Floggy, The S&M Cat

…NOT a story for children


Doc Update

1: A few weeks ago, I straightened up the game room and turned it into a game room/writing room. This weekend, my madness is forcing me to re-do the library so you can actually walk through it and use the treadmill.

2: If you are going to Dundracon in February and want to play in my TOON game, drop by the game and ask about playing. There will be 10 official places in the game, but I might go as high as 14 players total. Preference given to women and folks who have never played before.

3: Healthwise, everybody here at The D&G Cross Home For Wayward Basset Hounds is in goods health, relatively speaking.

4:  Realized last night that this will be the first Xmas in my life without my mother alive. A sad thing, but Mom wouldn’t want anyone “moping around” about it.

5:  Got no writing done last weekend, so I’ll be trying to get a bunch done this weekend.

6:  Only a few days until The Hobbit hits theaters. I may go to a late showing on Saturday night.


…relax, it’s just a nonsense word

Doc Update!

1: As announced earlier elsewhere, the doctor took the stitches out of my shoulder and told me I’ll be cleared to go back to work as soon as I feel up to it. Given that my arm is a bit weak from lack of use and still has a tiny bit of pain in the shoulder, I reckon I’ll be off work at least another week or two.

2: I finished reading “I Am Half-Sick Of Shadows”, the fourth Flavia de Luce novel by Alan Bradley. It was, as they all have been, a darned good read and a good mystery.

3: I’ve also finished Doc Savage: The Lost Radio Scripts of Lester Dent. It’s a pretty interesting read and look back at how radio scripts were written. Considering that pretty much each episode was a self contained story presented in 15 minutes, they are pretty good tales. It would be great if somebody could produce them again, probably for internet radio.

4: My Sweet Little Pork Tamale Of Love, Grace, is doing very well in her battle against diabetes. She has lowered her numbers significantly in the last month or so. GO GRACE!

5: Lucy and Sasha, AKA The Girls, are fit as canine fiddles and living the good life. Whoever thought that saying “a dog’s life” or “treated like a dog” was a bad thing?

6: I am still about 10 1/2 months and 364 entries away from my goal of 500 Doclopedia entries, but I’m chipping away at it. I’m more than halfway through my repat tackling of the alphabet and I have an idea of what the next couple of themes will be.

7: On another writing front, also mentioned elsewhere, I’m going along nicely on my rewrites of the previous four DogCon/CatCon fictional convention reports. The first one was rather short, so it’s getting some serious beefing up. The second and fourth are getting a smaller dose of love and the third, massive one, is getting only a minor polishing. Seeing as how those four will make up about 90 entries…AND I need to start the fifth one (which I’m writing in advance) by the end of July…I’ll start reposting them on the fiction blog about the end of March.

8:My veggie garden plans are not firmed up yet, but I’m just waiting for the rainy season to pass and then it’s on, baby!

And now, I have chores to to before writing, or my wife and dogs will beat me about the head and shoulders.

The Mysterious and Tense, Yet Somewhat Psychedelic, Story Of Mostly Purple Patty And The Meatloaf Of The Damned

…co-starring her best buddy, Orville Sweetcracker

Doc Update

Time for an update about life here at the D&G Cross Home For Wayward Basset Bitches. I haven’t been doing these as regularly as I used to, so maybe this will be the start of renewed personal updatage. Or not.

Healthwise, I’m now taking blood pressure meds due to my previously excellent BP going a bit high recently. I’m only taking half a pill a day, so I guess I’m not in danger of keeling over any time soon. I’ve also been told that my blood sugar is “nearly into the pre-diabetic range”, which pretty much means “lose some weight, fat boy!”.

Grace’s low level diabetes has cranked up a notch, so she is taking pills now and keeping a much closer eye on her numbers with twice daily tests. She has lost something like 75 pounds over the last year or so, but will keep on losing until things improve.

Winker is still taking her blood thinner and her diuretic, so she is doing pretty darned well for a dog who was so close to death just about a year ago.

