An Elasmosaurus In The Bathtub

…it’s a really big bathtub

Damn…too many empty days on this LJ so far. Kinda strapped for time right now, but I can do a…

Doc Update

1: We are all doing ok here. Winker has become a bit more of an attention hound, but that’s ok, cos we have lots of love for her.

2: Gotta do a zine for A&E #401 this week. It will contain content not found on this LJ, so you can either subscribe to A&E or wait about a month for the content to pop up on here.

3: We are going through our annual “warm and sunny January” days here in the Big Tomato. This Natures attempt to instill a false sense of hope in gardeners, because soon will come the pounding rain and cold and winters last assault. Me, I’ll wait another month or two before doing any real gardening.

4: Unless I get hit by a comet, I’ll have my annual Subject Line review up by Friday.

5: Working on the PC and NPC characters for the Dundracon Toon game, as well as assorted Stuff and what might loosely be termed a “plot”. Lots of old favorites from past games will show up, plus a couple of new loony toons.

6: Made DocBurgers for dinner last night. They were almost too damned good to eat, but we ate them anyway.

7: Time for lunch, then work. More bloggage later.

On The Other Hand, It Was Preferable To Getting Killed

…plus, we’d seen the flaw in his plan

Grace and I just got back from seeing Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. We both liked it and agreed that is was at least as good as Temple of Doom.

Heard from Round Table Pizza about the job. Apparently, the local manager is waiting on the proper paperwork to get me hired, including the paperwork that goes along with a drug test. She said she’d call me between Friday and Monday to let me know what’s what.

I’m considering a month long daily project for this LJ, most likely to take place in September. The big question is: Can I come up with enough ways to End Civilization As We Know It…in 300 words or less? I must think upon this.

Watched the trailer for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince online this morning. It looks very good.

Must go now to pay bills and buy food. More blogstuff later.