In The Elevator To Hell With The Skull Faced Woman

…taken from a dream I had last night

Stuff On The Half Shell

1: Content for the E-zine’s first 3 issues is accruing at a nice rate. Still no title for the damned thing yet and I’m trying to figure out a cover style for it. Pulp or dime novel? Played straight or go for humor? A bit of art or all text. Also, fake ads or not? Decisions, decisions.

2: As a rare change of pace from the Biblical deluge of ever mounting debt, it seems that I may be getting a few more hours at work. Still only a part time gig, but better than the pitiful hours I get now.

3: Still cold here. My garden is not getting bitchslapped as bad as it did in the great freeze of a few years ago, but it’s not coming thru unscathed, either. Might lose some of the lemon grass, which is ok, since I need to transplant most of it in the spring.

4: I have submitted a seminar proposal to DunDraCon. It’s a bitch/love fest idea called “We Loves It/We Hates It”. We shall see if it gets the nod.

Time to go earn the almighty dollar. More bloggage later.


The Place Where Kittens Have Tentacles And Ducklings Eat Your Eyes


Stuff On A Sunday Morning

1: When I announced the upcoming RPG related website, I forgot to mention that everything I’ll be putting up there will be system free. That’s right, folks, no system mechanics to be found on any of it. No D&D of any flavor…no GURPS…no HERO…no any rules systems. Just delicious content, free of rules crap. Why? In a nutshell: because gamers are a very diverse lot and any rules system I might pick would piss off somebody. Also, I hate fucking around with rules. Finally, it pleases me to do it this way, which in the end is the most important thing.

2: Despite having a couple of mystery shops and a bunch of grocery shopping to do, today is the day I begin Garden Renovation Project #1 (code name: Bouncing Algae). This will entail, over the next 4-5 months, digging up all the plants I don’t want dead, then killing everything else (99% of which will be weeds), then redoing the entire front and east side gardens, including adding hardscape features and a 15′ x 12′ “dog yard”.

3: The west side yard will get redone later in the spring. The back yard (insert shudders of fear here) will get slowly renovated between now and this time next year. Or not.

4: I must harvest some herbs today. Sweet basil, thai basil, chocolate mints, peppermint, chives, French tarragon and sage are all on the list.

5: Is there anything cuter/funnier than watching dogs & cats making noises and/or movements in their sleep? I’m thinking Lucy is chasing that big red cat that lives next door:)

6: My brekky is done, my tea mug is drained…I must go now and enter that great barroom brawl that is life. More blogalogabligblog later.

The 5 Blue Budgies Start The League Of Extraordinary Avians

…with the aid of Sherlock Hornbill, Crownacki the Ghost Finder and a teenage Duck Savage


1: The most recent recent poll will close tonight after I get home from work. One question is tied right now, so if you haven’t voted, now’s yer chance, pilgrim.

2: Somewhere between tonight and Friday night, I’ll be making a fairly big announcement. well, fairly big for me. How big it is for you is up to y’all.

3: May Dog have pity on me, I will be including broccoli in tonight’s bigass pot of VEGGGGGIE STEWWWWWW FOOOR DOOOOOOOOGGGGGSSSSS! Grace and I will be regretting this.

4: Being poor and ass deep in debt sucks. Just sayin’.

5 If 25-30 of you would like to come help me with the HUMONGOUS garden renovation over the next 6 months, I’d be very thankful for your help. Or you can wait, check out pictures that I’ll be posting of Facebook and here, then sit back and laugh.

6: Certain mostly white visually impaired hounds of my accquaintance are being very demanding today.

7: So, some rightwing religious nuts want to re-write the Bible to make it less liberal. I swear, watching the right go more batshit insane by the day is fascinating, hilarious, scary and, I suspect, a reversal of evolution.

More stuff later. Work now.

The Horticultural Whore Ventures Forth

…into exhaustion

Uncle Doc’s Day (so far)

1: Got up at the crack of 9:30
2: Showered sleepy eyed love and praise upon spouse and dogs, in that order
3: Cleansed body. Mind & Soul still waiting.
4: Got doughnuts for brekky
5: Sat around like a lazy lout watching tv
6: Bid spouse goodbye as she left on errands/mystery shops
7: Ventured forth into the garden at 12:30
8: Watered, weedwhacked, raked, shoveled
9: Turned and added to compost piles 39-Gamma (code name: Cozy Rattlesnake) and 97-Omicron (code name: Frisky Rabbi) (in honor of my old friend, Rabbi Bob)
10: Started to transplant herbs from containers to Herb Bed X-15/b (code name: Strange Clown), but realized it was now 4:30 and I was plumb tuckered out.
11: Returned to house. Fed dogs who, apparently, have not eaten since 1985.
12: Drank 11 glasses of water (shotglasses)
13: Sat down at computer to ease my weary bones and entertain y’all.

