Harry Potter And The Horny Hungarian Horntail

…NOT a book for kids


Dog Con 7


Day 17, Con Day 4: In which critters strut their stuff, games are purchased, games get played, seminars are attended, Daisy has a birthday, critters strut their stuff and pie gets eaten.

8:00 pm

We are all on the bus and getting ready to leave Critter City. As usual, a quick recap of the day.

Breakfast at Pancake-A-Go-Go, a new place in town. Great food, but kind of slow service due to a big Sunday crowd.

We bought the hell out of games! Grace bought several cubic feet of boardgames, Daisy bought, well, she bought all sorts of things.

(Daisy: Phasers! Sonic screwdrivers! D&D stuff! A sword!)

I bought mostly games and t-shirts. Sasha and Silky bought dice and other stuff.

(Silky: I bought some Buffy DVDs.)
(Sasha: I bought a bunch of comics and some steampunk clothes.)

I’m not sure what Flash & Jazz bought, but I know Lulu bought a bunch of swords & knives.

(Lulu: A girl can never be too well armed!)

(Leon: But you’re indestructible, right?)
(Lulu: What’s your point?)

While our group was buying stuff and playing games,. Spike and I once again took part in the panel for “Ask A GM ANYTHING!”. As with every year, it got crazy. Spike balanced a jar of maple syrup on his head, I explained how to kill a werewolf with a butterknife and our moderator (a mother of young twins) sang an impromptu song about dancing through the dungeon. It was a fun time for all.

At noon, many people and critters besides our gang assembled in one of the smaller halls for a celebration of Daisy’s third birthday. There was cake and dog biscuits and ice cream for all.

(All The Other Critters: Happy Birthday, Daisy!)

Immediately following that was the big charity “Pets On Parade” event. It raises money for many rescues and shelters and costs $5.00 per critter to enter it. There were about 6,000 animals in it this year.

(Roxy: That was a whole lot of critters!)

(Jazz: I was surprised to see so many pigs.)

Finally, the big voice in the sky said the con was over, which meant that it was only 30 minutes until the Post Con Cool Down Party & Pie Fest. My goodness, they come up with more new kinds of pies each year. We all ate too much while saying goodbye to folks we won’t see until next year.

Now it’s time to fire this bus up and head to Canada, where we’ll drop off Brian, Caroline, Lauren & Sadie in the morning. More bloggage later.

Destination Sign: The Hundred Acre Wood

Music: 24th Century Classical

Adventure Module Z-1: Secret Of The Pirate’s Tomb

…ooh, spooky!


A reminder to you, Gentle Readers, that the 2012 DogCon 5 trip/con report will start up on August 2 (this coming Thursday) right here on this blog. We’ll have 11 folks plus 5 pets (3 of them imaginary and all 5 doing commentary) on the bus this year and we’ll be taking the very very long way to Critter City, Texas and the con. Many roadside attractions, nearly all of them World Famous will be visited, plus there will be a super special musical number performed in Seattle. There may or may not also be…

Slight trip diversions into other times/places
Naughty pets
Elves…real no shit Elves
Iron Chef: Magic Bus
The Return Of Giant Roadside Jesus
LARPs for animals
Duplication of a live human being
Lots of Chocolate

So tune in here starting Thursday.

NOTE: Some days will have more than one daily report, so check back often.

And now, Doclopedia posts!


The Doclopedia #671

Two Characters In Search Of An Adventure: Super Armored Man & Gadget Hero

Horoshi and Gen are childhood friends who have always been obsessed with superheroes. As children and young teens, they would hang out for hours reading comic books. Fortunately, they both had parents who chased them out of the house to go get some exercise, which they mostly did by tramping around the mountains near their rural community. As the grew older, they stayed nerdy, but were also active in sports, with Horoshi doing very well in wrestling and baseball and Gen being captain of the track team.

One day, when the boys were very near to leaving home for university, their final hike through the woods took them near the home of eccentric old Professor Okano, a mad scientist according to local rumor. He had recently died and the house was awaiting his estranged son, an important businessman in Tokyo, to come and take care of selling everything off. Being very curious, Horoshi and Gen decided to go into the place just for a quick look around.

