Whovian Firefly Trek Galactica 5

…once again, a subject line causes fanboys & fangirls to orgasm

Trip to DogCon 3: Day 13, Part 1, In which we see several UFO’s, visit with a whole bunch of harmonica players, take yet another temporal detour and finally reach Wilted Springs.

(Note: All comments in italics are by non-humans)

Continuing where I left off yesterday, I drove from 5:00 AM until we entered Wichita Falls, Texas about 7:00 AM. At that point, I rousted everyone for breakfast at The Sausage House. By the time we left, stuffed full of eggs, toast, sausages of many kinds and our favorite caffeine delivery systems, it was nearly 9:30. Time to go to The UFO Graveyard.

(Lucy:Sausages rule!)

Just west of Wichita Falls is yet another temple devoted to science fiction and some goofy fucker with way too much free time. In this case, the goofy fucker is Bobray Hingle and the subject is crashed UFOs. Bobray and his equally free time endowed friends have built replicas (not full size, but big) of a whole bunch of spacecraft from science fiction TV series & movies. The Enterprise? Oh yeah, 5 versions. Klaatu’s ship from the original “Day The Earth Stood Still”. Yep, with Gort lying in pieces beside it. The Jupiter 2? Earth Vs The Flying Saucers? TIE Fighter? Firefly? The Tardis? Yes! And there are about 30 others, including some from anime and cartoons. It costs $5.00 a head to see the place, but it’s worth it. They also have the spiffiest t-shirts I’ve seen so far.

(Winker:Our guild is still kicking ass in WoW!)

We left about 11:30 and decided to stop in the little town of Graham to have burgers & shakes. Well sir, we did that, true enough, but we also got to see 152 harmonica players in action, because it was the annual Graham Harmonica Week Festival.

There were old & young bluesmen, cowboys wailing out country & western tunes, rockers, soul men (and women), gospel players and more than a few folks playing classical music. It was, as they say, a wonder to behold. It also kept us in town until near 1:30.

(Abby:There were also very tasty rosebushes growing along the sidewalk in one spot.)

(Flash:Some of those old guys had been hitting the catnip pretty hard.

Now, that would put us into Wilted Springs about 4:30-5:00, a bit later than I wanted, so I called up Joe and asked him if he could do a bit of fucking around with space & time. He said ok and crawled under the dashboard and began doing his mechanic thing.

About a minute later, we were driving through Los Angeles on a rainy day in 1933. We were on Sepulveda Boulevard and getting some serious stares. Then two cop cars lit up and I told Joe to get us outta there, but I’m not sure he heard me over the yelling of the rest of the people on the bus. Grace alone was drowning out the police sirens.

(Winker:Mom told Dad she was gonna put her foot up his butt! Hahahaha!)

Before I had to go into high speed chase mode, things shifted and we were driving along a tropical, yet rather Arabic looking, city street. We were, in fact, the only motor vehicle of any kind. There was more yelling from the back of the bus, so Joe dis something and there we were, passing the familiar sign that said Wilted Springs was only 10 miles away. Local time: 3:10 PM. Score one for Joe & Doc, except that Joe got outta there and left me to explain things to everybody.

(Flash:Joe is no dummy.

We checked into our hotel, the Hilton, at 4:00. Our rooms were on the 15th floor and, because we Crosses had pets, came with a small yard/balcony (glassed in, to prevent falls) and a “pet bedroom”. After a couple of hours, during which I think we all napped, we met up with the Jones Gang for dinner at a nearby Indian restaurant. I had a lamb vindaloo that was delicious, but pretty volcanic on the Spicey Meter. After that it was time for some wandering about and then relaxing.

(Everybody but Winker:Holy Shit, we are up way high!)

(Winker:I’ll have to take your word for it.

Although the con does not officially start until Thursday, tomorrow will see a huge influx of gamers into town and the 3:00 PM opening of the Open Gaming Hall, which will easily fit 100 tables. The Boardgame Hall will also be open and roughly the same size. In addition, there is a Pre-Con Party for Guests of Honor, Featured Guests and GMs, so Spike and I will be there. Of course, there is also the getting of badges and swag bags and event tickets (for humans and animals) and seeing friends as they arrive (like the Mystery Family, my home gaming group, John Kovalic family, Steve Jackson, etc, etc).

(Lucy:Ooh! I love this con! I’m gonna play in as many LARPs as possible!)

(Flash:There’s a spa here just for cats? I may never leave.)

(Abby:A theme park for animals? Oh yeah!)

(Winker:I’m gonna go to the waterpark with Sharon!

It will be a busy day. More bloggage tomorrow.