Junior Muskrat Goes To The Post Office

…to mail off a box of musk

DogCon 3, The Trip Home

This morning, we had a big breakfast at the Big Texan Steak Ranch in Amarillo, then continued our homeward trek. We did stop for a few minutes to admire The House Of Glass, which is made of many tons of broken glass that has been heat fused together into walls, floors, etc. It is open to the public, but closed on Mondays, darn it.

Right now, I’m driving, Grace and Sharon are watching a movie and the critters are playing World Of Warcraft. Every so often, I hear cat/dog/goat sounds of triumph and derision.

We will be in Albuquerque (where, as we all know, one must be very careful of which way one turns) for a bit of leg stretching and dog walking. There might also be ice cream buying.

More bloggage later.

A Poodle Named Yankee Doodle Ate A Noodle And A Strudel

…then he started to doodle

DogCon 3: Day 4, Part 1

Hoo Boy, that Traveller game last night was FUN. We were told at the beginning that we were diplomats & spies posing as traders, but throught the first hour, we “woke up” to the memory that we were working for different agencies/factions. Of course, nobody knew that anybosy else had a secret agenda. I’m telling ya, by hour 4, there was some cutthroat wheeling & dealing going on, to say nothing of bribery, threats, strong arming and outright kiling.

In hour 5, three bottles of single malt scotch appeared and the wheeling & dealing got even more interesting:)

This morning, after checking out of the hotel, the Cross Family Sideshow went to brunch at “Chez Mom’s” with about 20 of our friends. We ate an obscene amount of food.

After brunch, I ran a short (2 Hour) Over The Edge game titled “Garbage Day”. I had 7 players and it went well.

Next up was the big “Cats VS Dogs LARP”. Winker sat this one out with Abby, but Lucy & Flash both got their game on. 90 minutes later, the canine team won by a mere 14 points. I expect the kitties will be ready to throw down again next year.

I’m pretty sure everyone who came to the con spent the last 2 hours the Dealer’s Room was open in that room. You could almost see the odor of sweaty gamers in the air.

The last event of the con is always the “I Hate/I Love…” seminar/bitchfest. It lasts 2 hours and is very funny.

Once the con is over, everyone (well, almost everyone) waits about an hour, then gathers in the main hall to chat and eat pie. This is mere minutes away from happening.

Once the piefest is over, the Joneses will begin motoring back to Maryland and we shall head the Magic Bus back to California. Another DogCon will be history.

More bloggage later.

Electric Cocoa

…tasty and hallucinatory

The Trip to DogCon 3: Day 6, Part 1, In which we leave at the dawning of the day, eat a big breakfast and find out exactly where the antelope play.

(Note: All comments by Flash are in italics)

I was up about an hour before dawn to shower and get everything ready for departure. After feeding & walking the critters, we were off. Lucy acted as my co-pilot by climbing up in the front passenger seat and looking around for maybe 2 minutes before falling asleep. Winker fell asleep on the floor between the seats and Flash sacked out on the dashboard.

About 90 minutes later, once Grace & Sharon had awakened and made themselves ready to leave the bus, we stopped in Inverness to have breakfast at Martha’s Truck Stop. Big portions rule here and my biscuits & gravy filled a plate most people might serve a roast turkey on. Grace & Sharon had omelets that looked like egg colored sleeping bags with two fat people inside. All the food was darned good, we said as we waddled back to the bus.

Did I mention that the truck stop not only had fridge magnets & t-shirts, but a good selection of bandannas? Yeah, we spent some $$ there.

Personally, I think the money would be better spent on catnip and squeaky toys.

We are stopped about 6 miles outside of Havre just now, because…
1: The dogs needed to pee
2: There are about 150 pronghorns out in a big meadow right beside the road. Although many folks call them Pronghorn Antelopes, the antelopes parts is incorrect. We have seen lots of them before on trips through the Rocky Mountain states, but never in these numbers. Pretty darned cool.

Holly Herring Snacks! All that meat on the hoof had my inner lion going crazy. Oh, to be 10 times larger and weigh about 100 times what I do now!

We will soon hit Havre and the first of our roadside attractions of the day. More bloggage later.

Destination Sign: Kzin