Hello, Mr. Shit. Have You Met Mr. Fan?


Well hellfire…Forry Ackerman died today. I’m glad he’s no longer suffering, but fandom (ALL fandom) has lost it’s #1 guy.

In other crappy news, my unemployment check next week will be my last unless I can get an extension or find a job (or some of you read my last post and hire me). So, on Monday I’ll be hitting my local office of the EDD to beg and plead and see if they can find me some work. I doubt they’ll find me work, since in almost 40 years in the workforce, EDD has never found me a job.

In un-crappy news, Conquest Sac sent me the annual plea for GMs and I’m thinking I may just run a couple of games. Assuming, of course, that Grace and The Girls and I are not robbing liquor stores for food money.

More blogging…with less whine…later.