Ginger Pork Burritos

…are actually pretty yummy

CatCon2: The Trip There, Day 2, Part Two

(NOTE: The following is all fictional.)

So, after looking around at fossils and such for a couple of hours, our merry band continued on into the depths of wildest Colorado. Mostly, we drove alot, with frequent stops for picture taking and dog walking.

I must digress here for a moment to say that the Magic Bus has a digital display up where buses keep their destination signs. Ours is set to change destinations every hour. When we left the KOA in Utah this morning, our destination was Diagon Alley. When we left town of Dinosaur, the display read “The Holodeck”. Tonight, when we pulled into a campground just inside the Arapahoe National Forest, it read “Metropolis”. We entered about 200 imaginary place names before we left, and I know that I’ve entered about 15 more so far on the trip.

Anyway the scenery has gotten better by the mile and tomorrow, we’ll enter Rocky Mountain National Park, where we plan to spend a few hours sightseeing.

The biggest news from today was that we decided to have pizza for lunch, so we phoned ahead to a pizza place in Craig. I told them we’d meet their delivery driver at an intersection just outside town. When they asked what our RV looked like, I told them to look for a tie dyed school bus with pictures of famous wizards on it. The guy asked me if I was jerking his chain. I said no and if I was, I’d tip him $20.00.

So, when we rolled up, there he is…with about 30 of his friends. They all checked out the bus, asked us many questions and, of course, told us what cute dogs we had. And the dude gave us extra parmesan cheese and pepper flakes. I wonder if they would have done that for the Merry Pranksters?

And now, to bed. More high altitude hijinks tomorrow.