The Chubby Mud Golem Episode

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CatCon2: Day 1, Part Two

(NOTE: The following is all fictional.)

Quick post before going to the spa to be covered in mud and then made all beautiful.

The “ask a GM anything” seminar was very interesting. The first half of it was limited to gaming questions. Then our moderator, Penny (who is pregnant with twins and due on September 5th) told us that the second half would be open to questions on topics other than gaming. At first, this was the standard “Which Trek/Doctor/Bond/Etc Is Your Favorite?” sort of questions. Then they got more interesting. Among them…

“Can you show us your tatoos?” (Spike and I were able to sit that one out)
“How did you get your nickname?” (but not this one)
“If you were a monster, which one would you be? (I chose King Kong)
“Can you all sing Bohemian Rhapsody?” (from the moderator…and she had a karaoke machine…and we did…not too badly)

And then the last question…the one that stopped the show…

“Can you tell us your favorite joke?”

The other 6 panel members told jokes ranging from mild to pretty dirty. Fortunately, this was an age 18+ seminar…because I told “The Aristocrats”.

To be fair, I warned everyone beforehand and 3 people (out of maybe 50) left.

I told a short version…maybe 7 minutes long. Some folks were stunned into silence, but most laughed. Our moderator was laughing so hard, I feared she might go into early labor. And then I got a near standing ovation.

Pretty cool.

Ok, Grace is giving me the stink eye and pointing at the clock. I’m outta here. More fictional con reportage later.