The Totally Unrelated To Football, Yet Still Very Competitive, Story Of Mostly Purple Patty And The Bathtub Full Of Guacamole

…co-starring her pet skink Malcolm

The Doclopedia #1,193

Bats, Man: Giant Fruit Bat

The Giant Fruit Bats of Orzongeelo are found only in that steaming and jungle choked land. Measuring a full 7 feet long from nose to tail tip and having a 16 foot wingspan, they are the largest bats on Earth 444. Active in the daylight, they travel in groups of up to 40. They are known to eat no less than 43 types of fruits (including the truly horrid tasting florp apple) and 27 kinds of pollen rich flowers. Despite their flower eating ways, they are among the jungle’s most necessary pollinators.

Both feared and worshiped by the primitive tribes of Orzongeelo, the bats are in fact very sweet tempered and gentle. Pairs mate for life and raise 2 to 4 pups every other year. Both parents share in taking care of the young for a full year.

The main predator of Giant Fruit Bats is the Giant Leaping Tarantula, which hides in trees and ambushes the bats.