Lucy and Sasha are as healthy as can be. In fact, our efforts to fatten Sasha up just a bit (she was very skinny when we adopted her) have not been as successful as we hoped. Being a “sporty” basset, she just burns off calories at a hell of a rate. Still, we have gotten her to a point where you can’t see her ribs.

Jobwise, things are still the same, which means we will be on our Adventure In Poverty until we either get fat raises or win the lottery.

One speed bump in our financial road will come when I am off work after my shoulder operation in March. That will be about 6 weeks, depending upon how well my physical therapy goes. Things will be very tight on the money front for awhile.

Gardenwise, I don’t know if we’ll have a veggie garden this year. Between the goofy ass weather (as in NO WINTER!) and my surgery/recovery, we’ll probably just have a couple of tomato plants and maybe some green beans.

In gaming news, I’m looking forward to my annual trek to Dundracon. It will be good to be immersed in geekdom and hang out with my tribe for a few days. Beyond that, I’m planning on getting my gaming group together in late April for some regular roleplaying again. I’m not sure what genre we’ll play in, but some sort of Pulp Era game sounds good.

Hark! I hear certain hounds telling me that it is time for walkies. More bloggage soon!


After The Change Came: Series 2

Sin On Horseback

Once again, I haven’t written in a week. This time, the reason is that Doc and I have been drafted by several Wizards to go off on some cockamamie road trip looking for, as they put it “signs of something troubling”. Did they know what the signs would be? No. Did they know what the troubling thing might be? No. Did they know who the hell was behind these signs of troubling crap that Wizards didn’t know anything about? Hell no! They just told us to head northeast from Sacramento starting at noon on Tuesday, which we did. On horseback. Well, actually, muleback, since Doc prefers mules to horses.

Not that these are just any mules, don’t you know. Sirroco (Rocky) and Bellflower (Belle) are, Smart Mules, born of the first Smart Horse and Smart Donkey. Unlike many brothers and sisters, they get along very well. Unlike most mules, they are both fertile, so one day if they find mates, they could produce more Smart Mules.

So far, our trip has taken us way up into the Sierras, where besides freezing our asses off, we happened upon the remains of an abandoned lakeside village that had burned to the ground some months ago. After a bit of sleuthing, we determined that it had been torched on purpose, almost certainly by magical fire.. Doc, ever the Nature Boy, also noted that there was a very faint trail leading west. We followed it down into the foothills, passing areas that might have been camps last summer. At one of these camps, I found some large footprints in what had been mud, but was now nearly hard as rock due to our dry winter.

The footprints were nearly as large as Doc’s feet (which means long and very wide) and whoever made them probably weighed in excess of 200 pounds and wore soft leather footwear. Doc looked at those footprints a long while, then went to a pond about half a mile away. When he came back, all he would say is that his spider sense was tingling and we needed to pick up the pace.

That was yesterday and this morning we lost the trail after coming to an intersection of two paved roads. After thinking a bit, Doc decided to turn north for a bit, which is why tonight we are staying at a small hotel in Chico. I am so glad to have a hot shower and a real bed to sleep in. Unlike Old Yellow Eyes, I’m a city boy. Camping out is fun about once or twice a year…in the summer. This winter camping and riding all day is nuts. My poor ass feels like it has been hit by a truck after six days in the saddle. I’m also not too happy to have to dress all butch for a week or more.

Unfortunately, my complaints would fall on deaf ears even if I could find a Wizard to bitch at. Doc understands that this isn’t my preferred lifestyle, but we appear to be onto something big and he’s all in thinking mode, so it would be wrong to bother him. I guess I’ll just slip into the nice warm bed and sleep until the inevitable too fucking early o’clock wake up call.

More bloggage soon.

I Said “Living Dead”, Not “Living Bread”!

…now I’ve got to shotgun that loaf of rye

Goddammit, I swear that in 2012 I’ll get back to a regular posting schedule here. In the mean time, a few tidbits before I roll out the first of several new Doclopedia posts.

