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The Doclopedia #1,385

Potion Ingredients: Chimera Dung

When gathering this very useful ingredient, one must get is very fresh. Still steaming, if possible. Naturally, the person or persons doing the gathering should be very adept at stealthy movement, very tough and very fast on their feet. A strong constitution coupled with a poor sense of smell would not be a bad idea, either. The dung, which can weigh up to 5 pounds, should ideally be collected in an unbroken state, but as Hralji the Lame once put it, “Fat chance of that!”. Regardless, it must go into a large jar that has had the interior of both jar and lid coated in beeswax.

Fresh Chimera dung can fetch prices as high as 100 gold pieces per pound and has a ready market in most large cities. It is a key ingredient in potions such as Dual Form, Fire Breath and Protection Against Minor Undead.