Here Come The Rock & Roll Mole Rats

…they’ve got the desert sands hoppin’


Well, kiddies, today marks the end of the first week of character posting here on the old LJ. I’ve decided that each week will have a theme, so I’m finishing this set with another of my early character creations.



Starting tomorrow: Over The Edge characters.


About this character:  Mr. Quick was the first superhero character I ever made. He was originally created for a Champions game, but I’m not gonna slog thru Hero system to present him here.


The Doclopedia #7
My Earliest RPG Characters: Mr. Quick
Strength: +1
Constitution: +1
Dexterity: +3
Intelligence: +1
Wisdom: +1
Charisma: +2
Advantages: Bravery, Area Knowledge (New York City), Wealth
Disadvantages: Hunted (by VIPER), Hunted (by Bonebreaker), Weakness (cold)
Powers/Gifts: Superspeed, Enhanced Reflexes, Toughness
Primary Skills:  Hand to Hand Combat +2, Acrobatics +2
Background: Wealthy race car driver Sam Hill was badly injured in a multi car crash during a big race. Told that he would never walk again, he vowed to spend every cent of his considerable wealth to find a cure. As luck would have it, he met Professor August March, who gave him an experimental treatment that should have restored him to normal health. It did, but it also gave Sam the ability to run and move at superspeed. About the same time, Sam met The Big Man, an 8 foot tall superstrong member of the Justice Team. He convinced Sam to become a superhero and join the team.In his spare time, Sam enjoys racing cars, meeting beautiful women, practicing judo, reading western novels and eating Mexican food.

The Rare And Colorful Feathered Tree Pig Of Potawango Island

…don’t walk under the trees they live in…messy

About this character: This was, as near as I can remember, the first Toon character I ever created.

The Doclopedia #6
My Earliest RPG Characters: Willy Wabbit

Madcap Toon
Muscle: 7
Smarts: 9
Zip: 8
Chutzpah: 9Shticks: Quick Change/Disguise, Bag of Many ThingsBeliefs & Goals: Everybody else is a chump, so you can feel free to mess with them. Being crazy is FUN! Drop everything if you see any yummy carrots. Stay away from cops and dogs.

Natural Enemies: Dogs, Cops, Psychiatrists

Background: Willy is a small white rabbit who wears green sneakers and a green vest. He is nuttier than a bag of walnuts and hyperactive to boot. Despite his strong addiction to carrots, Willy is very hard to trap, much to the dismay of the local police. He carries a big mallet, chewing gum and dynamite in his Back Pocket.

In his spare time, Willy likes eating carrots, carrot cake, glazed carrots, mashed carrots and carrot cookies with a big glass of carrot juice.

NOTE TO MY WORLD BUILDING GAME PLAYERS:  Your first monthly report will be due on Friday. Post it as a reply to my LJ that day. I’ll post Arn’s monthly report (since he gave it to me yesterday after our game session) as an example in the Friday LJ.

And now, I’m off to pick up my new glasses, then head to work.

Inside The House Of Whistling Fish

…hey, at least they’re happy fish

About this character: Arielle Ames was my first ever female PC. She was created for a variant Call of Cthulhu game that had a sort of “Ghostbusters” flavor, even tho it took place a year or so before the movie was released.

The Doclopedia #5
My Earliest RPG Characters: Arielle Ames

Consulting Witch and Private Eye
Strength: +1
Constitution: +1
Dexterity: +2
Intelligence: +3
Wisdom: +2
Charisma: +2
Advantages: Ambidexterity, Nightvision, Excellent Memory, Tough, Kind Hearted, Sexy
Disadvantages: Technology Jinx, Woman In A Man’s World, Hearing Loss In Right Ear, Hunted (by Cultists)

 High Level Spellcaster, Wiccan Priestess, Shapeshifter (can turn into a cat)

Primary Skills:
 Spellcasting +3, Hand to Hand Combat +2, Sword +1

 Arielle Ames is a native of Southern California (born in San Diego, raised in Hollywood). Her father was an FBI agent and her mother was a housewife and Wiccan High Priestess.  Arielle took after them both and became a private investigator as well as a witch. She is rather well known among law enforcement agencies and is often called in for “special cases”. Physically, Ari looks alot like Joan Jett did back in her “I Love Rock & Roll” days.