1: It looks very much like I’ll be running two official games at Dundracon this year. I’m not planning on running any more than that, but if the Call of Open Gaming is strong enough, I may run a third game. If you are thinking about going to Dundracon (and you should be), look me up.

2: Everybody here is healthy, chronic ailments nonwithstanding.

3: While going through old writing files, I found the outline and many notes for a new Toon book. I’m of two minds about doing any more Toon stuff, but the 30th anniversary is coming up in 2014, so…

4: I’m still mulling over what Doclopedia stuff to put into a book and how best to do it.

And now, the latest entry…

The Doclopedia #389

Look What I Found!: 1950’s Science Fiction Edition

Professor Sanders, come have a look at this! I was examining those weasels we exposed to the gamma rays after treatment with that new hormone formula and darned if they aren’t 25% larger than they were yesterday! What? Why, yes, they are aggressive, but after all, they’re weasels. Probably a good thing we keep them in separate cages. Yes, their food consumption has gone up quite a bit.

You can see, of course, where this might lead. Why, if we could increase the size of cattle or pigs or chickens, we could end world hunger. Just think of it, a world where…what? Oh, yes, it is getting late. We’d better close up and get out of here. Jane will have my hide if I come home late for dinner again. We’ll just give these weasels a double helping of food and, what the heck, a couple of these mice each. That should hold them until tomorrow.

Yes, we will need larger cages for them. I’ll leave a note for Joe and Eddie to bring some up from the basement and transfer the weasels into them when they come in to clean up tonight. Shouldn’t take them more than a half hour to do it.

My, that one male is a nasty fellow, isn’t he? Well, we’ll sedate him tomorrow for his examination. I wonder if his testosterone levels have gone up due to the radiation? Oh well, that’s a thought for later. See you in the morning, Professor. Give my best to your wife and kids.

The Way Funny, Yet Also Deeply Insightful, Story Of Mostly Purple Patty And The Giant Popcorn Ball

…co-starring her pet jerboa, Dennis

Holy Crap, Batman, An Actual Blog Post!

Hopefully, this will get me back to regular posting. First up…

New fiction up over on the fiction blog! It’s the Second Series of After The Change Came and it’s not written by the alternate Doc Cross who did the first one. Of course, anybody who hasn’t read the first series might get all confused, so that one will be available in it’s entirety on the Dociverse web site (http://www.thedociverse.com/#axzz1fDhhS3mH) in just a few days.

Healthwise, the injection of steroids that the Orthopedist gave me a week ago seems to finally have taken effect, since my arm/shoulder is much better now. Still not 100% and I had to postpone an MRI today due to a panic attack, but I will be back at work as soon as this work restriction is over on Tuesday. A good thing, too, because cabin fever was making me crazy.

In other health news, Grace has fully recovered from her broken arm and Winker is feeling better after a rather debilitating session of being in heat. Lucy is, as always, physically healthy while mentally she is our little Neurotic Nelly.

I am on Twitter as DocCross now, so you can follow me and stuff

I may well be on track to run two official games at Dundracon this year. I’ll know more in late January. If you come to the con, try to get in one of them.

Gotta go hit the sack now. More bloggage soon, my little hamsters.

The Seven Things You Must Always Do When Being Chased By A Dinosaur

…#2 Run faster

Another Saturday Night And I Ain’t Got No Money

Jeez, has it actually been a week since I last posted on here? Apparently, my writing mojo has really fallen down and can’t get up.

The diet goes well. No idea how much I actually weighed when I started, but I’m guessing 295. Saturday is my designated “sin” day, so I ate Cocoa Krispies for brekky and a big plate of Grace’s goulash for dinner. No lunch, because I forgot and because my stomach has shrunk a bit so as to feel full longer and I had the brekky at about 11:30 this morning. Tomorrow, it’s back on the Diet Train.

It looks as though the Drama Demon has decided to finally to move on to another house (hopefully that of the dickhead next door) to dispense his lifestyle disrupting seeds. All of our health meters seem to be in the “Pretty Good, Considering” area and there has not been any rushing to the ER in a week. This is good news, since Grace is pretty much out of sick days at work.

