Do Feed The Bears

…they prefer barbecued tourist with macaroni salad on the side

As you college graduates have no doubt deduced, I’m trying another theme for this blog. I’m not sure how I feel about it. Might just go back to something monocolor and simple.

In other news, I’m off on a 6.2 mile walk, then I’ll be doing my househusbandly thing.


It’s All Fun And Games Until Somebody Gets Buggered By A Mutant Echidna

…like, OW!

Just A Big Ol’ Bunch O’ Stuff

1: Watched the debate…decided that, besides being an out of touch old motherfucker, McCain has something wrong with him, possibly of a neurological order.

2: I’ve been thinking a lot about the basic premise of City of Ember and I’m damned if it couldn’t be ported over to a post apocalyptic steampunk setting (which C of E is, kinda) and make a wicked cool RPG series. Possibly for my alternate RPG group, the Cannibal Pygmies. Let’s see…a huge dome instead of an underground lair…lots of steampunkery, but resources are running out…and the dome is starting to decay…hmmm.

3: My plan for dealing with the coming economic depression and the collapse of Civilization As We Know It (don’t I wish), assuming I can find a fucking job, is to get Grace and I out from under a couple of crushing debts, then do what I can gardenwise to lower our food costs. And yes, that includes a couple of chickens and ducks. As for money making, I have some small options (all legal, Ms. C:)that won’t bring in a lot of $$, but will help out. Fortunately, Grace and I no longer have credit cards, so that blight on society is not something that can bite us.

4: I’m about 10 stories in on The World of Jeeves and I’m really enjoying me some Wodehouse. I first read some of these stories (along with a couple about Psmith) at my Aunt Pearl’s house when I was about 12 or 13. I liked them back then, but I’m understanding the nuances and lingo much more than I did as a young chappie.

5: The Brewerton Village Poll #3 is going along nicely and I urge y’all who have not taken it to do so. I’m pretty sure smuggling of one sort or another will be running rampant in our village after this poll. And is it just me, or does robin_d_laws name for the town drunk sound like something George Lucas would create for Star Wars?

6: Today is, after I walk my Faithful Hounds to the park, “Mr. Fix It Day” for me. I’m going to putter about the old homestead fixing small, inexpensive, problems. Later, I’ll morph into “Doc Cross, Househusband” and wash up some dishes, do some laundry and cook up some dinner. After that, I’m gonna watch my latest Netflix offering The Giant Behemoth. No doubt with a certain one eyed dog on my lap.

And now, I’m off to entertain my canine kids.