Floggy, The S&M Cat

…NOT a story for children


Doc Update

1: A few weeks ago, I straightened up the game room and turned it into a game room/writing room. This weekend, my madness is forcing me to re-do the library so you can actually walk through it and use the treadmill.

2: If you are going to Dundracon in February and want to play in my TOON game, drop by the game and ask about playing. There will be 10 official places in the game, but I might go as high as 14 players total. Preference given to women and folks who have never played before.

3: Healthwise, everybody here at The D&G Cross Home For Wayward Basset Hounds is in goods health, relatively speaking.

4:  Realized last night that this will be the first Xmas in my life without my mother alive. A sad thing, but Mom wouldn’t want anyone “moping around” about it.

5:  Got no writing done last weekend, so I’ll be trying to get a bunch done this weekend.

6:  Only a few days until The Hobbit hits theaters. I may go to a late showing on Saturday night.

The Mysterious and Tense, Yet Somewhat Psychedelic, Story Of Mostly Purple Patty And The Meatloaf Of The Damned

…co-starring her best buddy, Orville Sweetcracker

Doc Update

Time for an update about life here at the D&G Cross Home For Wayward Basset Bitches. I haven’t been doing these as regularly as I used to, so maybe this will be the start of renewed personal updatage. Or not.

Healthwise, I’m now taking blood pressure meds due to my previously excellent BP going a bit high recently. I’m only taking half a pill a day, so I guess I’m not in danger of keeling over any time soon. I’ve also been told that my blood sugar is “nearly into the pre-diabetic range”, which pretty much means “lose some weight, fat boy!”.

Grace’s low level diabetes has cranked up a notch, so she is taking pills now and keeping a much closer eye on her numbers with twice daily tests. She has lost something like 75 pounds over the last year or so, but will keep on losing until things improve.

Winker is still taking her blood thinner and her diuretic, so she is doing pretty darned well for a dog who was so close to death just about a year ago.

Lucy and Sasha are as healthy as can be. In fact, our efforts to fatten Sasha up just a bit (she was very skinny when we adopted her) have not been as successful as we hoped. Being a “sporty” basset, she just burns off calories at a hell of a rate. Still, we have gotten her to a point where you can’t see her ribs.

Jobwise, things are still the same, which means we will be on our Adventure In Poverty until we either get fat raises or win the lottery.

One speed bump in our financial road will come when I am off work after my shoulder operation in March. That will be about 6 weeks, depending upon how well my physical therapy goes. Things will be very tight on the money front for awhile.

Gardenwise, I don’t know if we’ll have a veggie garden this year. Between the goofy ass weather (as in NO WINTER!) and my surgery/recovery, we’ll probably just have a couple of tomato plants and maybe some green beans.

In gaming news, I’m looking forward to my annual trek to Dundracon. It will be good to be immersed in geekdom and hang out with my tribe for a few days. Beyond that, I’m planning on getting my gaming group together in late April for some regular roleplaying again. I’m not sure what genre we’ll play in, but some sort of Pulp Era game sounds good.

Hark! I hear certain hounds telling me that it is time for walkies. More bloggage soon!


After The Change Came: Series 2

Sin On Horseback

Once again, I haven’t written in a week. This time, the reason is that Doc and I have been drafted by several Wizards to go off on some cockamamie road trip looking for, as they put it “signs of something troubling”. Did they know what the signs would be? No. Did they know what the troubling thing might be? No. Did they know who the hell was behind these signs of troubling crap that Wizards didn’t know anything about? Hell no! They just told us to head northeast from Sacramento starting at noon on Tuesday, which we did. On horseback. Well, actually, muleback, since Doc prefers mules to horses.

Not that these are just any mules, don’t you know. Sirroco (Rocky) and Bellflower (Belle) are, Smart Mules, born of the first Smart Horse and Smart Donkey. Unlike many brothers and sisters, they get along very well. Unlike most mules, they are both fertile, so one day if they find mates, they could produce more Smart Mules.

