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…great starter amphibians

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CritterCon 10

Day Eight, Con Day One

Quick recap of last night: Dungeon Diner for dinner. Great food, spanky leather ambiance, about 40 people in our group.

The ice cream social was great. Delicious ice cream, plenty of folks there. Then those damned Texans brought out about 50 kinds of bourbon and next thing you know I’m being tucked into bed at 1:30 in the morning by Grace & Silky.

Okay, on to today’s action packed schedule.

Breakfast: I skipped it to sleep in an extra 45 minutes before heading off to the Dealer’s Room. Later, just before my Toon game, I ate a large carne asada breakfast burrito.

Games: Hoo boy! Ran a Toon game (A Foogleproof Plan) for 8 people, played in a game of GURPS Reign of Steel, ran a very short (20 minutes) portion of the D&D 5E game that is running 24/7 during the con and played a game of Pirate Fluxx.

Lunch: Same taco truck. Fish tacos.

Seminars: Participated in the Building A Village seminar. Ended up with a pretty good village.

Dinner: Meatloaf at Chez Mom’s with a bunch of folks.

The Drag’n Age Party: While there were indeed several men who looked good in drag, the vast majority of us did not. Maybe it was all the facial/body hair. On the other hand, almost all of the women present looked good in drag, be they wearing tuxedos or workingman clothes.

In all other ways, the party was great. The band played covers of music from the 50’s through the 2000’s. And yes, they were in drag too. The party ended at 2 am. I was back in the room asleep by 2:15.

CritterCon 10

Day Nine, Con Day Two

It was a LARPy day for most of us. All the critters, plus Grace, Mary, Avis, Ginie & I were in the Star Trek LARP. Max & I played Klingons, Sasha and our friend Brian Misiaszek played Romulans and in the end the Klingon Empire gained control of the planet we were all fighting over. Qap maH!

After that LARP ended, Daisy, Max & Roxy headed off to a Critters Only D&D LARP, Avis & Ginie went to play in a steampunk LARP, everbody else ran off to play other games and I went to join Spike in the “Forgotten Games” panel.

After that panel, we grabbed lunch at Waffles From Outer Space! (BACON AND BUTTER FLAVORED SYRUP, Y’ALL!), then went to our next seminar, “Yes, Tell Us About Your Character…In Three Minutes”. Some folks had great characters to talk about, but many others made us glad for the three minute limit.

At that point, Spike and I parted ways and I was off to a “Dads & Daughters” game of Mutants & Masterminds with Silky. The plot of the game had father & daughter super heroes trying to stop Captain Calamity and his daughter Miss Chaotic from taking over Bigge City. It was a hell of a knock down/drag out fight with some hilarious moments.

My character was a speedster named Warpspeed and Silky was my daughter, Tsunami. She got her name because beside having my speed, she had inherited the ability to control water from her mother. She would basically run fast at her target while pushing a couple thousand gallons of water in front of her.

There were ten players in the game and the only other Human/NHT pair was a fellow from Tulsa and his four year old pit/coonhound mix, Belle.

Around then, it was dinner time and we all gathered with many of our friends to eat at Thai One On. Much Thai curry was consumed.

There was no one big party tonight, but there were about two dozen smaller ones, so several of us made the rounds. By about one in the morning, we were all back in our rooms.

Tomorrow’s high points wil be our annual Mud Spa Day and, later on, our annual Old Time Radio broadcast.

More blogging later.

Make Big Money Printing Big Money!

…you’ll wonder why you never thought of it before


CritterCon 10

Day Seven, Con Day Zero

I have to make today’s entry fast & dirty, so here are some of today’s highlights.

1: We stopped the Bus at a beef jerky factory. Very fun and they gave out free samples. The Fearless Four did not want to leave.

2: Avis took Ginie into the Library and the two of them got to walking and looking at books and ended up a two miles from the entrance. Fortunately, the Librarian summoned the trolley car for them to ride back.

3: We arrived at Critter City about 10:30 in the morning and checked into the hotel. The critters are all back in their regular bodies and the hotel staff was delighted to see them.

4: We picked up our con books, swag and badges, then went to Ed’s Big Weenie for lunch. The con book looks like a early 1960’s Montgomery Ward’s Christmas Catalog. Pretty cool.

5: Con swag this year includes: a really snazzy black t-shirt with a parody of the movie poster for Big Trouble In Little China, but with humans and critters instead.

