Walking Hand In Pseudopod On A Starry Night

…when the stars are right

Doc’s Holiday Greetings Post

To all my Friends and LJ Friends: To you all, a INSERT FAVORITE HOLIDAY GREETING HERE! I’ll try to keep amusing y’all in the coming year. I hope Santa brings you lots of loot.

To the rest of the world: HappyMerryWhatever to you. Please try not to breed in the coming year.

To the evil fucks of this world: Die, you vile motherfuckers!

To the animals of the world: You outnumber us, for goodness sake. Do the math here…and remember, we may not taste good, but we are filling.

Doc’s Year In Review

Hmmm….let’s see…

The Year Of Adventure In Poverty continues, but there is a dim light at the end of the tunnel.

My dog died. That sucked terribly, but life goes on.

It was a year of Health Non-Events…Grace and I both had slight health scares that turned out to be nothing. Gotta be thankful for that.

Thanks to the wacky 2005 weather, my veggie garden was less than it could have been. Hopefully, 2006 will let me have a better tomato crop.

On the whole, my family and friends remained healthy and happy. This is a good thing.

I did Pro Writing in 2005. That felt good and was lucrative enough to pay a few bills and buy me a few goodies. Of course, the project I wrote will not see publication until early 2006.

After 4.5 years and just shy of 130,000 miles, our 2000 Honda CRV (AKA Curvy) is still running like a champ.

My Sweet Little Coconut Cupcake With Raspberry Filling Of Love is still the Greatest Wife In The Known Universe.

I’m not dead or in jail, so I reckon I’m doing ok. Well, except for needing that winning lottery ticket.

Doc’s 2006 Year In Preview

I don’t like trying to predict too many things, but here’s a few I’m pretty sure of…

Biggest. Veggie. Garden. EVER!

More Pro Writing. Mostly because I need the money and the Writing Fever is upon me.

Goodbye to the Adventure In Poverty. Coming in June to a household near me.

Increased gaming con attendance. DunDraCon…Conquest Sac…Kubla Con

10th Anniversary Vacation in Hawaii!

The Return of Canine Happiness to Chez Cross!

And now, off to work for me.

He Was Bitchslapped By Love

…and he loved it

The Random Musings of a Gamer

Thanks to various gaming news sites, the posts by many of my LJ friends and my regular evening IM conversations with my pals Peter Hildreth and Avis Crane, I’m hearing alot about GenCon ’05. I still kinda miss not being there (not terribly miss it, just kinda miss it), but I’m hearing plenty of gossip and news.

Still, thinking of the con and gaming has caused me to daydream about some probably undoable gaming related ideas. In no particular order, here they are…

50 Games, 50 States, 50 days

This idea involves a car (and a couple of plane trips), 50 card/board/war/rpg games, anywhere from 3 to 6 gamers and a shitload of driving. To tell the truth, I’m pretty sure the whole trip could be done in about 3 weeks, but without corporate sponsorship (which might, actually, not be so hard to get) and people who could afford to take 50 days off work, it will probably remain a dream. On the other hand, ya never know what will happen.

Thr Great GenCon Caravan

For this one, I’d get a bunch of West Coast gamers together in San Francisco about 5 days before GenCon and we’d jump in our cars and drive to the con. Along the way, we’d sightsee, game and generally have fun. Hmmm…maybe I’ll actually try to organize this for the GenCon ’07 trip.


I’ve actually done something close to this before, at GenCon ’93. Folks, I’m talkin’ about the Worlds Largest TOON game! I’m talking 100+ players immeresed in delicious cartoony mayhem! I’m also talking about only one turn per player. Conversely, I could have fewer players (or not, if they played in shifts) and try for the Worlds LONGEST TOON Game. Maybe 12 hours long or even longer if I had assistant Animators to help me. Hmmmmm…maybe this would be a good idea for My Triumphant Return To GenCon in 2007.

The Gamer X Games

This one would get various groups of gamers out into the great wide open. I’m thinking a dozen or so groups playing various games in wild and remote locations across the U.S. and Canada. Think of it…a GURPS game in Death Valley…Apples to Apples played in the Alaskan wilderness…Warhammer on the edge of the Grand Canyon…a Vampire session in the Everglades…yeah, it could be fun AND an real life adventure.

Anyway, those are a few of my ideas. I may post a few more sometime. Right now, I’ll finish my brekky, go for a 2 mile walk, then write & write & write.

More blatant bloggishness later.

Whispering Into The Ear Of Danger

…and danger always hears me.

At random intervals, sometimes seperated by years, I get the feeling that changes in my life are waiting to ambush me. They always succeed, often (but not always) changing things for the better. Of course, sometimes big changes completely blindside me…such as when I met and fell in love with Grace. Usually tho, I get some vague warning that change is afoot.

And let me tell you, brothers and sisters, my spider sense has been tingling like a mofo these past few days. I have no idea what changes will come, but I know they are coming. I could hazard a few guesses, but I think I’ll wait and see what pops up over the next few months. Naturally, I’ll keep y’all posted.

What In The World Ever Happened To Sweet Jane?

…she’s lost her sparkle, you know she isn’t the same.

We miss you, Jerry.

Assorted Random Stuff

Just got back from taking a 2 mile walk at a pretty brisk pace. Had to get my excercise and walk off the bigass salad I had for dinner. By damn, in a few months I’ll be so healthy Hell won’t have me:) I’m going to see my podiatrist on Tuesday and while I’m there, I’ll weigh myself to see if I’ve lost any weight.

I see that ABC, NBC and CBS are all going to have alien invasion sci-fi series on this fall. They are titled “Invasion”, “Surface” and “Threshold”, respectively. Not alot being said about them yet, but I predict about a 90% chance that they won’t last a full season.

CBS also has an updated remake of “Night Stalker” planned. The only hope I see for it is if the X Files junkies really take it to their bosom. Even then, I predict a short run.

Still have not read the new Harry Potter book. Grace and I patiently await the call from the local library.

Why is it that the people most likely to believe in “Intelligent Design” are not only the least intelligent people, but also the ones who best prove that evolution can work in reverse?

Despite the fact that I still miss Roscoe very much, I have started thinking about getting a new pet to share the house with Grace and I. It’s not easy to come up with one. Not a dog, of course…we are still some time away from that. Cats are out due to my allergy to them and my deep dislike of catboxes. The squeaking of guinea pigs is more than Grace can handle. Hamsters are foul tempered little fuckers much of the time. Mice never appealed to me. I like parrots and other psittacine birds, but anything more than a budgie or cockatiel would be to expensive while we are in our Adventure In Poverty. All the various exotic animals (hedgehogs, skunks, ferrets, flying squirrels, etc) are illegal here in California. So far it looks like a rat, budgie or cockatiel are our only choices.

I picked about 6 billion tomatillos the other day and tomorrow night I’m gonna crank out a mess of salsa. Salsa is actually pretty healthy stuff, being all vegetables. The chips might be a bit tricky unless I can find them unsalted. Still, even if I have to eat it on toast, I’m gonna have me some salsa!

Grace and I have been watching a series about beekeeping on the RFDTV channel on Dish Network. It’s pretty interesting stuff and has me thinking that once we make the move to the farm, I might try keeping a hive or two.

Time for bed for me. More blog-alog-a-ding-dong later.