but nobody would give me a ride.

Then I woke up.

The Second To Last Supper

…when Jesus ate the last biscuit, Paul drank one to many martinis and Judas stiffed the waiter

These dreams…

So, last night I had a dream that I was driving along a highway way up on the Sierras. The only passenger in the car was Daisy and she was about twice her normal size. She also seemed to understand spoken english very well and answered my questions/comments with a bark for “yes” and a woof for “no”.

Anyway, we stopped at a little cafe/gas station for gas and some orange soda. The inside of the cafe was much larger than the outside and there were lots of creepy looking rednecks playing pool, drinking and generally raising hell.
One of the rednecks tried to kick Daisy and she ripped his leg off with one bite! I yelled “Holy Shit!” and then the rednecks turned into werewolves and started coming after us.

In a blink, we were back in the car, which could apparently drive itself, and I was shooting werewolves while Daisy was dropping some kind of hand grenades out the back window. Them werewolves was blowin’ up real good.

Then the dream shifted and we were back in Sacramento. After that, I segued into another dream that I can’t remember much of, except that someone was baking bread.

More blogstuff later.

Wandering In The Dreamhills

…with Tom Waits and Mark Twain, no less

Yeah, that above is from a totally cool dream I had last night. It also featured: a nubile young lass, very small towns from my youth that no longer resemble small towns, a big ol’ friendly black Lab named Pete, a ’57 Chevy pickup and my mom at age 40 or so.

Doc & Grace Get Busy

No, not that sort of busy:) Today we shall, in order, do the following:

1: Go see Ghost Rider
2: Take the girls to the dog park
3: Bring said girly hounds home and bathe them most thoroughly
4: Go food shopping
5: Attack huge piles of homework (Grace)
6: Attack huge piles of laundry & dishes (Doc)
7: Cook and eat dinner
8: Collapse in front of the telly

More items will surely be added to this list.

Adventure Seed #5 will be posted tonight or tomorrow.