So, about my mising mojo…I dunno exactly what to do. I’ve been rather tired and stressed this last two weeks and have done fuck all writingwise. One person told me it might be delayed burnout after writing for a year straight, but I took about 3 weeks off before restarting and I was down to just 6 days a week. I’m thinking the whole deal with Grace being emotionally wonky during her busted arm weeks had a bigger effect on me than I thought. I sort of got worn down.

I’m gonna have to get back on the horse one way or another, so it’s probably best just to start pounding the keyboard and see what oozes out of my brain. Maybe I’ll drop to 4 days a week for a bit. Dog knows I have plenty of Doclopedia themes and fiction ideas to choose from.

Well, I’m sleepy and ready for bed, so I’ll end this post. See y’all on the other side.

A Pink Mink With A Decided Stink Bought A Drink For A Skink Who Poured It Down The Sink

…cos he didn’t stop to think, the reptilian little fink.

So today I went to see my urologist with the thought in mind that, after about 18 months of trying various drugs to shrink my prostate gland, it might be time to reduce it via surgery. And so I did.

It would seem, however, that prostate surgery is not an option just yet. Apparently, my old urologist(who was really old and retired last summer) was way too conservative on the dosage of the first drug I was on. So my new doctor (a very pleasant young lady named Anastasia) will be putting me back on it. If it still doesn’t work or, like the last drug, has side effects, then we will see about the surgical option.

Unfortunately, she also wants me to slowly wean myself off of tea:( I will reluctantly try this, but I apologize in advance for any death and destruction I may cause during my withdrawal stages.

The Secret Life Of Old T-Shirts

…especially the old convention tees

Fast Doc Update

Keyboard on laptop still fucking up, but Grace has all info to fix it soon.

Everyone here is healthy, altho Grace and I are running an exhaustion marathon due to work, work, work.

The Girls are on a diet. Mostly, it’s Winker (AKA “Little Chub Chub”) who needs to lose some pounds, but they both enjoy eating a 25% veggie stew diet.

I’ve been using Grace’s desktop computer to go online, but since it is nearly a piece of steampunk tech, it is painfully slow.

Gotta run now. Exposure to UVB rays awaits. More bloggage later.

Solar Powered Chicken Cars

…in case your chickens like to drive

Health Update: Aside from a runny nose and an annoying tickle in my throat, I’m feeling way better. I blame my recent health woes on the unseasonably cool and damp weather. Man, this whole global warming thing is gonna suck.

Lucy Update: She is still a very timid girl, but was a very good girl when she went to Petco with Grace and got her rabies booster on Saturday. She is still a bit iffy about Winker, but does not run away from her anymore.

Garden Update: Besides fucking with my health, this screwed up weather is not doing my garden any good. my chiles, tomatoes, beans, melons, squash…they all want the hot weather. Fortunately, temps are predicted to be in the 80’s & 90’s this week, so maybe I’ll be eating fresh veggies in another month or so.

More bloggage later.

Chapter 444: In Which Our Hero, Falsely Accused Of Murder, Escapes Into The American Wilderness

…and ends up becoming a Cherokee warrior

Well, apparently my ear infections were lonely, since I now have a sore throat that could be strep throat. I blame all of this on our totally screwy June weather this year…it is around 14 degrees cooler and much rainier than any previous June. Stupid Global Warming!

Anyway, if I still feel crappy in the morning, it’s off to Urgent Care for some antibiotics for me.

The True Story Of How I Rescued A Princess Held Captive In Elko, Nevada

…it’s a very thrilling story

BLAAHHH!!! BLAAHHH!!!, I say! I’ve got matching ear infections (well, not exactly matching…the right ear is worse than the left) and a headache that would fall a lesser man. Only the love of a good woman and two dogs is keeping me from stomping through Tokyo and leaving it a smoking ruin.

