The Magic Dog And The Happy Cat Go To The Fair

…and they rode the carousel


The Doclopedia #1,030

For A Good Time, Call…: Fillandor The Incredible

Be it known to all citizens of this great city that, for a limited time, the Great Wizard Fillandor the Incredible will be here offering up the use of his amazing powers to one and all for mere pennies!

Fillandor, who is much acclaimed throughout the Eastern Empires and the Land of 10,000 Gods, will spare no effort to magically assist you with problems large and small. Recently, upon request of the Sultan of Panishad, Fillandor journeyed for to the south and not only banished a herd of Demonbulls, but used his fantastic powers to find a beautiful young bride for the Sultan.

A mere fraction of Fillandor’s abilities include: Healing of disease, curing of the troubled mind, insuring the increase of wealth, stimulation of crop growth, banishment of the demonic & undead, predictions of the future, protection from harm by others, alterations to the face & body, revival of faded bedroom abilities and far too many other magicks to list.

As is his humble nature, Fillandor has situated his wagons in the Worker’s Quarter, near the South Gate. Appointments can be made by calling 262-0094 from a Speaking Kiosk. Hours are 8 AM to 6 PM, all days. Payments in cash only.

Make haste, good people! Fillandor will not be in town long!




The Doclopedia #1,031

For A Good Time, Call…: Eskwif

Females who seek fulfilling fertilization encounters with a healthy and fully furred Alpha Male should call Eskwif with their mating song.

Eskwif sires fine cubs and has all six of his foot-paws. His tail is strong and his kloon is undamaged. His musk will make you swoon into receptive mode.

Call out soon, females! Eskwif is ready to serve you!