The Rare And Beautiful Cerulean Wombat Of Potawango Island

…they build nests out of shredded tabloids

The Good News: I still have a job.

The Bad News: My hours have been cut by 55%

I will certainly be glad when Life stops offering me so many challenging financial adventures.

Cello Playing Nymphos From Hell

…or they might be from New Jersey

Thanks to all of you for the congratulations on my employment.

About the job

Ok, so my new job finds me working for a courier company called Tricor. Now, to start with, I’ll be just driving a courier route going from West Sacramento to Natomas to Dixon, then back to Natomas and finally back to West Sacramento. The route has 3 customer stops and I don’t have to load or unload anything heavy. But it only takes about 4 hours to do the run, from 1 PM until 5 PM.

Now, in a week or so, maybe less, there will be an opening in the warehouse for a package sorter (there are LOTS of longer & busier routes than mine) and at that time, I’ll get 4 more hours a day sorting. Full time work at last.

Mind you, this job only starts at minimum wage ($8.00 hr), but that beats the shit outta unemployment. And, should a better paying job come along, I’ll grab it.

And now you know what the deal is.

Note from 2020: The job and the company sucked ass, but I worked there 9 years. I also got paid for a great many hours I did not actually work, so I got a bit of a deal.

On The Other Hand, It Was Preferable To Getting Killed

…plus, we’d seen the flaw in his plan

Grace and I just got back from seeing Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. We both liked it and agreed that is was at least as good as Temple of Doom.

Heard from Round Table Pizza about the job. Apparently, the local manager is waiting on the proper paperwork to get me hired, including the paperwork that goes along with a drug test. She said she’d call me between Friday and Monday to let me know what’s what.

I’m considering a month long daily project for this LJ, most likely to take place in September. The big question is: Can I come up with enough ways to End Civilization As We Know It…in 300 words or less? I must think upon this.

Watched the trailer for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince online this morning. It looks very good.

Must go now to pay bills and buy food. More blogstuff later.