Once inside, they could find no evidence of a laboratory until Gen accidentally pressed a button on what he thought was a television remote control. The next thing they knew, a piece of the floor slid away revealing a stairway that went down 24 steps into a very large high tech laboratory. Naturally, they just had to go check it out.

The wonders that laboratory contained were amazing and the more the boys found, the more they realized that this stuff could not be allowed to fall into the wrong hands. Besides, there was stuff here that a couple of superheroes could use. Armed with this knowledge, they decided to make the lab their secret base. This was made a whole lot easier when they found the rear entrance that lead to a secret door in an ancient and abandoned shrine in the forest.

It’s now four years later and Horoshi & Gen are out of university and working for a big corporation as IT guys. It has also taken them four years to learn about and learn how to use the hundreds of gadgets that the lab contained. This was made much easier once they figured out how to activate Yoki, the super computer AI that runs the lab, including the little Fabricator Bots who build things.

The time has come for Horoshi to don his armored battlesuit and for Gen to put on his costume and select some gadgets. There is crime that needs fighting and Super Armored Man & Gadget Hero are just the heroes to fight it!



The Doclopedia #672

Two Characters In Search Of An Adventure: Tammi & Val

Tamara Mendez and Valentina Roberts were just two cousins from East L.A. who were off on a road trip to visit their grandparents in Texas after a short detour to Las Vegas to party a bit. They didn’t know that they’d end up meeting and later beating the crap out of a couple of guys that, besides being a bit too damned sexually aggressive, turned out to be aliens. They also weren’t prepared to know that those two aliens were just two of many who want to conquer Earth. They sure as hell weren’t expecting an ultra-secret government agency to offer them training and jobs hunting the Alien Menace.

They almost turned the job down until they were told what they would be payed. That changed everything. Best of all, they could work out of their home neighborhood because Los Angeles was a hotbed of alien activity. Not really surprising, when you think about it.

Now Tammi & Val are trained, geared up and ready to put the Latina Smackdown on any aliens they can find.


Mashed Potato Volcano

…it erupts gravy


NOTE FROM 2019: Due to a numbering error, I am off by 3 on the numbering of posts. This post SHOULD be #400, but I’m too damned lazy to renumber 1,800 fucking posts just now. So no, you are not going crazy. Numbering is off and I may have it fixed by 2021. or not.


The Doclopedia #397

The Alphabet, Again
: B is for…Blue Reggie

On Steampunk Earth #6, a dangerous new drug has become popular among the citizens of England and, to a lesser degree, Europe. Going by the slang name of “Blue Reggie”, it unlocks the psychic centers of the brain and produces a euphoric state. The effects of the drug, which must be injected, last 2 to 3 hours. During this time, the user is incapable of moving due to muscle relaxation.

While under the effect of Blue Reggie, the user will unknowingly activate psychic powers. Most common among these are mind reading, telepathy and telekinesis. Telepathy and telekinesis have caused many problems, as exemplified by the Great Shared Nightmare that took place in York and the Flying Cobblestones incident in London on Christmas Day, 1882.

It is unknown where Blue Reggie originated, but it is almost certainly a product of Mad Science.


After The Change Came: Series 2

Sin And Old Yellow Eyes VS The Great Weerloo Army

Dear Readers, I meant to post this yesterday (Tuesday) but we got teleported just before I finished writing, as you’ll see by the abrupt ending. Enjoy it and know that the four of us are now clean, refreshed, well fed and at home.

Holy shit! HOLY SHIT! We just defeated 500 Weerloos in a heated battle! And some of them were a crazy Weerloo/Mountain Troll hybrid! My God, it was terrifying and exhilarating and I’m surprised that I don’t need to change my undies. I’m covered in blood and gore and I want to get really drunk, after I bathe for an hour or two.

So here’s the fast version of the story.

Monday morning, 2:00 am: Doc leaps out of bed and tells me that we need to get ready to leave RIGHT NOW! Although I use foul language in my response, a near lifetime of hanging out with him tells me to do as he says.

Monday morning, 2:30 am: While Doc & Rocky gallop off south of town, I arrange for a truck to haul the four of us to Interstate 5, which is 45 miles to the west of Chico. I then drink two cups of strong coffee and eat a sweet roll.

