The Rare And Beautiful Blue Hopping Chicken Of Potawango Island

…they can hop along at 40 miles an hour

So, a quick recap of my 4 days at Dundracon…

1: Every game I ran or played in was lots of fun. The TOON game had a ton of people in it and all of them were funny.

2: Despite the audience submitting suggestions that were somewhat less than well thought out, the “Stump The Gamemasters” panel went very well. All of the guys showed off their creative genius, which is only to be expected when you have that many gamemasters in one place.

3: I bought very little. This was because I had a limited budget and most of the board games or RPG stuff I wanted was WAY outside it. The only new item I bought was a Pirate Fluxx deck. I did hit up the flea market for a $5 copy of Basic Role Playing and a $1 deck of Falling cards.

4: There was a Freecycle table where folks dropped off stuf they wanted to give away. Mostly, it was old board games nobody really wanted and old rpg books that I had no interest in. I did grab some coin counters and terrain hexes when somebody dumped a bunch of bags of game pieces on the table.

5: I got to chat with lots of folks I only see in person once a year, including my long time (as in 22 years) TOON player, Cody and his lovely and funny girlfriend, Amber.

6: For whatever reason, the anime shows they had running were even greater examples of Japanese strangeness than usual. At one point, just reading the subtitles of the song one bouncy breasted anime character was singing nearly melted my brain.

7: I also got to see Paul & Samantha, two of my regular gaming group folks. It’s been about a year and a half since we last gamed, but I told them we’d be starting up a new series in a month or so.

8: It was good to get back home to Grace and The Girls. They were all as glad to see me s I was to see them.

Given our somewhat improved finances, I may go to KublaCon in late May for a day. GenCon is 99% out this year, as is Origins. I’m not sure about any other cons just now.

Ok, I’m off to work. The Doclopedia post will go up tonight.




The Ten Blue Budgies Find Some Money

…and they go crazy buying millet seed

Another report from Dundracon: The Seminar went great yesterday.  Everybody very creative.  Played in a steampunk game last night.  My character was an a-moral thieving gambler with a heart of gold.  Obviously type-casting.  Slept terribly last night even with the help of chemicals.

Woke up this morning running on only five hours sleep, powered by caffeine and the willpower of my Celtic ancestors.  Ate a huge breakfast, which didn’t do much to wake me up, but I may explode any time now.  Am about to look for a board game to play in.

More reportage later.

Report from Dundracon

Big hotel room.  Unfortunately, it is at the end of the hallway farthest from the elevator on the second floor.  May have to stash food and water at the halfway point of the hallway, so we don’t have to kill and eat other con attendees.  Gotta go, my game is about to start…

Madness Takes Its Troll

…insane trolls?

Just a quick post to let y’all know that I’m off to Dundracon in about an hour and the only posts that might pop up here will be if I call Grace (my lovely wife & webmistress) and have her put something up. Actually, you’ll be much more likely to see posts like that on my Facebook page. Have a great weekend and if you are going to Dundracon, look me up and say hello.