It Came From The Back Of The Refrigerator!

…1950s style sci-fi monster movie

So far, this has been a lazy Sunday for me. That won’t last much longer though, since dirty dishes are calling from the sink, some gardening must be done and I have a mystery shop to do about 1:00 this afternoon. Even later in the day, it’s dfinner cooking and laundry time. Grace is doing three mystery shops today, so that will be the only stuff she does. Once she finishes, I’ll make her rest. My baby works too much and too hard.

Until I start the dishes, I’m still being lazy. After all, yesterday, I’m the one who did three mystery shops.

In other news, I will be posting from Dundracon next weekend, mostly on Saturday, including during the mid game bathroom break during my Toon game.

I’m hoping I can get in on the Friday night Creeks & Crawdads game some dude is running. I’ve never gotten a chance to actually play that game.

Ok, the dishes have started talking shit about my mom. Gotta go bitchslap them for that. More bloggage later.

Maiasaurus Mambo

…with eggs

Games submission opened up for Dundracon today, so I submitted my 20th annual TOON game. Last year, the gave me a seminar room to run the game in and it worked out great, so I requested another one this year. With twice the tablespace and room for an audience. I’ve listed the game as being for 10 players, but in point of fact I’ll allow at least 14. As always, if you go to Dundracon, drop by the game and play or watch or just say howdy.

Very relaxed and laid back Labor Day Sunday here at Casa Cross. Some might even say it was lazy, but they’re just workaholics or troublemakers. My Sweet Angel had the good fortune to pick up a mystery shopping assignment at a local eatery, so we had a breakfast for two at essentially less than half price (once you factor in the reimbursement she will get). Gotta love cheap eats.

After the hearty brekky, we came home and walked The Girls and did minor chores and mostly just goofed off. A most pleasant day. Tomorrow will be more of the same, plus we’ll watch Spider-Man 3.

And now, to bed for me.

Harry Potter And The Dildo Of Fire

…Professor Snape better watch out!

Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe

Grace and I saw it this morning. In my opinion, it’s a good movie, but not a great one. The acting was fine and the fx were well done, it’s just that the whole story was…not different enough. I’ve seen too many movies that covered similar ground. Maybe I would have liked it more if I’d ever read any of the books. I will say that the much bitched about (in fannish circles) religious aspect was not only toned down, it was no big deal. Worth seeing, but maybe not worth re-seeing.

Oh, by the way, before the flick, we saw the trailer for “Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man’s Chest”. It looks to be great.

In Other News

My friend, smalley_smoot, sent me his printed out PDF version of “Savage Worlds”. For that, I thank him profusely and I shall soon dive into reading it whilst sipping on a tall glass of Pete’s Wicked Ale.

Today was a pretty lazy day, with the major high points being us seeing the Narnia flick and then finding out that even when I’m REALLY hungry, I can’t polish off the 1 pound hamburger at Fuddruckers.

It has been rainy and nasty all day, hence the aforementioned laziness. I hold out little hope for tomorrow seeing a change in either the weather or the laziness factor.

Just a note to remind you, Gentle Reader, that there is still time for you to choose your favorite Subject Line from my 2005 LJ entries. Those picked will be singled out for special treatment in my All Singing All Dancing 2006 Subject Line Review.

And now, it is time for ale. Alas, there are no whores to go with it, but that is probably all for the better.