Chapter 17: In Which Our Hero Unleashes A Stampede Of Pigs In Order To Rescue The Queen

…whole lotta oinkin’ goin’ on

No call from Round Table, so it’s back on the job hunting trail for me.

I have an appointment with the urologist today to see what’s up with my pesky prostate. Hopefully, the news will be good.

Next Monday, the 11th, My Sweet Little Border Canary Of Passion, Grace, will celebrate her 50th birthday. I have some Secret Plans for celebrating this grand event, all set for the day before. I’m thinking she will like it.

Speaking of birthdays, a bigass HAPPY BIRTHDAY shoutout to smalley_smoot, who turns 57 today! Having fought off a heart attack and walking pneumonia in the last few months, I hereby declare him the Iron Gamer for 2008.

Last night, I cooked up another huge pot of FOOOODDDD FOOOORRRR DOOOOOGGGGSSSS!!!! This time, I opted to skip the stinky broccoli. This batch contains chicken, pink beans, split peas, carrots, sweet potatoes, yellow potatoes, parsley, tomatoes, yellow squash, zucchini squash and assorted herbs & spices. It was given 4 paws up by our resident FFD critics.

And now, I must wash dishes, walk dogs and do other fun stuff.


Doc Tempest VS The Batman

…from the January 1970 issue

Here, my friends, for your possible amusement, are the complete lyrics to the “Food For Dogs” song that I sing to The Girls every time I feed them.

Food For Dogs (words and music by Doc Cross)


“It’s food for dogs!”
“Not hogs”
“or frogs”
“on logs!”
“It’s food for dog-dog-dogga-dog-dogs”

“It’s food for Daisy”
“Who isn’t crazy!”
“It’s food for Winker”
“My little stinker!”

“It’s food for dog-dog-dog-dog-DOGS!”

Note: The last line is sung in a very low bass.