Handsome Joe Rides In A Canoe

…he’s a brave doggie

The Doclopedia #1,187

Even More Technobabble!: Portable Quantum Vibration Stabilizer

The main problem with traveling to other dimensions (and to a lesser extent, different time periods in your home dimension) is that your quanta vibrate at one frequency and that other dimension vibrates at another.

Now, this isn’t a huge problem when you go to the nearest realities, but to go to the really cool ones, you need vibration stabilization. Fortunately, this is a fairly easy problem to overcome.

Portable quantum vibration stabilizers are very small, often built into rings, belt buckles and other common items. Wearing one for as little as an hour can stabilize you for up to 16 hours, depending upon how far out in the multiverse you go.

In some cases, a PQVS will be built into a vehicle, thus stabilizing everything inside or even near it.