Jenny, The Lap Dancer Who Saved The World

…who knew lap dancing kills aliens?

The Trip to DogCon 3: Day 9, Part 1, In which we give you a quick run down of the events of the day

(Note: Flash is still not in a writing mood.)

1: Early on, we saw The Marble Sculptures Of Great Americans, which were not carved from marble, but made out of marbles. There are 23 sculptures, all life size and looking very…strange is the only word that fits. It’s places like this that will make you realize you don’t need LSD to hallucinate.

2: Then we went to look at The Giant Duelling Lumberjack Statues. Yep, they are big, lumberjacks and hefting axes at each other. Took us all of 4 minutes to see, including picture taking.

3: Stopped at a feed store to buy Abby a bag of Goat Chow and some dog & cat treats.

4: Ate lunch at a hot dog joint that advertised with the slogan “Our Weenies Are Huge!” How can you not love a place like that?

5: Entered Illinois near the town of Roscoe, in honor of our late dog.

6: During a grocery shopping break in Rockford, we stumbled upon yet another room inside the Magic Bus. This one seems to be a full sized roller skating rink. No skates, but there is recorded organ music.

7: Stopped to see The Pie Tin House. I am beginning to think that somewhere in America, you will find a house built out of every sort of thing most folks just recycle the normal way.

8: Stopped for the night in Springfield, Illinois, birthplace of my fabulous wife and home of the Cozy Dog Drive In, where you’ll find the best damned corndogs in the world! We ate dinner there.

9: Watched several alternate reality movies, including a proper big screen version of The Wild Wild West, which was heavy on the steampunk gadgetry.

Sleep now, more roadside exploration tomorrow.

Destination Sign: The House On Haunted Hill