Monday morning, 3:30 am: Doc & Rocky return, winded and looking pissed off. After grabbing the 36 ounce mug of crazy strong oolong tea, Doc says “It’s Weerloos and something new and Weerlooish. Get in the truck.”

Monday morning, 4:30 am: Having paid the truck driver, we are all off of the truck and heading into the foothills of the Coast Range. We are following the very obvious trail of of Weerloos and the same big creatures that we found the tracks of earlier in our trip. They head straight west to where Doc tells me Long Valley lies. There is a lake there, no human habitation and a long flat valley just made for parking an army.

Monday morning, 8:00 am: We reach the top of the hills at the eastern edge of Long Valley. From our vantage point in the bushes, we see about 450 Weerloos, about 50 creatures that look like Weerloos if Weerloos were 7 feet tall and one human. He’s obviously a Mage and he’s obviously in charge. Doc and Rocky both growl. I cannot overstate how eerie and scary it is to hear a mule growl.

Monday morning, 10:00 am: We have retreated downhill to a well concealed spot in some trees. Doc has reached into his Bag of Expanded Capacity and pulled out a real Crystal Ball. In moments, he is in a trance, which means that he’s communicating with at least one Wizard. He’ll be like that for the next two hours,

The rest of Monday: We rest, eat and take turns watching the Weerloos. Sure enough, they are training just like an organized army. Doc identifies 9 different Clans, which makes this the largest Weerloo army ever. We both note that the big UberWeerloos must be part troll. I’m not feeling good about all this.

Today, just after sunrise: We are back on the hill overlooking the army. Doc takes a bunch of stuff out of his bag and gives each of us a small beeswax capsule filed with a blue liquid. One we have them in out mouths, he tells us not to bite them until he says to.

After that, he picks up an egg sized figurine of a wizard, then walks about 100 yards down the hill and yells “Hey, you scaly motherfuckers, listen up!”

Every eye in that army is looking at him. The conversation went like this…

Doc: “Under direction of the Council of Wizards, the United Nations, the North American Union, the United States of America, the State of California and me, the Taker of Tails & Teeth, you will all surrender right fucking now or get killed. Personally, I hope you don’t surrender.”

Mage (who is now only about 100 feet away from Doc): After a hearty laugh, says “I don’t think we’ll surrender. In fact, I think I’ll just fry you and your three friends where you stand.” He begins casting a spell.

Doc: “Not today, you little prick!” Doc then crushes the wizard figurine in his hand. Mage screams, falls down and you can actually see the power exit his body. Looking at the army, Doc asks “No more Mage for you. He’ll be powerless for the next week. Will you surrender, Eaters of Other People’s Fish?”

The response is to scream war cries and come rushing towards us.

Doc (to us): “Bite that wax and get ready to rock & roll!”

Like most magical potions, the liquid inside the wax capsules tasted like whatever it is nasty thinks tastes nasty. Thankfully, the taste only lasted a second and then we all started to change. We got bigger, more muscular and our clothing pretty much ripped apart. It was like turning into the Incredible Hulk, if he were some huge barbarian warrior. Or a Demon Mule from Hell, because Rocky and Belle were now bigger than Clydesdale horses and snorting smoke & fire. And there was bloodlust, oh yes there was! I wanted to lay waste to my enemies, to stand knee deep in their corpses and show them that Sindell the Barbarian was somebody to fear!

Just before the first giant Weerloo/Trolls arrived, Doc pulled a sword and a big ax out of his bag and tossed the sword to me. After that, shit was ON baby!

I won’t go into details, except to say that the Weerloo/Trolls were tough, many Weerloos tried unsuccessfully to run and you never ever want to have a Demon Mule from Hell after you. In the end, we left exactly one member of each Weerloo clan alive. All of them were too scared to move as Doc told them to return to their clans, tell them to expect visits from the Taker of Tails & Teeth and to never even think of grouping up with other clans or working with a human Mage, because if they did, well, Doc got very detailed about what would happen and it’s pretty gross. They all swore they would do as he said, then took off running like the devil was on their trail.

