A Big Hot Bowl of Ant Soup

…the kind with crunchy ants

Dundracon 2008 Part 5

It was Grave Robbers From Outer Space that we played, not what I wrote earlier…the Saturday afternoon Call of Cthulhu game was mucho fun…ate dinner at Baja Fresh with friends…played the Arkham Horror board game until midnight…it has about 35,000,000 tokens, cards, etc…very fun game…went to bed and slept like a log…got up this morning and went to the Humor in Roleplaying seminar…it was not bad…cruised the Dealers Room one more time, then Arn and I headed home around noon…I got in around 2:30…had great fun at the con…end of con report.

Fishburger Soup

…with extra roe

Dundracon 2008 Part 4

Flea market has so far offered nothing I want to spend $$ on…bought the Inn Fighting card/dice game for $5.00 in the Dealer’s Room…played the Graverobbers from Outer Space card game and it was mucho fun…eating chow as I type this…CoC game in a short while…hot food for dinner tonight…remembered I brought my camera, so pix will be taken soon…more blog-o-rama later.

It’s All Fun And Games Until A Head Goes Up A Butt

…TOON, ya gotta love it

Dundracon 2008 Part 3

Toon game went very well…actually ran 2 adventures…many violent interactions of an anally intrusive nature in both…much laughing…finished up at 2:00 AM…fell into my bed…woke up at 7:15 AM…eating my Cap’n Crunch before tea…will hit flea market in half an hour…more blogging soon

French Toast Served On A French Girl

…ahh, memories, memories

Dundracon 2008 Part 2:

Got here at 1:30…waited 45 minutes for our room to be cleaned…for some reason, my computer decides to fart in the general direction of the hotels high speed access…after 4 attempts, finally got a decent connection using dial up…ate sammies and chips and such in room…met many friends…contemplating what games I may play in…Creeks & Crawdads game starts at 10:00 PM Saturday night, then lasts for 8 hours…could be way too late a deal for me to handle…TOON game starts in an hour…more bloggage later.

Doc Tempest VS The Robotic Dinosaurs Of Doctor Loveless

…from the June, 1957 issue

Dundracon 2008: Chapter 1

Ok, so I’m awake, fed, relaxed and about to start the last bit of packing before I load up the Docmobile. I reckon I’ll be outta here about 11:30 so I can gas up before driving to woodland to pick up my pal, Arn, and then buy some last minute provisions. Should be outta woodland by 12:45 and at the con by 2:00.

More updates once we check in to the hotel.