The Day The Newts Attacked Austin

…it barely made the nightly news


Dog Con 7


Day 15, Con Day 2: In which there is gaming, seminars, mud, more gaming, food and a haunted house

10:30 pm

The steampunk party last night was great, with a wonderful bunch of evil bastards present and fine music, food and drinks.

Now for a quick recap of my day at the con.

Up at 8:00 for a 9:00 start on a game of Traveller. I played a scientist sent with a team to investigate a possible discovery of an ancient alien city on a frontier planet. Turns out, it was there alright, but not very ancient. Action & adventure ensued.

I had 5 minutes to get from that game to a seminar on “Kids In Gaming”. It went very well and it was good to have actual kids in the audience.

I caught half of another seminar, “Running Spy Games”, but had to bolt so as to get to a Toon game that I was, for once, not running.

The young lady running the game chose to use one of my adventures from Toon Tales, “The House That Jerks Built”. It’s a madcap adventure wherein the characters try to build a house. I have never heard of any group even getting a framework up. We all had tons of fun.

At 1:00 pm, gaming stopped for our band of travelers so we could all enjoy a spa day. Said spa day consisted of being immersed in warm mud, then bathed, them massaged. It’s very nice and relaxing. I’ll note that the critters had a spa day, too, minus the mud.

(Jazz: That was great! Even the bath was not bad.)

(Daisy: I even liked the ear cleaning!)

Once we were all clean and relaxed (and fed. They give you yummy sandwiches), we were back at the con, where Brian, Avis and I partook of a Savage Worlds adventure titled “Zeppelins vs Monsters”. It was a real rip snorter and, as the Brits say, a damned close run affair. Tragically, both Avis and I died when we decided to crash out fighter planes into opposite sides of a kaiju’s head. We did kill the kaiju.

Back at the hotel, pre-dinner, we all just mostly sat around discussing our day. Grace told us that she came in second in the “Settlers of Mars” tournament. Leon won the “Dogs Against Humanity” card game he played in. Mary got into some filksinging for several hours.

Our choice for dinner was Indian and it was just crazy good. We ate like starving wolverines. After dinner, we had a nice stroll around town.

From 8 pm until 11 pm, many of us were in the People & Pets LARP “The Old House On The Hill”, a haunted house adventure. It has been running all through the con and teams explore and try to solve the mystery of the very large three story (plus attic and basement) “V. Price Home for the Criminally Insane”. Our intrepid players were:

Sasha & I

Sadie & Brian
Leon & Avis
Roxy & Ginie
Flash & Spike
Daisy & Mary

Jazz & Caroline
Silky & Miranda

Grace, Lulu & Lauren sat out the game, but watched us on one of the big screens.

The whole thing was very realistic and half of our number was dead by the halfway point.

(Leon: Mom & I got taken out by the room full of snakes. I may have pooped a bit.)

(Silky: The psycho ghost with the ax got Miranda & I.)

(Sadie: Dad & I avoided the ghostly dogs, but got caught in the crushing corridor.)

(Jazz: Caroline & I went into the basement, like we had never seen any horror movies. Met the machete maniac.)

Sasha and I got to the attic and found the diary that would stop the ghosts if read aloud in the main parlor. Unfortunately, we also found the trap door that dropped us all the way to the basement.

(Sasha: That was not fun.)

After that, Ginie and Roxy died when the kitchen utensils came to life.

(Roxy: Done in by cheese graters!)

And Flash & Spike bough the farm in the greenhouse.

(Flash: I will NEVER trust a grapevine again.)

But mere moments from death by all out ghost attack, Mary & Daisy read the diary aloud and cleansed the house of ghosts.

(Daisy: We were hella scared!)

Now, with the critters and most everybody else asleep or nearly so, Spike and I are gonna go hang out with fellow gamers and shoot the breeze.

More true life tales of gaming tomorrow.

Chapter 499: In Which Our Hero Sails To The North Pole In Search Of The Legendary Snow Frogs

…he brought them a gift of port and sausages


Day 5 (Con Day 1): In which I condense the Cross family day and night.

After waking up and eating brekky at Baconville, the family did this…

Grace: Cruised the Dealer’s Room, played board & card games, went to watch Abby & Bea in the first “Goatapalooza” LARP (which had 45 pet goats in it), did some shopping, played in a Blue Rose RPG game.

Critters: Besides the above mentioned LARP, there were trips to pet amusement parks, Round One of an all dog LARP, walkies all around town (Sharon was assisted by our long time con petsitter, Arcadia) and plenty of food & snacks.

Doc: Cruised Dealer’s Room, chatted with many folks, robbed a diamond exchange in a very cool LARP (Spike, Caroline and Avis also played in this), ate chili dogs, playtested a new card game/RPG, went to the “Cast “CatCon 6: The Motion Picture” seminar, ate pizza, played in a “steampulp” game with Brian, Avis, Mary and Grace, went to bed at midnight, got up to pee and checked critters, saw no glowing dots on any heads, noticed that both Sasha and Bea smelled of chemicals, made note to schedule a trip to Critter Wash.

Chapter 92: In Which Our Hero, Whilst Infiltrating The Coronation Of The French King, Is Afflicted With Flatulence Most Foul

…I hate when that happens

Yo, internet homies, today I’m starting a hopefully pretty regular series where I cover various topics about things I like. Later, I’ll start a similar series about things that piss me off. First up today: food!