We went back to where the Mage was still passed out and Doc put a small coin on his forehead. In a blink, the Mage was gone, teleported to Wizard Central for punishment.

It took another 15 minutes before we all returned to normal, at which point, we all collapsed from exhaustion until Doc produced some Energy Elixir that revived us enough to start back to the freeway, where we would call for another truck that would take us back to Chico and civilized amenities.

We’re almost back to the freeway now and I must say that this has been a hell of an experience. Not one I ever want to repeat, but still, pretty singular. And now I want a bath, a bed and maybe a few stiff drinks.

Dastardly Bandicoots Trampled My Gooseberries

…no pie for me

A Message Dealing With Things To Come

Changes are afoot here on the Dociverse Blog, Gentle Readers. First off, starting on my birthday (Jan. 29) I’ll be doing more Doclopedia posts. how many more? Well, this year’s theme is 365 Days, 500 Entries. Yeah, I didn’t learn my lesson with 365/365.

Not all of the entries will be long ones. Many will be quite short, and not all will be part of a multi-day theme, although I will be tackling the alphabet again. As before, I will ask for reader submitted theme ideas every once in awhile on Facebook and/or Twitter.

I am also vowing to do at least one non-Doclopedia post per week and I hope to hell y’all will comment on them.

Finally, there may also be the odd bit of collaborative world building, which will benefit from, you know, your collaboration.

I hope y’all enjoy what will, no doubt, be a mind roasting 365 days for me. I can already predict that January 29, 2013 will find me partaking of strong drink and cackling with laughter.

PS: There will be some slight changes at the Fiction Blog, too. More on that later.


After The Change Came: Series 2

Sin In The City By The Bay

As you can see by the title of this entry, I’m in San Francisco. I’ve only just arrived a couple of hours ago after yet another day of painting butterflies and flowers for Mage Daphne. About noon, I had made up my mind that I needed some mental health time, so after knocking off work at 3:00, I went home to clean up, pack a few things and gather up Babe for a little jaunt to the Greatest City On Earth! A quick trip on the Sacramento to San Francisco Express and here we were.

Now, although The City is way different looking than it was back before The Change and my untimely death, it’s still a vibrant and exciting place…only greener and more like a bunch of small villages collected in the place where a big city used to be. All of the various neighborhoods are still here (Noe Valley, The Castro, Nob Hill, The Marina, Chinatown, etc) but they’re separated by greenbelts and woods and streams and such. You can still take public transportation just about anywhere 24/7, so you won’t see many cars.

And of course, there are still a zillion great places to eat, drink and meet up with people of your preferred sex. In my case, that person this visit would be Gina Torrance, fellow artist and QuestWorld teammate. Gina works primarily in watercolors and does some of the most beautiful landscapes you’ll ever see.

I’m ending this post because now that we’ve finished eating some fantastic Thai takeout and have Babe and Newton (Gina’s Smart Dog) set up with movies and snacks, we are getting dolled up and going out for dancing and drinks. I’ll be wearing pre-Change Vera Wang and looking good doing it.

More bloggage sometime tomorrow after sleeping in and then shoe shopping!

Madness Takes Its Troll

…insane trolls?

Just a quick post to let y’all know that I’m off to Dundracon in about an hour and the only posts that might pop up here will be if I call Grace (my lovely wife & webmistress) and have her put something up. Actually, you’ll be much more likely to see posts like that on my Facebook page. Have a great weekend and if you are going to Dundracon, look me up and say hello.

Doc Tempest And The Vanishing Children

…from the March, 1939 issue

Yo! Homies! I gotta question…

A spiffy PDF with 70 or so of my 365 entries in it, expanded and maybe revised a bit…divided into sections on People, Places & Things…plus maybe 14 all new entries…no art cos I can’t afford it unless it is totally 100% free (and, of course, not crappy)…humorous notes & stuff in the page margins.

What do ya think? Would you actually pay cash money for it? Assuming at least 1 page per entry and 84 entries, what would be a fair price?

Help me out here, y’all.

