It’s All Fun And Games Until You Cause The Beer To Explode

…which is easier than you think

Stuff: The Greatest Hits

1: Major drama is, thankfully, not a common thing in my family. Minor, individual dramas, yes, but drama that involves all three of us sibs and my mom, no. Until this last weekend. I won’t go into details, but just let me say: AAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!

2: So far this fall/winter, I have fought off any major S.A.D. attacks. How much longer this can continue, I don’t know, but so far, I’m liking it.

3: I’ll put up a poll on E-zine title ideas soon.

Ack! Gotta run to the UVB exposure! More blogging later!

The Heartwarming Holiday Story Of Mostly Purple Patty And The Temple Of Screaming Madness

…co-starring her pet tree kangaroo, Hepzibah

The UnTurkey Day Report

As I have mentioned before, Grace and I vowed early on (before we were even married) to never prepare a traditional Thanksgiving dinner on Thanksgiving. Eat one at someone elses house, yes (tho we have yet to that), but cook one of our own, no.

So, yesterday, we had our 12th UnTurkey Day meal. It was very delicious. The menu was: beef ribs, spaetzel, mushroom gravy and a big old garden salad. We were gonna have pound cake with cherry sauce, but we were too stuffed for dessert. The Girls got to eat the rib bones and they loved ’em.

Next year, I’m thinking we’ll have something Asian.

Aside from the meal, yesterday was pretty laid back. The high point of the day was talking to my mom on the phone and finding out that her 84 year old sister has apparently “gone off her goddamn rocker” complete with paranoid delusions and dementia. Mom said her kids are trying to get her into some sort of facility that will care for her. That’s a good thing. My aunt was always a kinda mean spirited old bitch and now, as mom said, “she’s mean spirited and nutty, so it’s better if they lock her away”.

My family has a thick streak of both dark humor and brutal honesty. Gotta love it.

So, you ask, what is the plan today for us here at Casa del Hound Dog? Well, after a rousing trip to the dog park, it’ll be Grace doing homework/class projects and me doing gardening…mostly plant division and transplanting. The Girls will probably play some D&D&D (that’s Dungeons & Dragons & Dogs) and then nap.

And for those of you in less wonderful places than Northern California (which would be everywhere else except Hawaii), it is sunny, cool and cloudless blue skies here.

More bloggage, including Violet, later.