Big Pigs Dancing Jigs Around Their Rigs While Eating Figs

…lit by burning twigs

The Doclopedia #1,420

Don’t Touch That!: Ring

Hold it there, Waltonby. Let’s not go touching things too quickly here. I’m certain this is the lost tomb of the mad pharaoh, Ahktenahmen. Legend has it that they mummified him alive and the last thing he said was a curse upon the world of the living.

Now, I’m not superstitious, but we’ve all heard the stories about Lord Merryweather and what happened when he dug up that Kharis fellow. Touching any of these items could have unexpected consequences. That ring was a major symbol of his power, so one can assume it would be carrying a significant portion of the curse. No telling what might happen if we touched it.

I suggest that we go back to camp and get on the wireless to Professor Kamir and Doctor Newton. They can be here by tomorrow morning and advise us on whatever we might need to do to safely get all this out of here and back to Cairo.

Danny, I want you and Jacob to stand watch for the next 4 hours. Hasan and Nigel will relieve you. Do not touch anything! If you do, there will be hell to pay, mark my word.