Mr. Porkwaffle Rides In An Aeroplane

…which, unfortunately, crashed into a zeppelin

Mad Gaming/Writing Thoughts

So, as if the daily 365 thing wasn’t enough, I’m thinking of doing some short bit of writing on here ever so often…like, once or twice a week. I’ve got a few ideas, but here’s the rub: Each entry would be no longer that 100 words. Even if, in the case of fiction, that meant stopping in the middle of a sentence.

I could write fiction, or maybe create a fantasy village or a super team or some other stuff. Any suggestions?

Big Jimmy And The Woman In The Purple Car

…she took him for several kinds of ride


Well, I got my LJ mojo back, then didn’t write anything for 5 days:)

My request for Theme Week ideas for the upcoming Doclopedia got a few responses, roughly 2/3 of which were usable. You can, of course, make new suggestions any time.

As to when this whole thing begins, I’m thinking tomorrow, Wednesday, August 18th.

And what will our first Theme Week be? Let me reach into the Big Jar O’ Theme Week Ideas and pick one…

…and our winner is: “Islands Of Adventure”, which was contributed by the ever swell avylou. Thanks, Avy!

Now, the time for doing household chores is here. More bloggage later.

Edit From 2 Hours Later: I have outlined 13 Theme Weeks so far, so that when I pull then outta the jar, I’ll have that much less thinking to do, which in my case is always a good thing. Thinking make Mongo head hurt:)

The Creepy Eyed Children Are Watching You From The Trees

…with rusty knives in their hands

Now What?

So, I’ve got my writing mojo back, but what to do with it? I’ve got an idea or two. Here is the first one…

Those of you who have stuck with reading this blog for the last several years (and by the way, thank you ever so much) remember that in 2006 I started a project called “365 Days, 365 Characters”. Later, that mutated to include Settings and Items and I managed to get to Day #121 before I blew the daily aspect of it.

So my main idea here is to restart it as the “Doclopedia”. I might redo a few of the previously created characters, but 99% of what I’ll do will be new.

(Note From 2012: I actually redid or just re-posted quite a few of them. )

Now, what I need from y’all are Weekly Themes, so I can do each weeks entries in a nice little subject related package. To give you an idea of what I mean, here are some of the themes I used back then…

First Characters
Over The Edge
Pulp Era Women
AD&D Monsters As Characters
Wild Cards
Cats & Dogs Living Together
Average Joes
People With Swords
Tiny Folk
Lawmen (and women)
Pulp Era Locations

You get the idea, so tell me in your comments what themes you’d like to see me tackle.

Wicked Pigs On The Rampage

…all dressed in black leather

Oh, ye heartless blackguards! Ye made yer poor Uncle Doc have to flip a coin to decide if CyberPulp or The Great Tower gets written about on this blog. It breaks me heart that not one of ye could cast one wee vote to break the tie.

Ah well, the winner is CyberPulp. Be lookin’ fer a post about it in th’ near future.

The Sweetly Sexy, Yet Wickedly Satiric, Story Of Mostly Purple Patty And The Tree House Of Doom

…co-starring her French Bulldog, Amelie

Ok, y’all, we are gonna playtest a group story telling game (one of three, actually) that I’m fixing to write up and publish. It’s called AMUSE ME! and the rules are simple: I say “amuse me”, followed by a question. Y’all answer it and I pick the answer that most amuses me. Then, I ask another question, which may or may not be based upon the answer I received. You answer that one, I choose the answer that most amuses me. Rinse and repeat until we get a story told or I get bored.

So…AMUSE ME! “Why am I in this room with a bucket full of blueberries?”

(NOTE: The other two games are called So, There We Were… and And That’s How…, both of which we will give a shot at a future date…and at DunDraCon after my Toon game)

It Was A Very Cheerful Apocalypse, As Such Things Go

…with singing and fudge and cartoons and pie and an open bar

Website thoughts

While revising and reviewing the vast number of characters/locations I did both here on LJ and in unpublished files, I’ve decided that I’m going to go with Theme Weeks when I put them up on the website. (which we are hoping will be launched in January) See, most of them were originally done as theme weeks, so half of my work is already taken care of.

With all of that in mind, I figured I’d list some new Theme Week ideas and let you, Gentle Readers, vote on them.