So far, our trip has taken us way up into the Sierras, where besides freezing our asses off, we happened upon the remains of an abandoned lakeside village that had burned to the ground some months ago. After a bit of sleuthing, we determined that it had been torched on purpose, almost certainly by magical fire.. Doc, ever the Nature Boy, also noted that there was a very faint trail leading west. We followed it down into the foothills, passing areas that might have been camps last summer. At one of these camps, I found some large footprints in what had been mud, but was now nearly hard as rock due to our dry winter.

The footprints were nearly as large as Doc’s feet (which means long and very wide) and whoever made them probably weighed in excess of 200 pounds and wore soft leather footwear. Doc looked at those footprints a long while, then went to a pond about half a mile away. When he came back, all he would say is that his spider sense was tingling and we needed to pick up the pace.

That was yesterday and this morning we lost the trail after coming to an intersection of two paved roads. After thinking a bit, Doc decided to turn north for a bit, which is why tonight we are staying at a small hotel in Chico. I am so glad to have a hot shower and a real bed to sleep in. Unlike Old Yellow Eyes, I’m a city boy. Camping out is fun about once or twice a year…in the summer. This winter camping and riding all day is nuts. My poor ass feels like it has been hit by a truck after six days in the saddle. I’m also not too happy to have to dress all butch for a week or more.

Unfortunately, my complaints would fall on deaf ears even if I could find a Wizard to bitch at. Doc understands that this isn’t my preferred lifestyle, but we appear to be onto something big and he’s all in thinking mode, so it would be wrong to bother him. I guess I’ll just slip into the nice warm bed and sleep until the inevitable too fucking early o’clock wake up call.

More bloggage soon.

I Said “Living Dead”, Not “Living Bread”!

…now I’ve got to shotgun that loaf of rye

Goddammit, I swear that in 2012 I’ll get back to a regular posting schedule here. In the mean time, a few tidbits before I roll out the first of several new Doclopedia posts.

1: It looks very much like I’ll be running two official games at Dundracon this year. I’m not planning on running any more than that, but if the Call of Open Gaming is strong enough, I may run a third game. If you are thinking about going to Dundracon (and you should be), look me up.

2: Everybody here is healthy, chronic ailments nonwithstanding.

3: While going through old writing files, I found the outline and many notes for a new Toon book. I’m of two minds about doing any more Toon stuff, but the 30th anniversary is coming up in 2014, so…

4: I’m still mulling over what Doclopedia stuff to put into a book and how best to do it.

And now, the latest entry…

The Doclopedia #389

Look What I Found!: 1950’s Science Fiction Edition

Professor Sanders, come have a look at this! I was examining those weasels we exposed to the gamma rays after treatment with that new hormone formula and darned if they aren’t 25% larger than they were yesterday! What? Why, yes, they are aggressive, but after all, they’re weasels. Probably a good thing we keep them in separate cages. Yes, their food consumption has gone up quite a bit.

You can see, of course, where this might lead. Why, if we could increase the size of cattle or pigs or chickens, we could end world hunger. Just think of it, a world where…what? Oh, yes, it is getting late. We’d better close up and get out of here. Jane will have my hide if I come home late for dinner again. We’ll just give these weasels a double helping of food and, what the heck, a couple of these mice each. That should hold them until tomorrow.

Yes, we will need larger cages for them. I’ll leave a note for Joe and Eddie to bring some up from the basement and transfer the weasels into them when they come in to clean up tonight. Shouldn’t take them more than a half hour to do it.

My, that one male is a nasty fellow, isn’t he? Well, we’ll sedate him tomorrow for his examination. I wonder if his testosterone levels have gone up due to the radiation? Oh well, that’s a thought for later. See you in the morning, Professor. Give my best to your wife and kids.

The Way Funny, Yet Also Deeply Insightful, Story Of Mostly Purple Patty And The Giant Popcorn Ball

…co-starring her pet jerboa, Dennis

Holy Crap, Batman, An Actual Blog Post!

Hopefully, this will get me back to regular posting. First up…

New fiction up over on the fiction blog! It’s the Second Series of After The Change Came and it’s not written by the alternate Doc Cross who did the first one. Of course, anybody who hasn’t read the first series might get all confused, so that one will be available in it’s entirety on the Dociverse web site (http://www.thedociverse.com/#axzz1fDhhS3mH) in just a few days.

