Walking On Thin Eyes

…which turn out to be a bit squishy


Man, am I ever glad to be seeing the retreating ass of the 2000’s! Marked by 8 years of that shit eating idiot, George W. Bush as president (to say nothing of that evil fucking scumbag Dick(head)Cheney), this was a decade that ranks right down there with the worst.

And now, I’d like to offer a few New Years wishes to the following people and organizations…

Bush, Cheney & every other elected Republican who goosestepped the USA into the shithole it now resides in: I hope each and every one of you dies a horrible, painful, lingering death in 2010.

Senator Joe Lieberman: I hope all of your Right Wing Republican friends turn into zombies and eat you alive.

The Blue Dog Democrats: See the above two wishes and add getting hit by a truck.

The Democratic Party: I hope every one of you gets voted out and a fresh new crop of Democrats takes your place.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger: I wish that during 2010, on every 3 out of 4 Fridays, somebody will come find you, rob you, then whack you in the nuts with a baseball bat every 15 minutes throughout the day. On the 4th Friday, it would be nice if you got attacked by pitbulls.

The Birthers, Anti-Evolutionists, Global Warming Deniers, Teabaggers, Rightie Religious Nuts and Every Other Right Wing Headcase Group: I sincerely hope you insane motherfuckers keel over dead and then descend into whatever your personal Hell might be.

FOX News & Newscorp: It will be a very merry New Year indeed if you are all afflicted with flesh eating bacteria or exploding hemorrhoids or just plain old cancer.

All of the other hate and lie spewing rightie talk show hosts, columnists and bloggers: See my above wish for FOX News.

Al Qaeda, The Taliban & all the other terrorists groups and the governments that fund them: I hope you all get your 42 virgins…and they turn out to be ugly hags with toothed vaginas!

Big Business (especially the Financial Industry): My wish for you is that you all become obsolete and very poor overnight.

China: I hope your poor rise up and eat you, you miserable mutant Communist/Capitalist assholes. Then I hope all your pollutants bury you.

And to every other greedy, stupid, uncaring, politically corrupt, religiously fucked up, evil shithead out there: It would be very nice if you all just turned into members of endangered or recently (say, the last 2000 years) extinct species…or clean air, water or soil…or food for the hungry. As long as you stop existing as people, it’s cool by me.