Free Range Celtic White Boy

…I wear a radio collar so Grace can track me


(This post now with RETCON! from 2017)

Hmmmm…no posts in almost a week…could it be that nothing of much importance has happened? Well, yeah. Both Grace and I have been busting our asses at work all week. My week has actually gone fairly smoothly, mostly due to the fact that my halfwitted cunt of a boss has been gone most of the week. (She later went to work someplace else, possibly at a training school for halfwitted cunts)

The garden continues to flourish and the veggie garden is off to a good start. I’ve been thinning out the rampant mass of California Poppies that threatens to crush everything else like some floral juggernaut, so things are looking nicer.  (Those poppies went apeshit that year)

This weekend will find me doing more gardening, buying a bicycle, bathing Roscoe the Wonder Dog, maybe taking a drive with my Sweet Little Celestial Parrotlet Of Cuteness so we can look at country property (with an eye towards buying some in a couple of years), possibly going to a movie and just maybe getting into some trouble:)  (Did not buy the bicycle for about 11 years. Not sure if we bathed Roscoe. REALLY wish we’d bought some country property.)