Great Things To Eat: Part One

Curry: There are all sorts of curries out there, from mild & subtle to big, bold and hotter than hell. All of them are delicious. Don’t think you like vegetarian dishes? Try any of the 8 zillion veggie curries. Love seafood? You’re covered. Better yet, get yourself a good Indian or Thai cookbook and cook up one of your own! And don’t forget the rice and Thai Iced Tea. Best curry I’ve ever eaten? Any of the ones at The King And I in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Fish Tacos: How good are fish tacos? Well, I’ve had sexual encounters that weren’t as good as a couple great fish tacos and a cold cerveza. Doesn’t matter if the fish is battered and crunchy or unbattered and moist. And by “fish”, I also mean shrimp, crab and whatever else comes from the sea. It’s all yummy, especially after you dress it up with your choice of salsas, cremas and cheese. Best fish tacos I’ve ever eaten? The crunchy fish taco and the Dungeness crab taco I had off of a Mexican food truck in San Jose back in 1984.

Steel Cut Oats: Easy to cook, tasty as hell and good for you. What’s not to love about that? I like to cook them with a handful of raisins, then add some dark brown sugar and milk. Yum Yum! Oats are also very filling, so your breakfast will stick with you a long while, thus cutting down on between meal snacks and helping you lose weight. Best steel cut oats I’ve ever eaten? The bowl I just had a couple of hours ago.

Well, I think that went well. Now how about a nice serving of Doclopedia, hmmm?

The Doclopedia #390

Look What I Found!: 1930’s Universal Horror Edition

Look here, Carol, isn’t it beautiful? It’s the necklace that your father and I found on that statue of Bast today. Four thousand years old, but it still looks brand new. The inscription in the tomb told of a curse, one that would turn any woman who wore this into a Daughter of Bast. Why is it that every object anybody finds in an Egyptian tomb always seems to be cursed? Pretty silly if you ask me.

Oh, yes, well, a Daughter of Bast was supposedly a young woman who would transform into a catlike creature to do the bidding of the Priests of Bast. Sort of an Egyptian version of a werewolf. Your father knows more about it than me. I daresay that old soothsayer in the village knows more about it that I do. I’m just a humble reader of hieroglyphics.

Say, you look lovely in this moonlight. You know I’m crazy about you, don’t you? When this dig is finished and we’re back in London, I’ve got something to ask you. I hope…what’s that? Sounds like those fool diggers are on about something again. I’ll be right back, darling.

Oh, excuse me, Miss Benning, I did not mean to startle you. I have only come to view the lovely necklace that is spoken of in the village. I am very old and have waited many years to see such a wonder. How beautiful it is, much like yourself. You should try it on. Yes, yes, just like that. Beautiful. Dizzy? It shall pass, Miss Benning, it shall pass.

There, you see, you feel much better now, don’t you. Now you are a Daughter of Bast, part of a line that stretches back into the mists of history. Listen to me now, for there are things you must do, both here and back in England. There are those who need to be punished for what they have done. Listen and obey, Miss Benning.

The Migration Of The Dancing Elks

…it’s a 200,000 elk conga line

Stuff…IN 3D!!!

1: Grace and I both had to work on our anniversary yesterday, but when I got home, I whipped up a dinner of pork chops, mashed potatos, gravy, spinach and tapioca pudding for dinner. It was very filling and delicious.

2: Your Humble Narrator has been working on content for the new website. I’ve polished and expanded characters from my “365 Days, 365 Characters/Locations” pieces on LJ back in 2006. I’ve written outlines for about 4 short stories, including one featuring Sherlock Holmes. I’ve gone through a couple of world settings that need expansion and rewriting. And finally, I’ve been expanding and rewriting “On the Road With Violet”, which is looking pretty good for the serial fiction category.

3: In canine news, every month finds Lucy becoming more adapted to our household. She is much more tolerant and less afraid of Winker now. As for Grace and I, well, we are her favorite Mom & Dad in the whole universe and she is always ready for love and tummy rubs. We still need to get her better socialized with other humans and animals, but on the whole, Lucy is way better than when we first brought her home.

4: Going to apply for a job in a couple of hours. More on that if it pans out.

Now, breakfast and shower. More blog-o-rama later.

Harry Potter And The Ghosts Of Baker Street

…from the post-Hogwarts days

Stuff: The Musical!

1: It was 10 years ago today that escrow closed on stately Cross Manor. Still 12 days away from the official move in date, tho.

2: Today is the start of yet another Mystery Shopping Death March. Grace is out doing hers right now, and I will head out in a couple of hours.

3: I have retouched and/or expanded about 30 characters that appeared in this LJ back in 2006, during my “365 days, 365 Characters” experiment. Only 100+ characters to go.

4: I’m re-reading “The Hobbit” and really enjoying it. I had forgotten how much lighter and more child oriented it is in comparison to LOTR.

5: We are too poor to hand out candy, so last night Grace, The Girls and I, just ate cookies and watched the comedy/horror flick “Black Sheep”. For a movie about mutant killer carnivorous sheep (and the were-sheep they create via biting) it had few laughs and not that many more scares. It did have several gross out moments, including a shot were a sheep bites a guys dick off. Filmed in New Zealand. Not really worth your time.

6: Every year, Grace and I have an Unturkey Day Thanksgiving dinner, at which we have none of the traditional food items. Over the years, we have had lasagna, curries, fish, tacos, pork roast, a big table full of buffet stuff, spaghetti and many other things. This year, in defiance of our poverty, we will be eating steak, baked potatos and salad.

More blogging later…much later…tonight.

Doc Tempest VS The Zombies Of Broadway

…from the November, 1955 issue

Screwy weather here today. It’s overcast outside, yet we are supposed to have temps near 100. WTF?

Took Lucy out to pee a few minutes ago and damned near got hit in the face by a hummingbird. That’s like the 15th time that has happened since we moved here. I’m glad they love the garden but…damn!

I think barbecue will be on the menu this weekend. Something in the pork family…chops or loin, maybe.

More bloggage later.