Healthwise, the injection of steroids that the Orthopedist gave me a week ago seems to finally have taken effect, since my arm/shoulder is much better now. Still not 100% and I had to postpone an MRI today due to a panic attack, but I will be back at work as soon as this work restriction is over on Tuesday. A good thing, too, because cabin fever was making me crazy.

In other health news, Grace has fully recovered from her broken arm and Winker is feeling better after a rather debilitating session of being in heat. Lucy is, as always, physically healthy while mentally she is our little Neurotic Nelly.

I am on Twitter as DocCross now, so you can follow me and stuff

I may well be on track to run two official games at Dundracon this year. I’ll know more in late January. If you come to the con, try to get in one of them.

Gotta go hit the sack now. More bloggage soon, my little hamsters.

Never Tell Your Mom That You’ve Been In A Mud Fight

…mothers tend to get a bit over emotional about such things

So, I’m back from DunDraCon. Actually, I got back Sunday afternoon. The con was fun, despite my developing a knack for not getting into any games other than my own. This took the form of games filling up, me misreading times, me falling asleep and the ever popular “no games I want to play during this time slot”.

Still, I had fun. My TOON game went well and my seminar was pretty well attended. I got to chew the fat with my pal Nicole, her husband Chris and several other gaming folks. I watched some anime, tho I was kinda disappointed that most of it did not hit the high nuttiness that the Japanese are known for. I watched several games being played, saw lots of gamers with babies and, after a few tours of the Dealer’s Room, realized that there are no more cheap games. In fact, all I bought was a few dice for Grace (who no longer goes to the con). Oh, and I attended a couple of seminars that were pretty darned swell. One was on serious games that turn funny and the other was on alternate histories.

Anyway, in recent years, DDC has been my only con (I’ve gone to Conquest Sac, but it has a very high suck factor) and I don’t expect that to change this year unless I strike gold in the garden. GenCon 2011 is a possibility, if I start saving my pennies tonight and use freight trains to get there.

In other gaming news, I realized that running a Harry Potter/Hogwarts style RPG for my group would be full of problems, so instead, I’m gonna set them up as pirates and let them go hog wild. With luck, that’ll start in a few weeks.

And now, dog walking. More bloggage later.

The Kitty Cats Take Over A Donut Shop

…and they run a special on cat hair sprinkled donuts

Duuuude! DunDraCon is only a couple of days away! If you are going to be there, here is the all important Doc info…

Kill The Wabbit!

Friday 8 PM in 156 for 4 hours
GM: Doc Cross
Type: RPG
System: TOON
Edition: Deluxe TOON & supplements
Players: 10
Provided: All characters provided by GM
Power Level: varied
Variations: Oh, yes indeed
Rules Knowledge: Useful
Game Content: Mainstream

Willy Wabbit is a beloved cartoon star. He’s also a miserable backstabbing little punk, which is why you want to kill him. Which of you will succeed? You are all armed to the teeth and won’t let somebody else kill him if you can stop them. Prepare for an evening of fun, mayhem, multiple murders and lots of laughs.

We Hates It / We Loves It

Saturday 12:30 PM in 156 for 1 hours
Presenter: Doc Cross
Type: Seminar

No, we’re not talking about hobbits. Come let the world (or at least a room full of gamers) know what you love or hate about our hobby!

I will be at the con from about 1:30 Friday afternoon until around 5 or 6 Sunday afternoon. Look me up, say hi, buy me liquor or food!

The Moderately Evil Plan Of Professor Breem

…he’s trying to work up to unspeakably evil

Doc Update

1: Everyone here at the homestead is healthy, altho My Sweet Angel is wearing out after a year and a half of working her job AND doing mystery shops.

2: I appear to be getting a major boost in hours at work, which is good and will help take some of the mystery shopping weight off of Grace and I. Unfortunately, the nes route I’ll be driving means that Grace & I will only see each other early in the morning (if I wake up) and on weekends. Still, we desperately need the $$, sob we’ll dealn with it.

3: Once me new hours kick in (next Monday), I’ll be alerting my regular gaming group about a restart to our roleplaying.

4: Both my game proposal and my seminar proposal were accepted for DunDraCon. If you plan on being at the con, stop by.

More bogging later!