The House In The Woods Where The Singing Badgers Live

…You need to be really drunk to find it

The Adventure Building Poll, The Finale: The Army Of Terror

And so, we rap up our little adventure creation experiment. It was fun, folks, so we’ll do something similar soon.

After a day of resting up, Our Heroes hear that the Super Creeper is raising hell at the city market area. Rushing there, they find the now 10 foot tall and badly decomposing Super Creeper sending rotten vegetable golems after the terrified citizens. After they attack him, he summons up a swarm of flesh eating flies that head straight for El Santo.

Through fast thinking and the liberal application of lard, El Santo is saved is safe from the flies long enough for Our Heroes to kill them using fire. Then they turn their attention to the Super Creeper.

And that’s when a dozen Nazis attack!

A three way fight breaks out, with the good guys and the Super Creeper finally getting the upper hand on the Nazi scumbags. However, the last surviving Nazi manages to`get in a powerful hit on the Super Creeper by using a strange looking gas grenade.

Crazed with fear and pain, the huge monster flees the city, but Our Heroes easily track him to a huge cavern, several miles outside the city. There, they launch a final assault on the Super Creeper, who finally pretty much just rots away. The group’s scientists will take samples of the rotting tissue and send it back to the labs at HQ.

After that, there will be much merrymaking at the huge fiesta celebrating the destruction of the monster. Then, bidding El Santo and La Bruja Blanca goodbye, Our Heroes head off to their next action packed adventure. But…

…about a month later, they learn that the plane carrying the samples of tissue crashed somewhere in the Sierra Nevada Mountains south of Yosemite. And now, some strange stories are surfacing about something huge, dangerous and terrifying heading north along the mountain range.


The Ice Cream Dwarves Hate The Pancake Goblins

…it has something to do with enchanted syrup.

The Adventure Building Poll, Third Phase: The Army Of Terror

During a pitched battle with the attacking Aztec Mummies, Our Heroes discover that immersion in water will paralyze these horrid undead long enough to rip out their withered hearts. The forces of good triumph.

Later, the group splits up, half going with El Santo and half going off to follow some keads with La Bruja Blanca. Not long after the split, El Santo is attacked by eagle sized vampire bats. Fortunately, luck is on the side of Good and the group escapes by using an old tunnel.

Meanwhile, the other group finds out that even as he is growing more powerful, the Super Creeper is starting to deteriorate. His skin is rotting and he is beginning to look zombielike. This may give them a clue on how to destroy him.

Also, in twin strokes of luck, both groups find out that Nazis have arrived in Mexico City. These Nazis mean to kill the Super Creeper AND the Our Heroes.

Another poll later today/tonight.

In The End, We Decided That The Eels Were A Bad Idea

…and the exploding watermelon was not well thought out

The Adventure Building Poll, Third Phase: The Army Of Terror

Our Heroes, having pursued the Super Creeper to Mexico City, learn from Federal Agents Robles & Moreno that panic is sweeping the city and there has already been one attemp on the life of El Santo. Fortunately, the plot was foiled by that vivacious vigilante, La Bruja Blanca. The feds assure Our Heroes that they have everything under control. Our Heroes, knowing that government agents are as much hindrance as help, just smile and nod.

Later, they meet up with El Santo and La Bruja Blanca near an abandoned church just outside the city. No sooner have they agreed to work together, with El Santo acting as a sort of living target/bait, when the shit hits the fan.

This Just In: Tom Lehrer Is Poisoned By Angry Pigeons

…you don’t EVEN want to know what the tango dancers did to him

Damn! My mug of tea this morning was so strong that I almost sent it off to perform 12 labors, rather than drink it.

The Adventure Building Poll, Second Phase: The Army Of Terror

Here are the latest poll results.

The terror hungry monster is part man, part spider. It kills several Nazis, and nearly kills Our Heroes, before being apparently destroyed by high frequency sound waves. Unfortunately, those same sonic waves have triggered the volcanic activity of the island and hot magma is starting to bubble up in many places. This will, within a day or so, cause the caldera to fill with lava. Despite some violent earthquakes, the island does not sink.

