Yarr, Lass, Come Over Here And I’ll Let Ya Shiver Me Timber

…the naughty pirate said

Walter the Superhero: Part Two

Ok, so the winning power was shapechanging. But wait…that could confer a few other powers on Walter, such as…

Stretching would be possible, altho not nearly like Mr. Fantastic or Plastic Man.

Invisibility would be more like super camouflage, but ol’ Walt could still blend into a background pretty perfectly.

Growth, like stretching, would be limited by his body mass, but he could easily add a foot or so to his normal height.

Flying, or more likely, gliding, is another possibility.

Hmmm…he could, by lengthening his stride, run pretty fast…not Flash fast, but maybe cheetah speed.

I shall think more on this. As for YOU, Gentle Reader…

Does Walter have a wife or a girlfriend? A boyfriend? Children? Pets?