Well…Butter My Ass And Call Me A Biscuit!

…butter, mind you, not margarine

The first time I heard that line, I cracked up.

For reasons I’m not fully aware of, even tho it was my idea, I got up today at 5:30 AM. That’s a full 90 minutes before I usually get up. I think my idea was to get my breakfast and other rituals out of the way early, so as to get out and accomplish great things. Well, my morning stuff is out of the way, save the finishing off of my tea (yerba mate) and a shower. As for the great things, well, we shall see.

One thing I must do is look into some minor moneymaking possibilities. Grace has been doing mystery shopping and a bit of merchandising (setting up displays in stores) and I’m fixing to give it a try. The pay is not great, but you do get paid, so it beats sitting around the house or filling out shitty job application #2,539.

In the garden, it’s “eat tomatoes every night” time, as the ripening process speeds up to a breakneck pace. Additionally, our freezer is now crying out in fear every time I go to put more zucchini into it. Cantaloupes, spaghetti squash and green beans are all doing fine, but my okra and my peppers are not performing as they should. The cucumber plant, alas, is infested with aphids and must be removed.

Winker is feeling better and has more energy. This is partly due to the ear flush and partly due to Grace giving her vitamins. She’s still sleeping alot (and Basset Hounds are champion snoozers to begin with), but that’s a good thing. With any luck, in a few days she will be her old spoiled and lovable self.

And now, I’m off to do great things. After a shower. And walking The Girls. And picking tomatoes.