I Was So Much Older Then. I’m Younger Than That Now.

Now with commentary from 2019!


It was shopping day for Uncle Doc today. Bought a kilt from the Sport Kilt folks who were out at the Scottish Games in Woodland. Damn, this thing is COMFY…and very freeing, if ya get my drift:) (as long as a mosquito does not fly up and bite your junk) I think I’ll buy at least one more. And there will be pix soon, for you curious folks who wonder how the Great and Powerful Doc looks in a kilt:)

Also bought some gardening stuff and a couple of used CDs (The Essential Byrds and Endless Summer by the Beach Boys).

Grace bought her PDA yesterday. It’s a Palm Tungsten E. She is having fun playing with it and getting to know it. (It was the new hotness 15 years ago. Now I doubt if most folks even remember them)

Next weekend, I’m going to buy a bicycle. It’s been years since I had one and I miss riding around. (Nope, did not buy a bicycle.)

And now, a bit of kicking back before I go finish planting veggies…while wearing the kilt. THAT ought to get the neighbors talking:) (Considering how they reacted years later to taking dogs and disappearing buses and shit, I’ll bet they wish I’d go back to gardening in a kilt.)



I’ve seen others do this, so here I go…

READING: The Encyclopedia of Annuals and Perennials

WATCHING: Several episodes of “Designed To Sell”

DRINKING: Thai Iced Tea (but hot, not iced)

EATING: Leftover pizza with Tabasco Jalapeno Sauce

LISTENING: Neil Young “Harvest” alternating with Van Morrison “Moondance”

PLAYING: Empire Earth

CONTEMPLATING: Buying a kilt.