With Our Heroes in hot pusuit, the Super Creeper…who could be Karloff…escapes the island in a plane. Our Heroes are mere minutes behind him, but their plane is much slower. In a last minute stroke of good luck, a dying Nazi tells them that the Super creeper is heading for Mexico City.

More blogging and polling tonight.

Not In This Issue: Gym Spocks, Global Worming, Sax & Violins, LOLrats Or Buysexuality

…man, even for me that was bad

Ok, so here is my big announcement, followed by a bunch of other stuff behind the cut.

I’m going to put up a website that will have a big bunch of RPG related stuff on it. Characters, settings, gadgets, creatures, cultures, adventure seeds, adventure frameworks, series ideas and musings based on 33 years as a (mostly GMing) roleplayer. Some of what I put up will be free and some of what I put up will require payment. Right now, I’d guess that it’ll be a 50/50 split. You’ll also be able to just plain donate funds to keep things going and new stuff coming. LJ Friends, please note that some of what will be on the website will be stuff I’ve done here over the years…but it will be expanded, polished and better.

But that’s not all. I’ve got a bunch of fiction bits on my computer and I’ll be posting short stories. I also have a bunch of scripts for a webcomic, which I may do either on my own (no small feat since I have a -10 when it comes to the graphic arts) or with the aid of a cartoonist (if you are a cartoonist, let me know if yer interested).

I’ll probably also include some humor pieces and the odd rant.

And anything else even remotely gaming related.

So that’s it. Once things are up and running, I’ll let y’all know so you can visit the site and decide if it’s worth a buck or two.

Now, if you want to read WHY I’m doing all this, go behind the cut.

Right this way, folks!

The Totally Mysterious, Yet Also Rather Naughty, Story Of Mostly Purple Patty And The Spanky Boy

…co-starring her pet killer bee, Ace

The Terror In The Woods (continued)

GM’s Eyes Only

Things That Should Happen:

1: The PCs should barely survive at least two attemps on their lives. You may or may not want to kill off a non-esential PC who is with/near them.

2: They should find a false clue that leads them to suspect an innocent PC, then stumble upon a real clue or two that puts them after Bader or Karloff.

3: If you just want to run this adventure by itself, then Bader & Company should get caught after a thrilling car chase down twisty mountain roads. If you want to run the follow up adventure, the the bad guys barely escape…on a hidden zeppelin!

Things That MIGHT Happen:

1: Some of the townsfolk or resort guests might be under the religious sway of Reverend Karloff, so they might interfere with the investigation.

2: Freight Train Fulton and/or Wong Chow might be undercover federal agents.

3: A REAL creeper…perhaps the spirit of some former owner of the resort…might appear. In fact, this might cause Bader & Company to run before the threat of discovery does.

Thus endeth this part of our sketchy, yet rather fun, adventure. If any of you ever actually run this, let me know.

Next up: Part 2: The Army Of Terror

The Night We Saved Earth From The Killer Crawdads

…with garlic butter, cajun rice and plenty of beer

A New, Semi Regular Gaming Experiment

This will be a GMless experiment in running an LJ game based upon each player representing an island nation and the people who live on it. The rules will be as simple as I can make them. You can play or just watch as frequently as you like. No pressure on anything.

The rest is behind the cut

Doc Tempest And The Murder Machine

…from the June, 1942 issue

Coming Soon To A Dundracon Near You

I’ve decided to run a 3D minis battle to the death arena in Open Gaming this year. Here are the facts as they stand now…

Title: Hack ‘Em Up!

System: Totally homebrew, rules light and based upon rolling 1d20 for actions and assorted other dice for damage. Movement will be secret and simultaneous, then you’ll get 1 minute to asses the situation and write down your actions, then everyone reveals together.

Premise: You are all badass killers, armed to the teeth with various weapons. You really need the 10,000 gold piece prize money…plus, you really like killing people. Thus, all of you go in, but only one comes out.

The Arena: It’ll be 3D, with walls, stuff you can climb on/hide behind, traps, healing potions and other goodies, a few wandering monsters and (if you step on the right squares) teleport spots.

The Minis: I’ll be using my vast collection of Little Plastic Dudes.

Number of players: Not sure, but probably no more than 12 at a time.

So, if yer going to Dundracon, come test your luck.