My Life Among The Other Worlds

…closes a chapter tonight

Wow…I actually made it to my 1,000th Doclopedia post. I’m amazed and impressed with myself and a little bit sad and a bunch relieved. I want to thank those of you who have read and commented on these bits of imaginative rambling over the years. Please don’t think this is the end of the Doclopedia, because nothing could be further from the truth. I’ll be taking the next few months off from putting posts up online, but I’ll be working on the first of several Doclopedia ebooks, which will contain old stuff revised as well as all new entries. I’ll make a big announcement when they are ready for sale.

In the meantime, I’ll be posting some serial fiction on here regularly, starting with the third series of blog posts from the Changed World and ending with the 6th Annual CatCon Report. I hope you enjoy them, but you should go back and read previous years entries so that you know what’s going on.

If I was a betting man, I’d say that you should look for the triumphant return of Doclopedia posts, probably on a twice weekly basis, starting about mid August. For now, enjoy post #1,000!


The Doclopedia #1,000

The Reader Assisted 1,000th Entry: The Marmalade Moon PaladinGenre: Humor, Fantasy, Special

In that other world, the one all children know about, but teenagers can barely remember and adults can’t even think of (until they get really old, but that’s when childhood returns anyway), where all the really great stuff happens and the forests are either big and fun or dark and scary, there are like, 5 moons and they each have a different color and get their names from food of the same color. Well, ok, not the Bouncy Ball moon, which is about 23 different colors and sort of moves around in the sky like a bouncy ball, but the other 4 moons, sure enough. There’s the Grape Jelly Moon, the Pickle Moon, the Mayonnaise Moon and the best moon of all, the Marmalade Moon.

Sir Teddy Bear and The Knights of the Toybox went there back when the Evil Windup Wizard stole the Cupcake Princess, so they could ask the help of the greatest knight of them all, the Marmalade Moon Paladin. Naturally, the Marmalade Moon Paladin agreed, since he loved cupcakes and knew that the Cupcake Elves were good folks.

Well, he came down to the world from the Marmalade Moon and got all of the Cupcake Elves and Ice Cream Gnomes and about a zillion other folks and they went to the Itchy Desert and stormed the Mile High Tower of the Evil Wind Up Wizard. They had to fight Zomboids and Draccoons and Weerloos and Potato Giants and even a Heckifiknow, but they beat them all and then the Marmalade Moon Paladin brought the Cupcake Princess home and there was the best party ever! Later, they got married and went to live on the Marmalade Moon and had 9 children. Sometimes, they all had big family adventures, like the time the Television Goblins painted the Green & Yellow Forest blue & brown, or the time that the family went to visit the King of the Sideways City.

I’d tell you more about them, but I’m getting sleepy now.