The Secret Life Of Old T-Shirts

…especially the old convention tees

Fast Doc Update

Keyboard on laptop still fucking up, but Grace has all info to fix it soon.

Everyone here is healthy, altho Grace and I are running an exhaustion marathon due to work, work, work.

The Girls are on a diet. Mostly, it’s Winker (AKA “Little Chub Chub”) who needs to lose some pounds, but they both enjoy eating a 25% veggie stew diet.

I’ve been using Grace’s desktop computer to go online, but since it is nearly a piece of steampunk tech, it is painfully slow.

Gotta run now. Exposure to UVB rays awaits. More bloggage later.


Solar Powered Chicken Cars

…in case your chickens like to drive

Health Update: Aside from a runny nose and an annoying tickle in my throat, I’m feeling way better. I blame my recent health woes on the unseasonably cool and damp weather. Man, this whole global warming thing is gonna suck.

Lucy Update: She is still a very timid girl, but was a very good girl when she went to Petco with Grace and got her rabies booster on Saturday. She is still a bit iffy about Winker, but does not run away from her anymore.

Garden Update: Besides fucking with my health, this screwed up weather is not doing my garden any good. my chiles, tomatoes, beans, melons, squash…they all want the hot weather. Fortunately, temps are predicted to be in the 80’s & 90’s this week, so maybe I’ll be eating fresh veggies in another month or so.

More bloggage later.

Chapter 444: In Which Our Hero, Falsely Accused Of Murder, Escapes Into The American Wilderness

…and ends up becoming a Cherokee warrior

Well, apparently my ear infections were lonely, since I now have a sore throat that could be strep throat. I blame all of this on our totally screwy June weather this year…it is around 14 degrees cooler and much rainier than any previous June. Stupid Global Warming!

Anyway, if I still feel crappy in the morning, it’s off to Urgent Care for some antibiotics for me.

The True Story Of How I Rescued A Princess Held Captive In Elko, Nevada

…it’s a very thrilling story

BLAAHHH!!! BLAAHHH!!!, I say! I’ve got matching ear infections (well, not exactly matching…the right ear is worse than the left) and a headache that would fall a lesser man. Only the love of a good woman and two dogs is keeping me from stomping through Tokyo and leaving it a smoking ruin.

Speaking of the loving good woman I mentioned above, she has determined that we need a “fun day for just us, no dogs”, so we are apparently going to Marine World/Africa USA down in Vallejo this weekend. When we went a few years ago, all of the animal exhibits were scheduled for renovation, so we’ll see how they look now. Meanwhile, while we are gone, The Girls will be charged with sleeping, laying around, eating FOOOOOOD FORRRRRR DOGGGSSSSSS!!!!! and watching the telly. I am sure they will carry out their duties without any problems.

And now, it is time for brekky and cocoatea!

Poultry In Motion

…bad Doc! Bad, bad Doc!

Stuff, served hot with a nice mug of porter

1: Most of the weekends, and some weekdays, in May are already filled with mystery shopping duties (in a hope to get caught up on bills), so I will not be able to do any gaming until Sunday the 24th.

2: I made some killer pork for tacos last night. It was the major yum.

3: The Dungeon Delve will resume tonight or tomorrow morning.

4: The month of May can go ahead and warm up any day now, so I can finish planting my garden.

5: Everyone here is healthy, despite my fast fading leg infection.

Gotta go to work now. More bloggage later.

Starting Up Your First Dugong Ranch

…step 1: Get some dugongs

Doc Health Update: I am feeling much better, despite the odd bit of coughing and the regular hacking up of alien lifefroms.

In other news, I hope to do some blogging tonight, after putting the finish touches on the Over The Edge pulp game I’m supposed to run at ConquestSac tomorrow night,

Speaking of which…HEY, SACRAMENTO/NORCAL GAMING BUDDIES! Are any of you going to be at ConquestSac this weekend? I’ll be there Friday night and at least Saturday morning/afternoon.

Now, I must go buy tea. Will blog later.

Ronald Reagan Was A Miserable Son Of a Bitch

…that’ll get the emails flowing

Ya know how sometimes, when you have a sore throat and cough, you try all sorts of sleep positions but none of them help keep you from coughing? Well, I’ve been going through that for days. Even with the help of the Lorazepam, I’d still get the coughing fits.

And then I tried sleeping on a blanket on the living room floor. Bingo! I slept there last night for about 4.5 hours, with only a couple of minor semi-awakenings due to curious Winkerdogs wondering why the Dad Unit was on her turf.

Later, I crawled into the bed for 3 more hours sleep. At present, I feel pretty good and can almost pass for human.

More Blogging later.