A real silver 10th anniversary commemorative coin.

A d6 with cats, dogs, parrots, bunnies, pigs and goats in place of the pips.

A card game called “CritterCon: The Card Game. Several of us (Me, Spike, Sasha, Daisy, Max) are on cards.

A mini board game called “Save Critter City”.

Coupons for discounts on all sorts of stuff.

A small box of edible goodies.

6: We saw many folks who came here this year due to it being a week ahead of GenCon. Quite a few of them will be joining us for dinner at Mistress Diana’s Dungeon Diner, which has been redecorated and expanded in size.

7: Saw a new Cajun restaurant had opened. The name? Stand Bayou.

8: Got advanced notice that this year’s Friday night party is “Drag’n Age”, and that means everybody attending has to be dressed in drag to get in. I’m glad the Wardrobe Room on the bus has plus sized dresses. I will not, however, be wearing high heels.

Well, folks, we humans are about to head out to the aforementioned dinner and then to the Ice Cream Social/Bourbonfest. The Critters are all going to dinner at an NHT only place, then will head to the social. I hope I see some of you at the con tomorrow.

More bloggage soon.

Destination Sign When We Started: Jungleland
Destination Sign When We Stopped: Discworld

QM Radio Station: KRTR FM, Critter City, Texas

Mr. Porkwaffle Buys A Chopper

…and rides it out to L.A.

CatCon2: Day 1, Part Three

(NOTE: The following is all fictional.)

Oh, baby, was the live action dungeon I just finished fun! I played a rogue named Artemis and I was a lockpickin’ trap disarmin’ badass! There were 6 of us in the party: 2 fighters, one priestess, one rogue and two mages. The priestess was played by my friend, Mary Jones and we had some big fun.

Gotta make this a quick post, due to imminent partying.

Spa Trip: Was great! I felt like a new man, altho unfortunately I still look like the old one.

Dinner: I ate tamales and drank horchata during my OTE game.

The OTE Game: Went exceedingly well, altho I had not run that adventure for about 11 years. I had 7 players and they successfully stopped the headless android from the future with only a minimal loss of life and property.

The Dogs: Had, according to Sharon, a hell of a day out. Squirrels were chased, other dogs (including Prince Nibbler, newest fur kid of delazan and notoriousbkc) were met, tasty treats were eaten and baths were had. Last I saw of them, they were snoozing hard in Sharon’s room.

Grace: Has been playing board and card games all day…and making a big list of the ones she wants to buy.

Big Screen Madness: Outside the Dealer’s Room, they have several 60″ flatscreen monitors set up. They are showing live broadcasts from GenCon! Apparently, CatCon sent people there to wear helmet cams and just wander around. It’s pretty cool.

And now, Guinness and talking beckon to me.

GoGo, The Fastest Kinkajou On Earth

…and he’s smart, too

CatCon2: Day 1, Part One

(NOTE: The following is all fictional.)

If this post ends suddenly, it will be because my head has fallen off. Bourbon, I hate you.

So anyway, last night was the big dinner/dance/beer bash that starts the con off for Guests of Honor, Featured GMs, Con Staff and Gaming Luminaries (the few who are not at GenCon). It was great, altho I should have passed on the free bourbon that some of these mad Texans were pouring for free. On top of 4 or 5 pints of Guinness, it was enough to not only get me dancing (and I use “dancing” in the loosest definition of the word) with about 7 different women (including my wife, Mary Jones, Miranda Jones and several congoers whose names I cannot recall), but I actually got persuaded to get up on stage with the band and sing “Excitable Boy”. I’m told I did pretty well.

But now it is morning, we are back from breakfast, Sharon is getting ready to take The Girls to a doggie/human day spa, Grace and I are preparing to go to the con and, assuming my head does not explode, all is right with the world.

My schedule for today…

9:00 am – 11:00 am: Wander the Dealers Room
11:00 am – 12:00 pm: “Ask A GM Anything” seminar
12:00 pm – 2:30 pm: Lunch, then a trip to a spa. I don’t normally do chick things like spas, but this one rocks.
3:00 pm – 7:00 pm: I GM an OTE game “Now Where Did I Put My Head?”
7:00 pm – 10:00 pm: Live action dungeon!
10:00 pm – Whenever: schmoozing, partying, etc, etc.

More bloggage later.