The Heartstopping Adventures Of Doctor Tempest In The City Of The Vampires

…from the August, 1908 issue

Imaginary Gaming Convention News

So, one week from today is the start of the very real GenCon, which I will be missing because Grace and I cannot afford to miss a beat on our descent into poverty (although we will have a house to live in while we are impoverished).

Next Thursday will also be the start of the wholly not real, but no less fun because of that, CatCon2, which we will be attending with our dogs and our ace dogsitter, Sharon.

So, in the wee hours of Saturday morning, we shall climb into our brand new imaginary converted school bus, aka “The Magic Bus”, and head out for beautiful Wilted Springs, Texas and the con.

As I’ve said before, all of you who will miss GenCon are welcome to do your own CatCon2 reports. And those of you who are attending GenCon should visit this LJ for some choice quality faux con reportage and maybe a laugh or two.

Also, GenConners, if you already have my home phone number, give me a call on Saturday or Sunday from the con. After about 3 pm PST either day will probably be best.

Now, it be workin’ time for me.