Bucky & Squint Rebuild A Transmission

…a 4 speed


The Doclopedia #1,087

The Alphabet: B is for…


It is an amazing fact that all across the multiverse, in every world that has pigs (or some fairly similar animal) there is bacon. Even in worlds where the pigs are sentient, there is bacon, but nobody discusses it much and they eat it in secret. There are even two versions of Earth where Bacon is worshiped as a god. In most worlds, it just tastes like something that gods would eat.

On several Magic Earths, bacon is used in spell casting or as a healing food. On a couple of these worlds, you can create Bacon Golems, which never last very long. A popular spell is Wall of Bacon, which stops both adventurers and monsters for as long as it takes to eat it.

Beer Of Wizardly Power

Oh, it looks like plain old ale, but if you are one of the Adept and you drink a couple of pints of it, you’ll soon be filled with magical power. Everyone else will just be filled with the need to go take a leak.

This amazing brew was first concocted in the Red Hills region of Valduria back in 1286. It seems that a brewmaster and a Wizard got drunk one night and hatched the idea to brew up a beer that would amp up the power of any Adept who drank it. It soon became very popular.

The secret to using Beer of Wizardly Power is to not drink too much. The result if 8 pints worth can be seen in the ruins of Glossingol’s Tower which was turned into marzipan along with a drunken Wizard Glossingol. We can also attribute the 300 acre Dancing Forest to a bit too much of the brew.