Speaking of the loving good woman I mentioned above, she has determined that we need a “fun day for just us, no dogs”, so we are apparently going to Marine World/Africa USA down in Vallejo this weekend. When we went a few years ago, all of the animal exhibits were scheduled for renovation, so we’ll see how they look now. Meanwhile, while we are gone, The Girls will be charged with sleeping, laying around, eating FOOOOOOD FORRRRRR DOGGGSSSSSS!!!!! and watching the telly. I am sure they will carry out their duties without any problems.

And now, it is time for brekky and cocoatea!

Poultry In Motion

…bad Doc! Bad, bad Doc!

Stuff, served hot with a nice mug of porter

1: Most of the weekends, and some weekdays, in May are already filled with mystery shopping duties (in a hope to get caught up on bills), so I will not be able to do any gaming until Sunday the 24th.

2: I made some killer pork for tacos last night. It was the major yum.

3: The Dungeon Delve will resume tonight or tomorrow morning.

4: The month of May can go ahead and warm up any day now, so I can finish planting my garden.

5: Everyone here is healthy, despite my fast fading leg infection.

Gotta go to work now. More bloggage later.

Starting Up Your First Dugong Ranch

…step 1: Get some dugongs

Doc Health Update: I am feeling much better, despite the odd bit of coughing and the regular hacking up of alien lifefroms.

In other news, I hope to do some blogging tonight, after putting the finish touches on the Over The Edge pulp game I’m supposed to run at ConquestSac tomorrow night,

Speaking of which…HEY, SACRAMENTO/NORCAL GAMING BUDDIES! Are any of you going to be at ConquestSac this weekend? I’ll be there Friday night and at least Saturday morning/afternoon.

Now, I must go buy tea. Will blog later.

Ronald Reagan Was A Miserable Son Of a Bitch

…that’ll get the emails flowing

Ya know how sometimes, when you have a sore throat and cough, you try all sorts of sleep positions but none of them help keep you from coughing? Well, I’ve been going through that for days. Even with the help of the Lorazepam, I’d still get the coughing fits.

And then I tried sleeping on a blanket on the living room floor. Bingo! I slept there last night for about 4.5 hours, with only a couple of minor semi-awakenings due to curious Winkerdogs wondering why the Dad Unit was on her turf.

Later, I crawled into the bed for 3 more hours sleep. At present, I feel pretty good and can almost pass for human.

More Blogging later.

The Cupcake Elves Battle The Chowder Gnomes

…with help from the Meatloaf Pixies

Doc Health Update

Sore throat is merely annoying, but neck glands are tender…sinuses and nose are at a steady, tho not fully operational, snot production rate…headache is still trying hard to make me its bitch…body only slightly achey…slept last night from 10:30 until 7:30 this morning, in solid 2 hour chunks that were punctuated briefly by coughing, blowing my nose or getting up to pee.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to sleep in 3-4 hour chunks tonight. Tomorrow is a busy mystery shopping day for Grace and I.

Sorry about no P, P & P update. Maybe tomorrow night.

Pickle Pancakes


Well, today looks to be a challenging day, given that yesterday I had a sore throat that triggered panic attacks all night and kept me from falling asleep until 6 AM. Then, it was sleep for an hour or so, get up to pee, sleep for an hour or so, get up to pee, etc.

So, I’m running on just shy of 5 hours of sleep and a hefty dose of my beloved extra strong tea.

Despite having a headache that would make a lesser man cry, I’m feeling ok. Throat feels better, sinuses were a bit tender this morning (because I used a Breathe Right strip in a cold bedroom) but are feeling ok now.

I’ll do my 8 hours at work, come home, eat, take some Kava Kava to help me sleep, then hopefully get about 10 hours of mentally and physically healing sleep.

Oh, and I’ll try to post a short P, P & P tonight, too.

Desmond Never Quite Knew What To Do With The Bodies

…until he learned about wood chippers

Poll Results: In the Writing Poll, the clear winner is the modern day OTE style setting. I shall begin writing it tonight and I will keep a running diary/designers notes bit going here. I look forward to your comments, suggestions and criticisms.

