Green Clowns From Under Your Bed

…they’ll recycle your trash, then eat your face.

The Trip to DogCon 3: Day 10, Part 1, In which we go on a roadside attraction binge, our critters get lost on the bus and we eat more corndogs.

(Note: All comments by Flash are in italics)

We are scheduled to visit seven roadside attractions today. We already have 4 of them crossed off the list. Here now, the listing of today’s misadventures so far.

1: At the rather too early hour of 8:00 AM, we viewed the wonder & splendor that is The World Famous Candy Bar Museum. This was a fun (it’s always fun to see assloads of candy), enlightening (there are candy bars from all over the world) & nostalgic (Milkshake Bars!) tourist trap. We spent 45 minutes there, looking at the 7,358 candy bars, some nearly 100 years old.

(This place smelled great, but we were locked up in the bus…with a goat!)

2: Next up was The World Famous Beer Can Museum. You think there were a lot of candy bars? This joint has 15,912 beer cans from all over the planet and some of them are near 150 years old. My fave beer name? Hung Dong Beer from China.

(Still locked up here, but the goat seems to have opened a door. Might have to check this new room out.)

3: When we came out of the Beer Can Museum, we found the bus strangely quiet and devoid of animal. Then I saw an open door which hadn’t been there when we left. Going through the door, I found myself in a really big room (and I mean warehouse big) full of crates that all seemed to contain parts for Hudson automobiles. I found Winker within a minute or so, but didn’t find Abby for another 15 minutes and it took nearly another 20 to round up Flash & Lucy. They all seemed ok, but were apparently having a good time exploring.

(Now that was fun! We had a hella good hide & seek game going until Dad busted it up.)

4: After the Great Pet Hunt, we drove over to The Red, White & Blue Garden. This place was one of the best gardens I’ve ever seen, with tons of beautiful plants, most in bloom. Also, very patriotic. I expected the owners to be Republicans or Tea Baggers, but in fact they are both Green Party members. YAY!

(Oh, man, were there birds in that garden! I am so hungry now.)

5: Yet another garden visit was Waterfall World. A truly beautiful example of what a gardener with lots of time (and, one assumes, plenty of money) on his hands can do. There are 14 ponds, 8 streams and 32 waterfalls here, all lushly planted with a dazzling array of plants. There are also 3 aviaries, chickens, ducks & geese wandering around and about a zillion koi carp.

(Shave my tail and call me a possum, that place had FISH just swimmin’ around! And birds…tasty tasty exotic birds…confined to cages! Oh man, if I could have escaped from this bus, I’d have been eating good in the neighborhood!)

6: We are now back at the Cozy Dog Drive In, fortifying ourselves with corndogs before seeing the next three attractions and then heading to St. Louis. More bloggage later.

(Mmmmmm…corndogs! Om Nom Nom!)

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