Ari has a partner, Bob, who just happens to be a superintelligent dog (small terrier mix) from another dimension (the dimension of Over The Edge, to bse exact. See the adventure “It Waits…” for more info) with a telepathic voice that sounds like Humphrey Bogart). She also has a leg man named Angel Valdez, who mostly checks out things that involve technology, since Ari tends to not play well with high tech devices.Ari has busted up several evil cults and this has put her at #1 on their Hate Parade. Any one of them would gladly cut her heart out, assuming she didn’t blast them to Hell first.

In her spare time, Ari enjoys tall dumb muscleboys, sweet faced nerdyboys, 1950’s Sci Fi movies, punk rock and dark chocolate.

Dreaming Of Giant Porcupines

…to say nothing of the colorful penguins

About this character: This character was my very first Runequest character. I played him in 4  episodes, then the GM decided he wanted to run Gamma World. I very much liked Sir Mallard and someday hope to play him again.

The Doclopedia #4
My Earliest RPG Characters:
Sir Mallard

Gloranthan Duck Knight (please, no jokes about “The Duck Knight Returns”:)
Strength: -1
Constitution: +1
Dexterity: +2
Intelligence: +1
Wisdom: +1
Charisma: +1
Advantages: Small and Quick, Brave, Noble
Disadvantages: Arrogant, Different (he’s a Duck), Short


Primary Skills:
 Shortsword +1, Short Bow +1, Dodge +2

 Sir Mallard is a Knight from the Court of the King of All Duckdom. He is 3 feet tall, has dark green and white feathers and a scar across his bill. He is very well mannered and of a calm and noble temperment. He is also a bit arrogant.Sir Mallard was sent out by his king to learn more about the wider world, spread the word that Ducks are ready to do business with Humans and to maybe secure a bit of loot for the Royal Treasury. He enjoys the adventuring life…in no little part because it gets him away from his 3 wives and 24 children.In his spare time, Sir Mallard enjoys vanquishing evildoers, slaying monsters, aiding the defenseless and recounting his exploits to all who will listen.

Happy Birthday, Grace!

…she’s 48 today


About this character: This character was created for a short lived Star Trek game (using AD&D rules) back in 1983.

The Doclopedia #3
My Earliest RPG Characters:  Captain Daemon Dragon

Captain of the starship “Explorer”

Strength: +2
Constitution: +2
Dexterity: +2
Intelligence: +3
Wisdom: +2
Charisma: +3
Advantages: Almost Fearless, Commanding Presence
Disadvantages: Almost Fearless, Stubborn, Horny

 Heightened Senses (+3 to sensory based rolls)

Primary Skills:
 Starship Operations, Strategy & Tactics, Brawling, Weapons (hand phaser)

Captain Dragon is the much beloved commander of the starship “Explorer“. He is 30 years old, tall, good looking and unmarried. He inspires loyalty and respect in his crew and fear and respect in his enemies. He is sometimes a bit too much of a swashbuckler, but is never really reckless.In his spare time, Captain Dragon enjoys jazz, working out in the gym, cooking, watching old 20th century adventure movies and seducing women on every planet he visits.

The Ten Blue Budgies Meet The Kitty Cats

…and no good can come of it

Top Ten Reasons GenCon 2006 Will Suck

10: Ken Hite won’t be there
9: James Wallis won’t be there
8: Steve Jackson won’t be there (but then, he never is, so…)
7: John Kovalic won’t be there
6: Phil & Kaja Folio won’t be there
5: No Baron Munchausen Dinner/Game
4: Doc_Mystery won’t be there
3: Spike, Mary & Miranda Jones won’t be there
2: My Sweet Angel, Grace, won’t be there

And the Number One Reason GenCon 2006 Will Suck is…

1: I won’t be there

That Top Ten List come from the Home Office in Grumpyville, California.

