The Rare And Beautiful Groaning Red Armadillo Of Potawango Island

…they groan because oy, do they have troubles! Such troubles you shouldn’t know!

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The Doclopedia #1,203

Alt. Roleplaying: Dungeons & Droids

In this roleplaying game, players take on the role of Star Wars style droids that are stranded on a world where magic works. They are often trapped in a dungeon or forest full of fantasy creatures and races. The brave little droids must use all of their wits to get to safety.

Character creation is based upon spending build points for the body style, upgrades and programming you want your droid to have. Upgrades can include anything from jump jets to a built in repair kit.

Droids cannot use magic, but some can use magical weapons. On the plus side, few monsters will try to eat a droid. On the minus side, those that do can cause very serious damage.

The advanced rules book has rules for humanoid type droids, many new upgrades and several new monsters, including magically created droid/monster hybrids.