So far, on the Alphabet Poll, X is the letter to beats. However, that’s based on less than 10 votes, so y’all have plenty of time left to vote for your favorite letter as my jumping off point for my new daily feature, People, Places & Things

In non-LJ related news, my Sweet Angel, Grace, is sick with a head cold. She stayed home from work yesterday and today to rest and medicate. Hopefully, she will be feeling better by tonight.

I’m in good health, aside from the pain of breaking in a new pair of shoes, which with my bigass extra wide feet is always a chore.

Winker is in excellent health and spoiled quite rotten. We have been supplementing her dry dog food with a delicious lentils, squash and beans mixture, but tonight, we switch over to an even more delicious Dog Rice made with rice, chicken, sweet potatoes and a touch of curry powder.

Now, I must run to my appointment with Dr. Yen’s UVB Light Booth Of Doom.

More bloggage later.

The Rare And Beautiful Toxic Poppy Of Potawango Island

…and it comes in 7 colors

Doc Update

1: Monday was a hell of a day, what with me coming down off of the insane amounts of sugar and caffiene I ingested at Dundracon all weekend.

2: Today, I FINALLY got an increase in hours at work. Now, once I get done driving, I go into the sorting area and help sort through packages and such for the night deliveries. This brings me to pretty much full time work hours.

3: Grace, Winker and I are all in good health.

4: After a couple of months of subnormal rainfall, February seems to be all about curing that precipitation defecit in the shortest possible time. It has been raining like a cow pissing on a flat rock for several days.

5: That 4 figure check that I got from a fellow A&Eer? It is in the bank.

6: If any of you care to check out Travian and then decide to play, let me know, cos I can hook you up with some ready to play villages.

And now, I’m off to bed.

Garbanzo Bean Soccer

…use condiment packs as goals

Hello, 2009! Do NOT fuck with me!

Some updating: No word from the vet, mostly because the lab is backed up and the vet closed early yesterday. Daisy is still doing ok and she slept about 14 hours last night cos we have to give her a tranquilizer so she won’t freak out when the New Years firecrackers start. In fact, after rousing her about an hour ago to go walkies and eat a bit, she’s back asleep (as are both Grace and Winker). I know how Daisy feels…coming down off drugs kicks yer ass.

I’m doing ok, tho they cannot remove this prostate gland fast enough. It’s like sitting on a golf ball…not actually painful, but not very fun, either.

Now, on to my hopes for 2009…

Health: I want my Daisy to get well, I want myself to get well (altho, I must admit that, as shitty a year as 2008 was, I did not get any leg infections) and I want Grace and Winker to stay well.

Employment: I want more of it. This halftime stuff is fine after no job at all, but I need full time and higher pay. Fortunately, with Grace not going to school this semester, we can both do mystery shops on weekends and before/after work. In fact, she has about $200 in shops lined up for January already.

Travel: We have not traveled anywhere outside Northern California since 2004. That will change this summer. No, we won’t be at GenCon (barring some big lottery win), but we will be going somewhere for at least a few days.

Writing: As always, I vow to do more of it. Hmmm…might be better if I vowed to just finish what I’ve already started.

Ok, that’s it for now. Got some errands to run. Tune in this weekend or Monday for my annual review of last years subject lines.

The Winkerdog VS The Evil Blanket

…so far, the blanket seems to be winning

So, you ask, what did Uncle Doc do today? Well, children, Uncle Doc had a biopsy done on his prostate gland…


And then, on January second, I find out if I have prostate cancer (very low probability) or just an oversized prostate gland (which I do…twice normal size, like my father had back in 1970). Either way, surgery is likely.

So, how was YOUR day?

Apocalypse Cow

…I love the smell of milk in the morning.

Our girl Daisy is still sick, so I’ve set up a vet appointment for Friday morning. Couldn’t do it sooner…no money in the bank. I hope she doesn’t get worse in the next day and a half.

So, no David Tennant on Doctor Who after the 2009 specials. On the one hand, that sucks. On the other hand, it’s probably time for a new Doctor anyway.

