The Ice Cream Dwarves And The Candy Gnomes Go To War

…over caramel or peanuts or something

The Doclopedia #1,388

Potion Ingredients: Troll Sperm

Contrary to popular wisdom, only the very largest and very smallest trolls reproduce by splitting in two, with a new troll growing from each half. All of the other trolls mate like the majority of humanoids do. The trick then is how to get sperm from a male troll without getting killed.

You cannot cast an illusion strong enough to convince a troll to shag some sort of receptacle, nor can you build a convincing enough fake female troll. No, you will have to deal with a real female troll. We suggest the Red Troll species, since the females are far smarter than any other trolls. For a price, you can probably get her to gather a good amount of sperm during the annual breeding season.

Make sure you have her place it in glass jars with tight fitting lids, then pour essence of goldflower over each one. Store in a cool dry place until you get it to market. You should have no trouble getting 200 gold pieces per jar.

The Doclopedia #1,389

Potion Ingredients: Dungeon Blood Dust

Should you find yourself deep in a dungeon, as I am told more than a few adventuring folk do, you should keep your eyes open for this popular potion ingredient.

Comprised not of the actual blood of any creature, this scarlet dust is actually the dormant spores of Rust Monster Fungus, a type of fungus that infects and can even kill these annoying creatures.

The spores are completely harmless to any other creatures, so the actual act of scooping it up is simple. Of course, getting to it, then escaping the dungeon may be another matter.

You should expect to get about 75 gold pieces per ounce, although prices fluctuate in cities with a large Adventurers Guild.

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