More bloggage later. Go vote in the previous posts poll.

Solar Powered Chicken Cars

…in case your chickens like to drive

Health Update: Aside from a runny nose and an annoying tickle in my throat, I’m feeling way better. I blame my recent health woes on the unseasonably cool and damp weather. Man, this whole global warming thing is gonna suck.

Lucy Update: She is still a very timid girl, but was a very good girl when she went to Petco with Grace and got her rabies booster on Saturday. She is still a bit iffy about Winker, but does not run away from her anymore.

Garden Update: Besides fucking with my health, this screwed up weather is not doing my garden any good. my chiles, tomatoes, beans, melons, squash…they all want the hot weather. Fortunately, temps are predicted to be in the 80’s & 90’s this week, so maybe I’ll be eating fresh veggies in another month or so.

More bloggage later.

Mr. Porkwaffle Climbs A Bubblegum Tree

…and ends up a pink sticky mess

HEY! You Dungeon Delving players who have not responded to the last turn had better get with it pronto! I’m very nearly ready to set the rabid opossums on ye!

In other news…

My garden looks verra verra nice. I transplanted the last of the corn seedlings yesterday. I also moved a yellow butterfly bush to a new & better location (right next to the hugeass purple butterfly bush) and planted some daylilies nearby. Oh, and if anyone in the Sacramento area wants to grow some garlic in their garden, I have plenty to give away.

In literary news…

I finished The Lies of Locke Lamora and highly recommend it to anyone who likes a good caper tale set in a mostly fantasy, but with a slight sci-fi element, variation of late medieval Venice. I shall very soon read the next book in the (proposed) series.

In roleplaying news…

After a long dry spell due to the Mystery Shopping Death March, my main group and I shall meet up again on the 28th of this month to resume our bi-weekly fantasy series. This is good, as I am sorely in need of doing my Gamemasterly thing.

Gotta walk The Girls. More bloggage later.

The Chowder Gnomes Make Gumbo

…and it is dee-lay-cious, I garontee

Jumbled Up Stuff What Fell Outta Me Head This Mornin’

1: LJ entries not as frequent as I’d like, mostly due to the May Mystery Shopping death March.

2: Worked on my garden this past weekend. Planted 4 seedlings each of Sweet Basil and Thai Basil, 7 tomato seedlings (5 varieties), 3 chile pepper seedlings (3 verieties), 4 cantaloupe seedlings (1 variety, Ambrosia, my favorite) and 2 cucumbers (1 variety). Later this week, I’ll start me corn seeds, more beans and possibly my watermelon seeds. After that comes okra, more herbs, more veggies, flowers, etc, etc, etc.

3: Had a dream last night that I was waterboarding Dick Cheney, George Bush and several right wing talk show hosts. They were screaming and crying like little girls. Unfortunately, I woke up before we brought out the cattle prods.

4: We were supposed to see Star Trek on Monday, but the above mentioned Mystery Shopping Death March left us way too tired, so we shall try for this Friday night.

5: Our search for a new sister for Winker continues. There are some sweet looking young ladies on the Golden Gate Basset Rescue website and we will be inquiring about them soon.

6: I recently read a statement that the disease formerly known as swine flu, might possibly kill 8 million people, assuming it is really as bad as we have been lead to believe, which I think is assuming alot. Anyway, 8 million dead just won’t do. We need a flu that takes out a minimum of half a billion people worldwide in the first year. Twice that number would be better, especially if the death rate drops by half in the second year. Two billion dead in say, 3-4 years would be a great weight lifted from the shoulders of our planet, the ecosystem and homo sapiens in general. Unfortunately, I don’t see us getting that lucky from a mere disease.

7: Grace and I have gotten back into playing Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates and it is still great fun, only now there are even more puzzles and other neat stuff. Yarr!

8: I’m still searching for a better job, but so far I’ve found nothing. It’s tough out there, folks.

Gotta go wash dishes now. More blog-o-rama later.