The Wildly Comedic, Yet Somewhat Restrained, Story Of Mostly Purple Patty And Auntie Rosie’s Birthday

…featuring Auntie Rosie, of course!

Some Thoughts On Favorite Roleplaying Genres

So I was recently thinking about the fact that I am both playing in and GMing D&D 5E fantasy games. I’m enjoying them both immensely, but I did realize that, outside of the odd game at conventions, I have not GMed anything but fantasy for several years.

This can, of course, be explained by the fact that D&D style fantasy games are by far the most popular and common types of rpgs out there. If you don’t believe me, check out the D&D Adventurers League or the Pathfinder Society.

Anyway, I was thinking about the genres of games that I have run since becoming a GM about just about 40 years ago. They cover a whole lot of ground and many rules systems, so I thought I’d do up a list. My memory not being what it used to be, I’m sure I left a couple out, but here are the ones I remember, along with the rules systems I used.


Around 500 individual sessions spread out among 7-8 lengthy campaigns and many short ones & one shots, mostly using D&D/AD&D, but with sidetrips into Tunnels & Trolls, Runequest, GURPS Fantasy, Talislanta, and a few homebrew systems.

Science Fiction, mostly Space Opera

Around 50 sessions, mostly in 3 campaigns. Traveller, GURPS Space and a modification of D&D (for a short Star Trek campaign) were the systems of choice.


Around 60 sessions, pretty much evenly split between Ravenloft for AD&D and straight up Call of Cthulhu.

Hero/Weird Menace Pulp

Around 150 sessions, including 4 campaigns. I used the Justice Inc. rules for Hero System at first, but then moved to Chaosiums Basic Roleplaying, GURPS Cliffhangers, D&D, Fudge and Over The Edge.

Modern Strangeness

At least 60 sessions, almost all using Over The Edge, but a few using Fudge.


Old West

Only about 10 sessions, with 6 of those using Boot Hill and the remainder using Basic Roleplaying.


200 sessions, mostly using Toon, but with a good bit of Paranoia and a couple of others I can’t recall.


Time Travel/Dimension Hopping

About 10 sessions, all using Fudge



Only 2 sessions, since I am nobody’s historian. Used Call of Cthulhu rules.

Modern Espionage

About 5 sessions, using the James Bond rules.

Science Fiction, Post Apocalypse

Around a dozen sessions, mostly using GURPS mixed with Car Wars, but a few using Over The Edge.

Science Fiction, Other

Around 8 sessions. Includes everything from a robot uprising to 1950’s giant bugs. Call of Cthulhu rules and Over The Edge.



2 sessions, using Basic Roleplaying.

Assorted Other Genres

10 sessions. Everything from Bunnies & Burrows to Planet of the Apes, using a bunch of systems.

Hmm, that works out to 1,069 gaming sessions. Let’s round it up to 1,700. That comes to a bit over 42 sessions a year over 40 years. Considering that in 1982 and 1983 I ran 2 sessions of AD&D a week for about 48 weeks each year, that takes care of 192. Add in a few one shots and we’ll call that 200. Still comes to an average of 39.4 sessions a year, although several of those years had over 50 sessions a year and some had less than a dozen.

Next time, I might write about genres I’d like to GM more often.

Walking Through The Bacon Tree Forest

…where you get hungry every 15 minutes

Geek Media Update

1: The latest “Twilight” movie is out. Millions of pre-teen and teen girls experience orgasm.

2: The new version of “V” is losing viewers with each episode. That would be because is sucks.

3: The new version of “The Prisoner” is getting mixed reviews from various of my geek friends. Not being able to see it myself, I’ll wait for it to come to Netflix.

4: “Fringe” is still one of the best new shows on TV. Hopefully, this will continue to be so for many years.

5: “Heroes”, from the few scenes I’ve watched this year, is still in a screaming death dive.

6: “Planet 51” looks like it will be pretty funny. I might have to rob a bank so I can go see it.

Who Watches The Winkerdog?

…besides her big sister

Some facts about me and why I’ll always be a less than perfect geek


1: Was never very impressed by Joss Whedon’s work
2: Haven’t paid money for a comic book since 1981
3: Haven’t read more than 1 or 2 graphic novels/comic books in the last 5 years
4: Bought exactly 6 d20 products…and 3 of those were the core books
5: Sold or gave away all those d20 products
6: Have never gotten more than a few pages into Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy
7: Read almost no Sci-Fi or Fantasy anymore
8: Refused to whine about what was missing/included in the Lord of the Rings movies.
9: Thought most of Cloverfield was a waste of time.
10: Am pretty underwhelmed by most of the indie games I’ve seen.
11: Enjoy reading filksong lyrics, but actually hearing most folks sing them…no
12: Don’t play minis wargames (altho, I do like looking at the setups)
13: Think 99% of all recent horror films are utter shit
14: Only regularly watch about 25% of the sci-fi/fantasy shows that come on tv
15: No longer think original Star Trek was all that great
16: Never liked Red Dwarf
17: Still have not watched an episode of the new Battlestar Galactic
18: Probably will never buy another edition of D&D
19: Hate Hannah-Barbera cartoons
20: Want to slap the many geeks who think that the height of humor is endlessly quoting lines from Monty Pythons Flying Circus