The Synthetic People Will Eat Your Face

…except for Morrie, who prefers feet

My Adventure In Self-Inflicted Wounds

This morning, as I was hurrying to get out the door and off to my dermatologists office for my Tuesday session in the UVB Booth of Doom, I hurried a bit too much while slicing a pig ear chew for the girls. El Knifo slips and Senor Cross loses a fair portion of the tips of his middle and index fingers on the left hand. Much bleeding ensued…so much that I couldn’t (in my now one handed state) get them properly bandaged to stop the bleeding.

Clutching a small towel that is now gaily spotted with crimson blotches, I called Grace to give her the 411 and tell her that I was off to the ER at the hospital about a block from here. The fine folks there got me bandaged and disenfected and, after giving me about the 25th tetanus shot of my life (no exaggerating), they sent me home. I couldn’t go to work, so here I am, bloggin’ in the middle of the day.

I may miss work tomorrow, too, since the doctor said it’d take as long as two days for the wounds to crust over properly. *SIGH* This sucks.

And now, I’m off to walk the girls.