Everybody’s Favorite Magic Duck



The Doclopedia #1,337

Interesting Fish: The Five Spotted Groper

This warm water ocean fish weighs in at an average of 20 pounds and measures around 3 feet long. It is usually found in water no deeper than 30 feet around tropical islands. Aside from the five white spots along both sides of the body, the fish is a dull dark green color with a few specks of lighter green on the females.

The most noticeable thing about the Five Spotted Groper, and the thing that gives it the name “groper”, are the two 16 inch long tentacles that emerge from about 3 inches behind the gills. These tentacles are primarily used to probe the sand for smaller burrowing fish or invertebrates. However, if the fish encounters a human, as they often do near resorts, it will feel them so as to check for food. This can lead to fully grown humans jetting out of the water like a missile fired from a submarine. The fish just swim off, ignoring the cursing and screaming.


No Escape From Bunnyland

…and they are NOT nice bunnies


The Doclopedia #1,163

Fish Of the Day: Yelling Carp

This fish is a large blue-gray carp that periodically comes to the surface to yell things in a surprisingly human voice. This always scares the hell out of most humans and animals nearby. During the Yelling Carp mating season, the rivers and lakes are very noisy.

The Yelling Carp grows to a length of 8 feet, weighs up to 100 pounds and can live 75 years. Things they yell include HELP!, MURDER!, HEY YOU!, SONOFABITCH! and PISS OFF!, among many others.

Many communities hold “Kill A Yelling Carp” days, but the wily fish are hard to find when threatened.

The Doclopedia #1,164

Fish Of the Day: Ghostfish

Throughout the multiverse, there are many game fish that can really challenge anglers, but none so much as the Ghostfish. Found in coastal waters all around the Pacific Ocean on Earths 4,11, 28, 59 and 136, the Ghostfish is tricky to catch because it can become incorporeal at will.

Most of the time, the meter long fish, which travels in schools of up to 200 individuals, is a beautiful pale white with light blue streaks. When it decides to go ghostly, it fades to near invisibility and can pass through solid matter as easily as it swims through water.

Catching a Ghostfish often means using various arcane charms, specially enchanted hooks and Vibroshrimp as bait.