My Life Among The Women From Another Planet

…aka my wife and avylou

Ok…gotta explain the above. See, both my wife and my best buddy, avylou, had very different childhoods from me. Grace was raised in a very sheltered life by Catholic parents who, during her early teens, whisked the family off to Iran to do missionary work or something. Avylou had a more normal upbringing, but seemed to have not paid the normal American teenager amount of attention to stuff like rock & roll or partying.

Also, both of them were what you’d call “good girls”…good being rather relative.

Anyway, I was the typical American teenager: all about the sex, drugs & rock & roll. Also, I was a Class Clown, a Bad Boy and a Disruptive Influence all rolled into one. I was about as different from either of them as a pangolin is from a potato chip.

The “alien women” joke comes from the fact that I will make statements that I know are pretty common knowledge to folks of my generation and yet they won’t know what I’m talking about. Sometimes avylou will say, “I think I’ve heard of that”, to a comment about, oh, something like the Rolling Stones at Altamont or windowpane acid or somesuch, but from Grace, I get the “Huh?” look. It gives me a sort of “just stepped into the Twilight Zone” feeling.

So, in retrospect, I reckon I was destined to marry one of them and have the other as my best friend. Opposites attracting and all that.

Damn…that explanation went on longer than I thought.