About this character: Brother Willow was the second D&D character I ever played in a non-Killer GM campaign. I have been a bit more descriptive of his skills here than I was way back in 1979.

The Doclopedia #2
My Earliest RPG Characters:  Brother Willow


Strength: +2
Constitution: +2
Dexterity: +4
Intelligence: +1
Wisdom: +2
Charisma: +1

 Low Profile, High Pain Threshold, Unfazeable
Disadvantages: Too Trusting, Will Not Use Weapons (other than his walking staff), Foreigner

 Enhanced Speed (+1 attack/move per level), Perfect Balance, Catfall, Trackless Movement

Primary Skills:
 Martial Arts, Acrobatics

Brother Willow is a monk from the Temple of the Righteous Path, which is located in the distant land of Shin Wa. He is a total asskicker in combat, but is reluctant to fight if there is another way to settle matters. He will often offer first aid to his defeated foes.Being the sole Asian in a European land, Brother Willow is the subject of much curiosity and some distrust. Usually, his soft spoken and kindly ways winn people over, but not in all cases. Sometimes, he is forced to “bring enlightenment” to the crude and bigoted.In his spare time, Brother Willow enjoys learning about Western ways, trying new foods and drinks, writing in his journal, attempting to guide his friends down the path of peace and harboring a secret love for the half elf mage, Tamara.

Yes, It’s A Crazy Thing To Do

…so, what’s your point?

Introducing The Doclopedia!

One year from today, if all goes well, Grace and I and two as yet to be adopted Basset Hounds will begin our 2007 Triumphant Return To GenCon U.S. Tour. (and yes, there will be tour t-shirts)

(Note from 2012: I went to GenCon 2007, but Grace & The Girls did not. Sadly, there were no t-shirts.)

In anticipation of this great journey, as well as to sooth the melancholy I’m feeling over not going to this years GenCon, I decided a few weeks ago that I would create a character a day, every day, for a year. This may turn out to be one of my famous grandiose schemes that fizzles out, or I may just make it to the end. Tune in daily and see.

(Note from 2012: Little did I know what this would eventually spawn a few years down the road.)

Note: I used no specific system for this first character, just pluses to show how far above the norm he was. I may use specific rules sets for future characters, or I may not. We shall see what comes to pass.

About this character: Redbeard is the first character I ever created for a proper, non-Killer GM operated, D&D campaign. That would be way back in the fall of 1977. The following description is Redbeard at about 10th level or so.

The Doclopedia #1
My Earliest RPG Characters: Redbeard the Slayer
Strength: +3
Constitution: +3
Dexterity: +2
Intelligence: +1
Wisdom: +1
Charisma: +2
Advantages: Cool Under Pressure, Lots of Friends/Contacts, Patron (Ool the Wizard)
Disadvantages: Hunted (by the Thieves Guild), Hunted (by Shandar Khan the Sorceror), Soft Spot for the Less Fortunate
Powers/Gifts: Incredible Healing (3X normal), High Magic Resistance (+3 vs all magic)
Primary Skills: Melee Combat (Great Axe), Missile Combat (Throwing Knives), Thief Skills
Background: Redbeard (his real name is a closely guarded secret), is a swordsman and thief of some reknown. He lives in a small suite of rooms on the fourth floor of the Purple Unicon, a “pleasure palace” located in the city of Ekarris. Redbeard stands 6’2″ tall, weighs 275 pounds, has long red hair and blue eyes. His primary weapon is a huge double bladed great axe, but he is well skilled in the use of most melee weapons.
Redbeard is quite skilled as a thief…skilled enough that his freelance exploits have earned him the wrath of the Thieves Guild. They have put a hefty price on his head. Now if any of them were brave or skilled enough to collect it…
The High Wizard Ool Mandragar is Redbeard’s primary employer, often sending the “redheaded scalawag” off on missions that would kill anybody without his phenominal healing factor. More than a few of these missions have pitted Redbeard against the mad sorceror Shandar Khan and his League of Wizards.
In his spare time, Readbeard enjoys whores, ale, barroom brawls, fair maidens, Dwarven baseball and women.