Saw my doctor today, now that she’s back from maternity leave. Was given a tetanus shot because I’m high risk for infection, got a the annual referral to my dermatologist, got a physical scheduled and, just as icing on the cake, there’s a colonoscopy in my future. Oh, and when I revisit the urologist on the 17th, I’ll be finding out what’s the next step in dealing with an enlarged prostate gland. Lucky me, eh?

And now…dish washing. More blogging later.

X Marks The Spot, Y Marks The Rover, Z Marks The Fido

…if a dog bites me for that, I deserve it

Well, kids, all goes well here at the old homestead. Of course, even tho Grace and I (and The Girls) just finished our dinner, our imaginary duplicates are spending the night in Tucumcari, New Mexico on their drive back from DogCon. We expect them home by Thursday night, unless they stop off in Las Vegas.

On the possible job front, I am in Waiting To Hear From Someone mode. I expect I’ll be like this until at least Friday.

On the health front…we are healthy. Well, I mean, as healthy as can be expected. Beats the shit outta being dead.

Gardenwise, this is the time of year when many plants have produced their fruit and are dying in the heat. I salute them and thank them, then pull them up and put ’em in Compost Pile U-21/A, code name Sassy Armadillo.

Gamingwise, August is a dead month, since I’m gearing up for the Fall Fantasy series. I did get a call from Samantha, who told me she has two friends who would like to join our group. That would give me 6 players, unless Grace bows out due to her homework situation this semester. Still, five players would be fine…especially since two of them would be newbies.

Hmmm…it would appear that my eldest Canine American Princess is in dire need of her evening multi mile walk, so I’m outta here. More bloggage later.

In Case Of Insanity, Break Glass…LOTS Of Glass

…and kick in a few doors, too

Uncle Doc’s Fun Facts

1: Just in case your Very Naughty Basset Hound ever pulls a bag of semi-frozen chicken thighs off of a kitchen counter and eats at least 6 of them…INCLUDING THE BONES…try not to panic. Turns out, dogs can crunch up and digest raw chicken bones a whole lot easier and safer than most people think. Of course, that still doesn’t mean that your dog should not get a time out for being naughty and gluttonous.

2: Men, when a doctor (let’s say, a urologist) says he’s going to check your prostate gland with his finger, what he means by “finger” is “well greased baseball bat”. Try not to think of the fact that you are PAYING him to do it. Also, when you next see the women in your life, give them their props for putting up with getting their orifices invaded far more regularly and intrusively by doctors than you ever will.

3: It’s that time of year when reading my LJ Friends page gets alot faster due to many of y’all going to GenCon. Have fun, ya bastids! I’ll be getting hammered on Friday night as a show of solidarity with my game industry/hobby pals.

4: I got nothin’ for #4, so I’ll go pick up my antibiotic prescription (who knew a prostate gland could get infected?) and then go to the library to get the latest Harry Dresden novel.

Chapter 17: In Which Our Hero Unleashes A Stampede Of Pigs In Order To Rescue The Queen

…whole lotta oinkin’ goin’ on

No call from Round Table, so it’s back on the job hunting trail for me.

I have an appointment with the urologist today to see what’s up with my pesky prostate. Hopefully, the news will be good.

Next Monday, the 11th, My Sweet Little Border Canary Of Passion, Grace, will celebrate her 50th birthday. I have some Secret Plans for celebrating this grand event, all set for the day before. I’m thinking she will like it.

Speaking of birthdays, a bigass HAPPY BIRTHDAY shoutout to smalley_smoot, who turns 57 today! Having fought off a heart attack and walking pneumonia in the last few months, I hereby declare him the Iron Gamer for 2008.

Last night, I cooked up another huge pot of FOOOODDDD FOOOORRRR DOOOOOGGGGSSSS!!!! This time, I opted to skip the stinky broccoli. This batch contains chicken, pink beans, split peas, carrots, sweet potatoes, yellow potatoes, parsley, tomatoes, yellow squash, zucchini squash and assorted herbs & spices. It was given 4 paws up by our resident FFD critics.

And now, I must wash dishes, walk dogs and do other fun stuff.