Mr. Porkwaffle Joins The Circus

…as a knife thrower.  Hilarity ensued.


The Doclopedia #1,122

Creature Features: It Came From Kansas!

1959, OK Studios

Starring: Rick Munson, David Hall, Annie Early, Rhonda Patterson, Kevin Early, Joe Laswell

Running Time: 102 minutes

Low budget sci-fi movie set in a small town in north central Oklahoma. Road construction in southern Kansas accidentally releases a 10 foot tall lizard man from his eons long sleep and he heads south to terrorize teenagers and, eventually, the entire town. Rick Munson was a former teen idol who thought this film would restart his careen. He was wrong. It did, however, start the career of 12 year old Kevin early, who went on to do many movies over a 40 year career.

The acting is not bad for a film of this nature, with particularly good performances by first timer Early and his older sister. The special effects are good and it is rumored that the lizard man suit alone used up a third of the budget.



The Doclopedia #1,123

Creature Features: Googora Versus Mousra

In 20012, two 16 year old high school students from Chicago decided to make a Japanese style kaiju movie using only their cell phone cameras, computers and cheap off the shelf software. They recruited friends and family, three pet mice and “several jars of grape jelly” as motion capture subjects, then made a quite good animated movie.

Done mostly in a style similar to Japanese animes like Cowboy Bebop, the film runs 74 minutes and features a slime monster battling the giant “dinosaur mouse”, Mousra. The acting by the humans is pretty good and the overall quality of the movie is excellent. After being shown at several geek conventions and film festivals, it was bought by Big Studio Films and the young directors were hired to expand it to two hours. It went on to make $300 million worldwide and spawn two sequels.